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Saturday Presentations

PRESENTATIONS in the Auditorium are FREE with paid Expo admission, BOTH DAYS!​

Schedule is subject to change. SEE ALSO the Sunday Presentations.

Saturday, April 22, 2017

Gallery Reading

Laura Moody


Laura Moody has been working as a psychic and a medium for over 25 years in the metro Detroit area. Her gifts include clairvoyance, clairaudience, channeling, telepathy and mediumship. This gallery session promises a time to connect with your guides and loved ones, and helpful informative techniques for raising your frequency to discover who you truly are. Come expecting and you will receive!


Make sure to visit Laura's booth in the Ballroom: Rock Your World Crystals & Stone Jewelry and Readings by Laura.

[PLEASE NOTE: Not everyone in the audience will receive a message, but all can benefit from the messages received; please remain in your seat until the end of the presentation.]

"Living Life at the Next Level: Tools to Evolve Yourself"

Todd Stockwell

12:30–1:30 pm

An entirely interactive, fully immersive, and joyful journey to higher truths. You will receive real tools that you can use immediately to evolve and help others as well. Improve your connection, healing, creativity, abundance, and channeling abilities exponentially. All you need is already inside you. See your divinity; create beauty and change in the world; be a creator, not a critic. Live your love, love your life. Follow your heart; do what you love. We live in a very exciting time! Find your Joy, your specific genius, your divine path. Live it, love it, breathe it, know it! Live with passion!


Todd Stockwell is a healer, teacher, business leader, and spiritual leader, who has been on Wisdom Radio, Clear Channel, Achieve Radio, BBS Radio, WBZT, and many other television and radio stations. Todd is known to many as an expert on the evolution of the consciousness of humanity and the New Paradigm. Todd has helped thousands — world leaders, spiritual leaders, healers, athletes, actors, musicians, professionals, and companies — to reach previously unimaginable heights. The Quant-Om, PowerBeyond, and Beyonder Programs — becoming more than you ever imagined, finally being who you are meant to be.



Make sure to visit Todd's bodyworker booth in the Ballroom!

Gallery Reading

Lisa Bousson, Evidential Medium

2:00–3:00 pm

Wouldn’t it be great to know, without a doubt, that your loved ones are still around you, continuing their involvement in your life? Join internationally known psychic medium Lisa Bousson as she enlightens and inspires, bringing through evidence of your ancestors’ survival. Come with your heart and mind open, as you may be reunited with those you love! “As a medium, I am honored to witness the bonds of love, heartfelt compassion and healing energy from spirit to their loved ones here on earth. Spirit wants to talk to us as much as we want to talk with them.”


For more than five decades, Michigan psychic medium Lisa Bousson has been communicating with the world of Spirit. Lisa is a Certified Spiritualist Healer, Reiki Master, Certified Spiritualist Medium, Certified Psychic Medium, Ordained Spiritualist Minister, Ordained Metaphysical Minister, instructor at the famed historic Lily Dale Assembly, and currently holds a Bachelor’s degree in Metaphysical Sciences from The University of Sedona. Along with her private practice based in Sterling Heights, MI, Lisa teaches spiritual development classes and holds public demonstrations of mediumship throughout the country.,, 586-322-3217

Make sure to visit Lisa's booth in the Ballroom!

[PLEASE NOTE: Not everyone in the audience will receive a message, but all can benefit from the messages received; please remain in your seat until the end of the presentation.]

“An Introduction to Telepathic Animal Communication”

Judy Ramsey, Heart to Heart Animal Communication


Telepathy is thought communication between two beings. It differs from psychic reading, in that it is a conversation that contains information of the moment. Everyone is born with the capability to communicate telepathically — it’s how animals communicate with each other. Judy Ramsey will explain how telepathy works and how you can enrich your life with your animal friends by using it. Judy will offer simple exercises to open your intuitive skills. She will explain effective uses for animal communication, such as hospice/euthanasia, illness or injury, PTSD in rescue animals, problem-solving behavioral issues, or just checking in with your animal’s preferences.


Apprenticed to Penelope Smith, Judy teaches four levels of communication, including interspecies counseling and teacher training. She has also been mentored by Teresa Wagner in grief and loss issues, which she uses for animal hospice. A social work counselor for 25 years prior to becoming a massage therapist, Judy brings her years of experience to support people and animals to learn more about each other and to resolve their differences. “If everyone did animal communication,” she says, “this world would be a better place.”


Judy is doing readings in the Regular Reader Room during the Expo; you may sign up for a 20-minute session with her at the Reader Appointment Table in the Ballroom.

“How to Be Calm When You Should Be Stressed”

Conrad Welsing, Academic Anxiety Institute

5:00–6:00 pm

Situations in everyday life can create chaos. Worry and concern over work, family, health, politics and school can block your mental clarity. For example, many students have difficulty when faced with exams, tests and quizzes. Many women and men feel anxious when trying to manage busy schedules. This workshop will provide you with simple coping strategies that you can use to reduce worry and perform at your very best. We train participants in simple techniques that allow you to take control of your emotional state and remain focused and confident while being challenged. Using relaxation and concentration methods, you may learn how to avoid procrastination and become unstuck.


Conrad Welsing, Educational Performance Practitioner, has a BS in Psychology and an MA in Communication Arts from MSU. He has been facilitating workshops and coaching for over 15 years, helping hundreds address stress in their lives. Welsing is affiliated with The Academic Anxiety Institute, offering programs to schools, parent/teacher organizations, youth groups, churches and employers.

SPECIAL PRESENTATION — Back by Popular Demand! Gallery Reading

Lori Lipten, International Shamanic Medium


Lori Lipten is an international best-selling author, world-renowned medium, contemporary shaman, and empowering retreat leader and teacher. When Lori was eight years of age, she innocently announced to her third-grade class: “I returned to the earth to teach the world to love more.” During an audience reading, Lori surrenders herself fully to the Divine, channeling messages from the world of Spirit to uplift, heal, empower and inspire.  She describes what to expect, shares brief insights about Spirit, and then provides spontaneous messages from loved ones in Spirit, as well as angels, helping guides, and the occasional celebrity. The Divine is highly efficient and, while a personal reading is not guaranteed, all present will experience meaning, connections, and the pure essence of Divinity.

Lori holds a Master of Arts in Clinical and Humanistic Psychology and is the founder of Sacred Balance Academy & Healing Center, the Intuitive Practitioners Certification Program™, Inspired Heart™ Retreats & Programs, and a variety of healing methods and workshops designed to assist living a divinely attuned, soulful life while realizing one’s fullest potential.  Lori lives in Michigan and travels internationally for audience readings, speaking, retreats, and teaching others how to embrace living a deliberate life. 

[PLEASE NOTE: Not everyone in the audience will receive a message, but all can benefit from the messages received; please remain in your seat until the end of the presentation.]

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