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Bodyworker Application

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Thank you for your interest in the Enlightened Soul Center Expo.
To be informed of registration launch for upcoming shows, please

Save the Date: New Location for Spring!

Saturday–Sunday, MARCH 28–29, 2020
Saline Middle School in southern Washtenaw County
7190 N. Maple Rd, Saline, MI 48176


First come, first served! We reserve the right to limit the number and type of bodyworkers.
Thanks and namaste! We look forward to seeing you and serving you! 


QUESTIONS: or call/text Amy Garber at 734-358-0218

ABOUT THIS APPLICATION: (some things may appear different if registering on your phone or tablet; COMPUTER recommended if you're experiencing issues)

  • You'll need to submit a maximum 100-word description (approx. 600 characters) for the website and promotions. Or you can tell us to use your previous description, if you have been with us before.

  • Please describe what you will be offering at your booth during the Expo; this is not the place to advertise other things you offer that aren't available at the Expo.

  • PLEASE WRITE YOUR DESCRIPTION IN 3rd PERSON; i.e. do not use "I" but instead say "[your name]" or "[company name]".



  • NEW: When done filling out the application, click the "PayPal Checkout" button to pay for your table space (before using the "Submit" button). No Paypal account is needed to pay with Paypal; you may pay with debit or credit card. Checks are not accepted for payment.

  • A window pops up where you have the option of paying with a PayPal account, if you have one. Otherwise, go to the BOTTOM of the PayPal payment box and choose "Pay with debit or credit card." 

  • After completing payment, the PayPal box will close and you can then click the "Submit Form" button.

  • If you get an error message at the bottom of the application, then there is likely an error in your application. If so, scroll back up the form to find a required question that was not filled out, or not filled out properly. (OFTEN it is because you have gone over the 600-character limit in your description.) Answer or fix, and then submit again.

  • If you experience problems filling out the application, please contact Amy at: 734-358-0218. REMINDER: Only applications with payment and photo are considered complete.


  • NEW: Friday evening set-up is allowed! Load-in 4:00-7:30 PM

  • Sunday hours are extended to 6:00 PM! (Booths must remain open until closing time or risk not being invited back.)

  • NO REFUNDS unless your application is denied. We reserve the right to limit bodyworkers for any reason.

  • PROMOTION: We list all bodyworkers on our website, on at least one social media post, and on a handout given to attendees at the Expo. (If registered before our deadline.)

  • SPONSORSHIP: We now offer Sponsorship Opportunities that can increase the visibility of your business at the Expo! There are various levels of perks, depending upon the monetary donation, from being included on print ads, extra social media posts, or on the At-a-Glance handout to exclusive sponsorship of a physical area of the Expo. Please see the PDF link below to download the Sponsorship document for more information or inquire with Lori Irvin, Sponsorship & Outreach Coordinator, at (810) 820-0494 or

  • NEW POLICY ON HELPERS: Bodyworkers are encouraged to bring a helper, to speak to visitors while you are working with a client. Helper name can be submitted with your application or by Friday, September 27, 2019 to One helper PER BOOTH, PER DAY (two per double booth) can be admitted free to work at your table. They will receive a generic pass with your business name, but we will need their names for admittance. (Names can be given in the application or emailed to by September 27). For one additional helper per booth beyond those allotted, you may pay a helper fee of $5 per day with your application. More than two helpers per booth per day will pay the standard admission fee ($11 per day).

  • LOCATION OPTIONS at Southfield Pavilion (our first time in this new venue!): 
    - A limited number of Small Booths will be located on the west side of the Pavilion. They are smaller and cheaper booths; two chairs are provided, but 8-foot tables are not provided for small booths; a bodywork table and/or smaller table is recommended. Small Single Booths are 6' deep x 8' wide and Small Double Booths are 6' deep x 16' wide.
    - Single Standard Booths are 10' deep x 10' wide; one 8ft table and two chairs are provided. Double Standard Booths are 10' deep x 16' wide; two 8ft tables and four chairs are provided. 

  • Those with Standard Booths who wish to order additional 8-foot tables can purchase them for $10 each.

  • PLEASE NOTE: If you bring a bodywork table for a Small Booth, there may not be room to move around all sides of the bodywork table. If you use a bodywork table, a tv tray table or other smaller table is recommended to put your promotional materials/sign-up list on and still fit in the booth.

  • You may provide contact information (website, email, and/or phone number) with your published description.

  • Electricity access is available for an additional $10 charge. Please bring your own power strips and extension cords to assure proper access, and duct tape to secure the cords to the floor.

  • Anyone practicing massage must submit a copy of their valid, current State of Michigan license to BEFORE the Expo, as well as display it at the Expo, per State of Michigan law. 

  • READINGS: Bodyworkers and vendors cannot offer readings at their booths. This is to preserve the integrity of the Reader Rooms. (Vendors can apply for an exception.) However, it is allowable for bodyworkers to give intuitive information as part of their bodywork, if they are not charging separately for it. Please contact the Vendor Coordinator at with questions.

  • Booths are not to be shared by two unrelated companies. You may each purchase a single booth separately and ask to be placed next to each other. We also offer cheaper Small Booths that are very affordable for small vendors.

  • VOLUNTEER PRIZE DONATION: We're asking everyone to donate a gift certificate or product to reward our volunteers. Gift certificates should be for full, free offers — no coupons or discounts. If you are donating a product instead of a gift certificate, products should be chosen by you (instead of giving us a certificate asking the recipient choose), because sometimes the certificates are received too late for the volunteer to go to your booth. ALL donations should be brought to us at the Volunteer Office or given to the Vendor Coordinator or Vendor Assistant who make the rounds of the booths, so that we can allocate the right amount of certificates to cover our volunteers each day. PLEASE DO NOT GIVE YOUR DONATION DIRECTLY TO VOLUNTEERS unless these are "extra" donations, to reward a volunteer who has helped you, separate from the donation you give to the Volunteer Office. We will have blank certificates at the Expo for you to fill out, or feel free to bring your own.  Thank you for helping to support our hard-working volunteers!

  • Please do not light candles or incense, or diffuse oils or sprays into the air, or anything else scented — to respect those who have allergies or sensitivities. Demonstrations may be done only when visitors request or with the express permission of ALL your vendor neighbors (behind as well as on the sides and in front). WHEN IN DOUBT, please ask permission from the Vendor Coordinator.

  • For those who wish to stay overnight in Southfield, blocks of hotel rooms will be arranged for Expo weekend.


One 8-foot table is included in the 10x10 booths IF DESIRED. Small booth spaces must bring their own tables, 6-foot or less recommended. Two chairs are provided per booth. No curtains or dividers are available. To bring your own dividers or canopy/tent, please request advance permission in writing from the Vendor Coordinator at

This is a NEW VENUE for us; we don't anticipate that anyone will be against a wall, so please plan your signage and display options accordingly. Most booths will be on the carpet. We plan to supply a map in advance showing your booth location and whether it is on carpet or along a wall.


SMALL BOOTHS (may not have access to electricity):


SINGLE SMALL BOOTH:  $200  (6' deep x 8' wide)

DOUBLE SMALL BOOTH:  $325 (6' deep x 16' wide)


SINGLE STANDARD BOOTH:  $275 (10' deep x 10' wide booth)​ 

DOUBLE STANDARD BOOTH:  $475 (10' deep x 20' wide booth)


BOOTH APPLICATION AND PAYMENT DUE: Friday, September 15, 2019 (Late applications will be accepted until we are full, but may not be included in handouts.) SORRY, NO REFUNDS UNLESS your application is denied.

HELPER NAME DEADLINE: Friday, September 27, 2019

LOAD-IN AND SET-UP: NEW! Friday night October 11, 4:00–7:30 pm; Saturday October 12: set-up at 7:00 am

PLEASE SUBMIT A DIGITAL HEADSHOT PHOTO of yourself for the website and handout. The photo needs to be a high-resolution JPEG, GIF, or PNG (300 dpi, usually at least 1 MB file size) to look good in the printed handout. If you were in a fair previously we can re-use that photo, if preferred (let us know at Click the link below to email your photo, or submit with the application below:

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