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Bodyworkers specialize in returning energetic balance and health to you through skill, Divine connection, and other tools. Bodyworker sessions vary in length and price. Visit their booths to see how they work and to sign up for a session!
QUESTIONS? Contact the Vendor Coordinator at

Amber - Wild Spiral Arts

Through intuitive energy work (light or no touch, depending on your preference), Amber can aid you in shifting any aspect of your life toward the positive, whether you are looking for greater mental and spiritual clarity, healing ancestral traumas, creating greater physical health, or releasing blocked energy. "We can play together to welcome in more blessings, joy, and abundance into your life." Amber often receives messages during sessions and will be happy to discuss these with you as they arise.

Email her at:

Rev. Cathy DeLauter, Guided Hands Energy Healing

Energy work and seeing intuitively have always come naturally to Cathy. The energy/healing work that she practices is a synthesis of hands-on bodywork in conjunction with movement of chi energy. Working with chi opens constrictions within the body, mind, and energy fields. A deep calm and sense of peace often occurs as the emotional and mental blocks release. Where there was pain, many report feeling both physical and emotional harmony and feel whole and balanced. Cathy is an Interfaith Minister & Spiritual Counselor. Her warm, caring nature empowers others to maintain ease, joy, and wholeness. Contact:, (734) 678-4900, 

The Etheric Architect

Life is a journey. Healing is a journey within the journey. It is neither negative nor positive…just another part of the journey. It requires, above all else, Patience. Combine it with Perseverance and Faith…and you can go a long way. With the help of crystal energy, Lynne Blandford can release blocked energy, find your energy weaknesses, and strengthen your auric field! Have you been in a car accident, given birth, are you just stuck and don’t know why?! Come see Lynne to get an “Energy Balancing” session and maybe move some stuck energy and feel more balanced!

Contact Lynne at:

Rev. Amy Feger, Reiki Master, Shaman, LMT

Rev. Amy Feger, Reiki Master, Shaman, LMT, will be applying a unique energy work combination. This session will include several sweeps of symbolic energies to include the white light, angelic, and golden light topped off with calming waters. This will then include shamanic rattling and sprinkles of spiritual butterflies. To help you feel the sense of unconditional love and help you open up to your butterfly beauty. This session will include insights that are shown to Amy through scenes and symbology, while holding the highest intentions for your greatest good.

Christine Fodor, Renewal Clearing & Healing

Christine Fodor, an intuitive energy medicine practitioner & psychic channel using Divine awareness, helps you to remove blocks to your success in love, relationships, business, health, & wealth. Sessions can include ThetaHealing: Belief & feeling re-patterning that can create instant emotional & physical healing; Access Bars: Clearing points on the head to remove blocks; Access Facelift: Rejuvenation of youth & vitality; Access Body Process: Deeper body healing; Usui Reiki. Christine also offers certification classes & coaching. Visit or call 248-444-7408.

JIll Gentner - John of God Crystal Light Bed

Jill Gentner will be doing John of God Crystal Bed/Amethyst Biomat sessions. The crystal bed has 7 illuminated colored crystals that line up with our chakras to cleanse and balance our energy centers. The Amethyst Biomat is full of amethyst crystals and is heated to promote many healing benefits.

Joycelynn Hewitt

Joycelynn is an intuitive energy healer, certified Reiki Master, Vibrational Sound Therapy practitioner, Divine Sleep Yoga Nidra teacher, and Ama Deus practitioner. Her passion is to help you heal you by offering different paths for you to find your state of relaxation, where your inner healing can occur. At the Expo, Joycelynn is offering 10-minute Energy Clearing and Grounding Sessions using selenite crystals and sound therapy with a crystal pyramid and crystal and Himalayan Bowls. This unique experience will leave you with a sense of lightness, balance, and calm.

Holistic Healing and Chiropractic Center

Holistic Healing and Chiropractic Center is a holistic chiropractic office that offers chiropractic care, Nutrition Response Testing, acupuncture, and massage. Learn more at:

Lori Irvin, ZSource Connection

Rev. Lori Irvin, Medical Intuitive Healer trained in Lily Dale, NY, & Ann Arbor, MI, is a Holy-Fire 
Reiki Master & Occupational Therapist, who provides customized healing to reduce/eliminate 
your emotional or physical symptoms. Known as an "extractor," she helps remove and 
transform that energy for healing. Sessions may include cord removal, crystals, color energy 
& Inner Child work. Clients report reductions in their pain, anxiety, fatigue, etc., along with a 
feeling of peace & lightness. Sit with Lori as she connects with Source, Ascended Masters, 
angels, and spirit guides, to heal & change the vibration of the dis-ease.

​Michael Lynn, Body Whisperer

Michael Lynn, known as a Body Whisperer, is a Medical Intuitive Medium who has helped hundreds of people & animals heal from physical, mental, & emotional conditions threatening their lives and good health. Michael is an complementary alternative practitioner who uses his spiritual intuitive gifts to help patients with various conditions. With his caring personality, Michael has helped people on their path toward emotional and spiritual enlightenment. Private sessions available in person or phone. Located SE Michigan. 931-548-4337,,

Rob Meyer-Kukan, LMT

Rob Meyer-Kukan is a licensed massage therapist in Ann Arbor. He loves offering theraputic and relaxation massage to his clients. He is also a Level III trained Reiki practitioner, a Certified Aroma Freedom Technique (AFT) practitioner and instructor, and a Certified Vibrational Sound Therapy (VST) practitioner. At the Expo, he will be offering seated massage and VST sessions using Himalayan Singing Bowls. Visit his website or check out his social media @robmeyerkukan.

Krystal Rain

Krystal Rain has a holistic practice that aids her clients in inducing self-restoration. Reiki crystal healing sessions will be offered at a special price at the expo and appointments for future sessions, chakra alignments, healing touch sessions, and tarot card readings can be made for a future date. Tickets specials for The Touch Experience will also be available. For more information email or visit 

Dr. Divya Sadaram, Passion Healings LLC

Dr. Divya Sadaram, medical intuitive, holistic healer, and spiritual counsellor, offers transformative energy medicine work for the body, mind, and soul for people to heal holistically and to reconnect with their true self. She works with patterns to clear the negative imprints in your energy field. In this process, heavy, toxic energies from your chakras, aura, and energetic fields are repaired, cleaned, and revitalized. Various transformative modalities will be used as per divine guidance to channel the healing transformations. At her booth, Dr. Divya will offer Access Bars, Access Body Processes, Reconnective Healing, & Holographic Quantum Healing. Visit or contact

Todd Stockwell

Todd Stockwell is a healer, teacher, business leader, and spiritual leader who has been an expert on Wisdom Radio, Clear Channel, Achieve Radio, BBS Radio, WBZT and many other television and radio stations. Todd is known to many as an expert on the evolution of the consciousness of humanity and the New Paradigm. Todd is a true leader and true teacher of light who is in the highest service for all to awaken to our highest reality. Visit his booth for an empowerment or healing and to learn about his Quant-Om, PowerBeyond, and Beyonder Programs, systems that help you find your divine path. Call (734)740-9110 and transform your life today!,,

Voxx Life and Biomats

Barbara Owens and Diane Carlisle offer alternative health devices such as amethyst biomats and neuro tech Voxx socks. FREE balance & stability check-ups. RELAX, RELEASE & RE-ENERGIZE! Your feet may happily tingle, all the way from your toes to your brain cells when walking away in a pair of Voxx energy insoles or energy sox! This almost magical foot wear has brought surprising comfort, balance, improved flexibility, and even improved strength and clarity of mind to many people of all ages. More info at: and

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