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VENDORS - Fall 2019

Our VENDORS come from all over the Midwest to offer a wide variety of holistic products, supplies, and services. There are also BODYWORKERS, who perform various forms of energy work and may include other services, like selling products. Read below and plan your visit to our Expo! You may want to purchase a Weekend Pass to have enough time to see it all!

QUESTIONS? Contact the Vendor Coordinator at

SEE the VENDOR BOOTHS BELOW and check back! 
This page will be updated as vendors are registered.


4 Directions - Elizabeth Jacks

Healing crystals, aura quartz, handmade jewelry, sound healing music, and chakra chants. Elizabeth is an international producer/recording artist and Recording Academy member. She will be featuring her two Sound Healing Relaxation CD Albums. See and

A1 Aura Photo and Chakras

Jack & Susan Lewis for 9 years have been teaching classes & offering aura photos, chakra color prints, aura/chakra reports, interpretive readings & more. They offer a unique experience, as they are the only Aura/Chakra System around that offers both the very detailed Polaroid version of the aura photo & a full-body print of the 7 main chakras. They are very gifted at reading & interpreting the aura & chakra energy. Susan studied chakras during her stay in India & is a Certified Oneness Trainer while Jack is a naturopath. Learn more at

A1 Herbal Tea

Cancel your arthritic pains herbally, no drugs, 100 percent successful, guaranteed,  over 11,000 very happy customers in the past 30 years. The price is cheaper than aspirin at $50 for an entire year's supply. Stop by their booth for further information; you will never regret finding the best answer for your pain! Website:

Academy for Empowered Living

Joe Elwart is a certified teacher, healer, and guide in the Modern Mystery School, one of 7 major Mystery Schools worldwide, and the only one open to the public. The information he’ll be sharing was previously hidden from public view for thousands of years. The time has come for “NO MORE SECRETS.” He shares these ancient teachings in the Midwest through the Academy for Empowered Living, located in Royal Oak, MI.

The Aetherius Society

The Aetherius Society, an international, metaphysical, educational, and spiritual brotherhood dedicated to peace, healing, and enlightenment of our world, will be offering various educational and self-development books and CDs. Teachings of advanced masters and Dr. George King, Western Master of Yoga, will be available for purchase as well. Learn about ways you can help humanity as a whole through the Mission, Operation Prayer Power, and dynamic prayer. The Society has offered free spiritual healing to the community by appointment for many years. Contact: (248) 588 0290 / /


The Alimtox Ion Generator is a full-body cellular detox. After the treatment, most clients feel more focused, less inflammation and pain, and sleep better at night. The foot bath unit sends ions through the body that attract cellular debris that the body usually processes though urination elimination and sweat. The water changes color, but is more for entertainment; the real detox is the cellular cleanse!

Ancient Science Distributors

Since 1992, Ancient Science Distributors has been providing its customers with high-quality, emu-oil-based body care products and internally consumed herbal supplements/teas for conditions such as: Pain management, anti-aging, eczema/psoriasis, circulatory issues, cysts, insulin management, body detoxification, male/female sexual enhancement, liver/kidney repair, adrenal energy improvement, etc. Visit their website: Then call or email to place your order: 586-840-6215 /

Andrea Catherine Jewelry

Andrea Catherine Jewelry's beadwoven designs typically incorporate Swarovski crystals, pearls, and semi-precious stones in the pieces. Especially the stones — love their colors, textures, and energy! Also: hand-selected chakra stones, tree of life pendants, pendulums, and other fun items. See and

Area 51 Crystals

Area 51 Crystals is a traveling metaphysical business selling an assortment of natural crystals + minerals. They are artists and make most of their metaphysical products (jewelry/art work). Wire wrap on-the-spot service, crystal educators (& may share many "true life crystal experiences/stories"). Learn more at

Audranite Pyramids

Audranite pyramids are hand-crafted with ancient-future concepts. Created with rose quartz crystals and fiber optics, among other materials, Audranite pyramids continually transmit positive energy and transmute negative energy. Inspired by the research of Wilhelm Reich and the development of orgonite, Audranite takes orgonite from an analog device to a digital device. Learn more:

Aura Illumination

Rev. Ken Bede is a certified medium. He has been doing aura readings, lecturing, teaching, and offering workshops for the last 20 years. At the Expo, Rev. Bede will provide aura readings, which include an aura photo, chakra photo, and a personal reading. During an aura reading, he will discuss the importance of your aura colors and how they relate to your life's journey. Your aura defines your past, your present, and your future. The possibilities of what you might learn could be life changing! Contact Ken at (248) 561-2280.

The Avatar® Course

Avatar® is the most powerful, purest self-development program available. It is a series of experiential exercises that enable you to rediscover your self and align your consciousness with what you want to achieve. It's you finding out about you. • Would you like to be free of old restraints that make you unhappy? • Would you like to experience a higher, wiser, more peaceful expression of self? Would you like to help make a better world? Avatar is for you!, 313-570-7151

BEMER Energy Therapy

BEMER = Bio-Electro-Magnetic Energy Regulation. The BEMER energy signal is similar to the Earth's electromagnetic field. It is the only patented, FDA approved, & proven vascular therapy device in the world. It activates the body's blood flow, nutrient & oxygen delivery, and waste removal at a cellular level. This creates a holistic therapeutic energy healing to one's body. Come feel the healing energy yourself with Certified BEMER Therapists Victoria Hiller, Master Herbalist & Wellness Coach, 734-459-3032 and Alice Goodall, Holistic RN & Master Herbalist, 586-646-0066.

Biomat Company & Voxx Life

15-minute free demos on the amethyst Biomats featuring far infrared treatments. More info:

Carina Eden - Bodycare Products

Carina Eden, Inc., was created by Carina Edenburg, a natural and integrative medicine therapist from Argentina, who studied in Brazil and moved to the United States in 2015. All Carina Eden products are handmade gels with natural and organic ingredients infused with intelligent spiritual energy; frequencies of light, sound, color, energetic stones, crystals, and sacred geometry. Products produced by Carina Eden include Chakra Balance, Bliss Balsam, and Detox Deo, among others. The goals of her products are to bring well-being, balance, and consciousness to all levels.  Visit:

Chakra Groove Collection and The Chakra Need Read

Based on a reading of the client’s chakra system, Beth Klerekoper and her team determine what each chakra needs in order to be brought into a higher vibration. They have chakra-enhancing jewelry, meditation-inducing sprays, and roll-on fragrances to boost the chakra’s frequency. The Chakra Groove Collection based on the Chakra Need Read brings you back into balance, returning ease and joy.

The Charmed Crystal LLC - Melanie Kinzer

The Charmed Crystal L.L.C. specializes in creating unique handcrafted jewelry designs made of natural crystals and gemstones to help ease the negative effects of illnesses as well as attract and manifest one's life desires. Their jewelry is energetically cleansed, blessed, then infused with sacred Reiki energy upon completion. Each type of crystal and gemstone has its own unique characteristics and abilities to aid our lives in different ways. Wearing natural crystal and gemstone jewelry is a beautiful way to benefit from their amazing abilities. Visit

The Cosmic Goddess

The Cosmic Goddess channels the energy of the divine feminine into every carefully-crafter work by Katalina Aster. Each jewelry piece, as well as cups, dreamcatchers, and miscellaneous items, carries the essence of a different Goddess and what she represents, as well as nature spirits and galactic beings. Each piece also incorporates a high-quality healing crystal. Katalina also offers mermaid, relationship, and Ganesha oracle card readings. You can find her on Facebook: @CosmicGoddessCreations, Instagram: CosmicGoddessWorld, and Etsy: CosmicGoddessWorld.

Creative Spirit Studios - Rev. Tonya Henderson

A Personal Energy Portrait is a reading of your personal energy. These portraits give insight into your personality, personal obstacles, & challenges while directing you to your path of least resistance. They are fun, entertaining, and enlightening pieces of original art that can aid in helping you to remember the reading. They can be used as a focus for meditation and new ah-ha moments come sometimes weeks later by viewing the artwork. They show where a person is on their journey and point them in the direction of their next step. All paintings come with a full reading. See examples at:

Custom Body Wellness

BrainTap is a way to relax, reboot and revitalize. It is the ultimate brainwave training and relaxation, providing your mind and body with all the benefits of meditation without the disciplined effort. Help reduce your stress and energize your body. Stop by and sign up for a free demo during the expo or at a later date. For more information visit

Dirty Bubbles Soap Company

Dirty Bubbles Soap Company offers a range of beautiful organic/vegan artisan soaps for the whole family. Toni Hall, 248-285-1374.

The Enchanted Star Co.

The Enchanted Star Co. is a small business made up of a mother and daughter team from Clarkston, Michigan. They started selling luminaries for altars and home decor, and as time went on they found their purpose, shining a light in the metaphysical world by making ritual candles, ritual bath salts, and then dipping their toes in the CBD world by making CBD bath bombs. They also create pendulums & pendulum boards for those who want to connect to the other side. If you want to know more about what they do, go to...

Enlightened Soul Center

The host of the Expo, the Enlightened Soul Center (ESC), is a holistic event space and small store located in SE Ann Arbor (free parking!). They will be selling bottled water at their booth and handing out information about their offerings. ESC rents space for others to see clients, as well as sponsoring public workshops/classes and private group rentals. Its mission is to spread the light to southeast Michigan and beyond, providing instruction and experiences in the holistic and intuitive arts. ESC offers celebrations, classes, workshops, and ongoing activities of metaphysical/holistic (body-mind-spirit) content, such as shamanic studies, intuition development, psychic readings, Reiki, yoga, sound vibration healing, house clearing, meditation, astrology, tarot, & much more!  Learn more at:

Essential Elements

Essential Elements custom designs and hand-makes genuine gemstone and crystal jewelry and 100% organic essential oil blends. Essential Elements specializes in chakra-balancing jewelry and chakra energy essential oil blends, lava bead essential oil diffusing bracelets with complementing oil blends, and gemstone and crystal jewelry. All inventory is sage-cleansed and Reiki-blessed. All inventory is hand-strung on wire; there is no plastic or glass and no stringing on plastic. These pieces are made with love and meant to last!

Face Flair

Face Flair has 100% natural henna tattooing and creative face painting available at our booth. We are celebrating our 10th year in business. We are licensed and insured. Plus we are members of the Better Business Bureau. Available for hire at events and private parties! (734) 626-9001,

The Fairy Gardeness

Michele D. Robb, an Ann Arbor, Michigan-based artist, discovered gourds when trying to create nature-based fairy houses for fairy gardens popularized in the Ann Arbor area many years ago. She soon discovered the hidden world of gourd artists and has been expanding her techniques and creations into a beautiful line of nature-based art, including fairy houses, vases, bowls, luminaries, and rattles. She has participated in numerous art shows in the last five years and has recently started teaching classes. Visit

The Family Jewels

The Family Jewels offers original jewelry pieces made from natural stones and crystals by this mother ad daughter duo. All pieces are created by the artists one-of-a-kind and are not duplicated unless there is a request. Custom pieces can be made at the event. Email:​

Rev. Katherine Gallmore, Spirit Portraits

Reverend Katherine Gallmore, a certified medium, connects with spirit to channel spiritual portraits of your guides, angel, loved ones, or past lives, drawn in pastels and charcoal. Along with the drawing, Rev. Gallmore conveys positive clairvoyant messages of wisdom, guidance, and inspiration toward your current situations and life journey.

Gempathix, LLC

Gempathix offers original metaphysical jewelry, decor, and custom metaphysical aids. For a nominal fee, intuitive guidance will be available to assist you in selecting what's right for you or a loved one. All our items are energetically cleansed and powered. Contact:

Gladiator of Health

Monica Redmon is a brew master of healthy and wellness teas. As with most creations, hers came from her great-grandmother; being raised by her meant living off the Earth. That included tea, herbs, and spices. When illness set in and the meds didn't work as well, Monica had to go back to what was taught to her for wellness. 3+years later, she is in business helping others with what she originally learned. She offers bottled teas, packaged loose first-quality teas, packaged spices, dry honey, and packaged herbs. She can be reached at (248) 331-9126; for delivery options, ask for Monica Redmon.

Grit & Lavender

Grit & Lavender is a flexible office space located in beautiful downtown Brighton where members can rent our wellness room, serenity room, private office, or conference room on an as-needed basis. The monthly membership includes many benefits, including a fully stocked fridge & beverage bar for members and their clients. They offer the latest technology & high-speed Wi-Fi, and have a community of other like-minded entrepreneurs helping each other grow their businesses. They have a space dedicated to body- & energyworkers that can be reserved for as little as 2 hours per day.

Healing Energy LLC

Healing Energy has singing bowls, crystals, healing stones, tuning forks, flutes, pendulums, over 200 varieties of stones, and more. Details at:

Helping Hands of Light - Sherry Gazdag

Sherry's handmade jewelry, sprays, and candle kits are made with the blessings of the Divine, Angels, Ascended Masters, gemstones, sun, moon, and Reiki energy. She is a Reiki Master and a practitioner of 6 other healing modalities. In her energy healings, Sherry uses Reiki, Quantum Touch, 7 Rays, and Stone Healing Energy. Using each of them in unison, she channels the healing energy necessary to help your emotional, physical, and spiritual bodies. Her office is in Livonia and she accepts appointments for readings, healings, Spiritual Life Coaching sessions, and classes.

Herbal Touch LLC

The Herbal Touch specializes in making holistic medicine from organic and wild-crafted plants and healing a person as a whole: mind, body, and spirit. They believe that, without healing the emotional and spiritual components of the being, the physical body will continue to suffer. Their products feature extracts taken internally, vegan capsules, syrups, salves, and more, that are made by natural means without any synthetics or natural fillers. They also specialize in Dried Blood Cell Analysis to check vital signs internally. Krystal and Keyon Pittman, naturopaths and owners of The Herbal Touch LLC, have over 20 years of experience together in the health and wellness business and seek to educate their clients and friends, as well as make them whole and have a better life.

Holistic Health Healing Supplements

Holistic Healing is family owned and operated. They offer a full line of pure, organic CBD products made in Michigan, including the best pain-relief salve ever made! HH uses full spectrum (whole plant) and broad spectrum (same as full spectrum, but no THC due to CO2 extraction methods) CBD, raised sustainably with organic practices using agricultural hemp (not industrial hemp). They combine their CBD with cold-pressed USDA organic hemp oil and then have it tested by a 3rd party, to provide the highest quality CBD oil with the most benefits and NO harmful chemicals or additives. Website:

I Love You Stones

I LOVE YOU STONES is based out of Michigan, two gals and a lot of rocks! They personally hand-pick treasures, ensuring the highest vibration within each stone. Their passion lives through crystals and they believe that the stones pick YOU for your highest healing potential needs. They are happy to support each customer individually, and encourage you to keep in touch!,,, Janice (734) 755-7380, Kaila (734) 344-2486

Imperfect Foods

Imperfect Foods delivers fresh, nutritious food — that may be misshapen or the wrong size — directly to people's homes at a great value. It is all about embracing beauty in all sizes, shapes, and colors. Learn more at:

Infinite Flame Magickal Shoppe

Infinite Flame was the first creator of Magick Gel Candles. It has grown to include incense made fresh by the owner, Naked Soaps glycerin soaps made with essential oils, and handmade jewelry, pendulums, and charms now sold under the name Wicked Rose. Infinite Flame also sells stones and crystals, some of which are collected by the owner in Michigan's UP. Visit and their business page on Facebook: Infinite Flame Magick Shoppe. 

Know Mexico Clothing

Know Mexico Clothing pays tribute thru their designs to the artists, craftsmen, and ethnic groups of Mexico. Colors, shapes, and symbols brings you closer to the ancestral heritage of a great nation's roots and wisdom. Find them at:


Lightsong's deep yearning for absolute truth and freedom directed her into the awakened moment of emptiness. Her personal Awakening expanded into Infinite Presence and the indescribable, all-encompassing simplicity and One-ness of Divine Love….. She shares her gifts of healing and insights of Awakening, Ascension, and the nature of being-ness in books, private sessions, retreats, Satsung-meditations, and sacred travels. Let the Heart Sing Its Song: Illuminating poetry and photography, sharing the lightness of being. Parenting a New Paradigm: Inspirational insights to support shifting perceptions regarding children & interactions with them.

Lightsong can be reached at 303.800.5381 or

Lisa Bousson - Evidential Psychic Medium

Join Psychic Medium Lisa Bousson as she enlightens and inspires, bringing through evidence of your ancestor's survival. Along with her private practice in Sterling Heights, MI, Lisa teaches spiritual development classes and holds public demonstrations of mediumship worldwide. Lisa is a certified Spiritualist Medium, Certified Psychic Medium, Ordained Spiritualist Minister, Ordained Metaphysical Minister, Instructor at the famed historic Lily Dale Assembly, and holds a Bachelor's degree in Metaphysical Sciences from The University of Sedona. Visit:

See Rev. Lisa present TWO Gallery Readings at the Expo! On Saturday, October 12 at 1:30 pm and on Sunday, October 13 at 11:30 am in the Multipurpose Room (through the office area), free with Expo admission. Please note: Not everyone in the audience will receive a message, but all can benefit from the messages received. LATE ADMISSION PROHIBITED for most Gallery Readings.

Love Your Life, Lori Barresi

We create one-of-a-kind malas, necklaces, bracelets, and various prayer beads using all genuine semi precious and gem stones. All are made with love and special blessings and carry specific healing energies. Also offering spirit-minded original shirts and meditation aids. Information is available for individual or group  meditation instruction and life coaching. Lori Barresi, or

LunadeSelene/Selenia Rodriguez

Selenia Rodriguez, the creator of LunadeSelene, has been making crystal jewelry for five years and handmade lotions for three years. LunadeSelene will be offering jewelry such as crystal beaded necklaces, bracelets, and pendant necklaces as well as dream catchers. There will also be shea butter-based handmade lotions and coconut oil-based essential oil blends.

Lyon Creations

Lyon Creations produces ceremonial wands, jewelry, pendants, and other associated items. Drawing upon intuition and skills gained as a chainmail artist helps create these products for the intuitive use. 

Magic Wind Flutes

Chuck started to build his beautiful Native American-Style Flutes about 15 years ago. His flutes are made with exotic wood from all over the world, like bubinga, cocobolo, and purple heart, as well as local woods like cedar, birch, and bird’s eye maple. Chuck’s passion for the Native American Flute takes him to share with everyone how easy they are to be played. Once you have been touched by the magic of the sound and the touch of these exotic woods, you can hardly resist to take one home to use in your meditation, for healing, or just to play a tune! Website:

Michigan Medium Angels

The Michigan Medium Angels, Connie and Laura, bring forward heart-felt messages from loved ones on the Other Side as well as your Guardian Angels. This will help you heal and move forward in any aspect of your life. They interject motivational speaking and share techniques to assist people to reach their goals. The unique team approach is filled with compassion, uplifting energy, and humor, which has led people to call this “a life-changing experience.” For more information, please contact The Michigan Medium Angels’ assistant at 248-877-6188 or email

Mid-Michigan Soaps

Ronda Wright of Mid-Michigan Soaps makes coconut-based products — soaps, moisturizers, scrubs, deodorants, and more — using doTERRA essential oils. She is also a doTERRA wellness advocate selling oils, memberships, and oil accessories. Details:

Mystical Rainbow Shop

Mystical Rainbow Shop was created with the intention to empower, inspire, and uplift. Sacred adornment and magickal tools to help you align with and (re)discover the power within you. Nature has many divine gifts to offer, and that is a central theme in creating and choosing the items that are offered in the shop, from crystals to jewelry, wands, smudge tools, and more. Mystical Rainbow Shop aspires to connect you with the treasures you seek, so that they may remind you of the power and beauty that is already a part of who you are in your soul. More at:

Naim Unique Designs

Khalil is a artist specializing in jewelry handcrafted from silver, copper, brass, leather, and wood. Naim Unique Designs also carries a line of African artifacts, clothing, cloth, and baskets. Contact

Olga Kubicki of Olga K Artwear

Olga Kubicki is a full-time, family business artist. She creates one-of-a-kind, truly handcrafted, custom wearable art featuring natural gemstones, Swarovski crystals & freshwater pearls. At all of her events, she has hundreds of gemstones to choose from for custom wrappings on the spot! No heat, glue, kits or forms are used in the creation of her work. She also creates home and business decor. Website:​

Pagan Potions

Michelle of Pagan Potions is a professional psychic medium and offers a variety of manifestation candles. She has been crafting magical creations for over 20 years. Before production of her candles, she makes sure the planets are aligned appropriately before production. She uses 100% eco-soy wax to produce her candles. Every candle has crushed stones or herbs, and they are Reiki-enhanced. Details:

Pleiadean Cosmic Healing Discs

Pleiadean Cosmic Healing Discs is dedicated to bringing high-quality, hand-crafted tools that are easy to use and can be felt on an energetic level by most individuals looking to work with alternative methods of healing for themselves or others. These tools are hand-crafted by Shari Lynn, who has taken this technology and progressed the original intention to be very valuable tools of light for optimum health & well-being, as well as protection.

Prana Malas

Prana Malas creates one-of-a-kind, hand-knotted gemstone mala beads and bracelets. Each mala resonates with healing vibrations and serve as a talisman and spiritual reminder. They also offer gemstone earrings and dream catchers. See more at:

RA Moonhawk Wands

One-of-a-kind magick healing wands hand-crafted from all manner of crystals, sticks, stones, bones, antler, shells, coral, fossils, found objects, love, intention, & good juju. These transformational tools are used for meditation, energy healing/Reiki, space clearing, dream work, journeying, etc. Come see which one of these amazing spiritual pieces of art resonates with your energy! Find RA Moonhawk's and Sonya Begonia's work online on Facebook and Instagram: ra-moonhawk-wands.

Rachel Rains & Company

Rachel Rains is a renowned psychic medium with over 30 years of experience, many spent in television and radio with Jay Towers (WDRQ, WNIC) and Jim Harper (WMGC, WNIC). Rachel will be offering readings, gift certificates, and CDs at her booth when she is not appearing onstage with her "Contacting the Other Side" Gallery Reading at the Expo. Her team will also be offering holistic services, oils, and tarot & runes at the booth. More at:

See Rachel Rains present a Gallery Reading, "Contacting the Other Side," at 10:30 am on Saturday, October 12 in the Multipurpose Room (through the office area), free with Expo admission. Please note: Not everyone in the audience will receive a message, but all can benefit from the messages received. LATE ADMISSION PROHIBITED for most Gallery Readings.

Rebirth Spiritual Reflections

Rebirth Spiritual Reflections specializes in jewelry & art expressions for the heart, mind & soul. Renee Schatzley Gall has designed power & spirit animal totem art, along with high-vibrational word art and her own design concepts of spirituality jewelry. She also does custom designing.

Rock Your World Crystals & Stone Jewelry

Rock Your World is a Michigan-based company that offers high-frequency "charged crystals" to help you in your journey. They offer a wide selection of tumbled stones, fossils, minerals, and hand-crafted jewelry. Follow them on Facebook at ROCKYOURWORLD,LLC. Any questions, just call 313-412-7690. They ship!

Scentsy - Home Decor and Fragrance Products

Lorena Rashid offers Scentsy home decor and fragrance products such as warmers and candle wax that work with a bulb or heating element. No fire, no flame, no soot, no smoke, a safe and clean way to do fragrance. Scentsy also has diffusers made of hand-blown glass, all-natural and essential oils for diffusing, room sprays, car bars, and body fragrance items. Details:

Share International Midwest

Mark Long is a volunteer with Share International, a lifelong student of the Ageless Wisdom teachings, and a Transmission Meditation practitioner since 1989. Share International is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit dedicated to publicizing the existence of a great spiritual teacher now present among us, and encouraging the practice of Transmission Meditation as a service. Share International:, (800) 860-8035, "Global sharing is the solution to humanity's problems." Transmission Meditation:, "Group meditation for those who are drawn to service."

SOL-3 Avenue

SOL-3 Avenue is an online and pop-up boutique. Valencia Sipes is originally from Detroit and lived in New York and Los Angeles. Having an appreciation for art, architecture, and sustainability, it was a natural progression for her to start making and designing products. Her company specializes in handmade natural stone jewelry and original graphic-designed apparel. The designs and inspiration come from growing up in the culturally rich city of Detroit as well as traveling abroad. A deep passion for making well-crafted pieces at an affordable price while being sustainable is her daily goal.

The Sparkle Hut

"The Sparkle Hut" offers your favorite natural gemstone jewelry including rings, necklaces, bracelets & earrings in a variety of stones. (Larimar, amber, rose quartz, amethyst, turquoise, peridot, etc.) Also natural stone amulets and pendulums, all at affordable prices! Shop located at Dixieland Flea Market, Telegraph & Dixie Hwy. in Waterford. Pam Meldrum, (810) 278-0885.

Spencer Michaud Astrology

Spencer Michaud is a professional astrologer who focuses on self-actualization and empowerment. He uses an interdisciplinary approach incorporating both modern & traditional (ancient) chart-reading techniques as well as numerology, animal symbolism, and archetypal storytelling. His readings focus on actionable, grounded wisdom utilizing the power of choice and transcendence to help you find the hero within. Spencer has over fifteen years' experience studying the ancient wisdom traditions and symbolic languages. Current rates are $50/half hour. We also offer a small selection of elected planetary magic products such as oils, talismans & materia.

Superieur Electrolytes

Superieur Electrolytes is turning the electrolyte industry "upside right". They use real minerals like pink Himalayan sea salt and ionic trace minerals. Their products are non-GMO, gluten free, and vegan. Learn more at:

Suzy-Q's Earth Remedies

Suzy-Q's Earth Remedies are personal care products handmade with healthful, organic ingredients and infused with Reiki. Why should vapor rub contain petroleum and turpentine, or deodorant be created with aluminum and other harsh ingredients? Suzy-Q's Earth Remedies are just as effective, yet handmade with love and healthful ingredients. You will love Suzy-Q's miraculous Skin Rehab Ointment, Muscle & Joint Relief, Smooth Skin Serum, Vapor Rub, Lip Love & Lip Rescue, and our wide array of Luxurious Bath Bars, among others. Come over and say HI!​

Synergy Wellness - Young Living Oils

Synergy Wellness offers holistic services and classes. Many classes are available online for your convenience, and in-person classes are held in Michigan and Ohio. They help you achieve your highest potential of wellness through services, classes, and products. They offer Young Living essential oils, supplements, cleaning products, CBD oils, and more. All Young Living products are backed by our Seed-to-Seal Quality Promise. Young Living owns our farms and seed bank. Stop by our booth to try products and ask about the Expo special.

True Frequency Grounding Jewelry

True Frequency Grounding Jewelry protects you from the effects of radio waves. True Frequency technology goes above and beyond traditional magnetic jewelry; they use the newest and most powerful frequency technology available today in order to give you maximum results. As you wear True Frequency Grounding Jewelry, it will harness natural frequencies that occur in your immediate environment to help tune and rebalance your energy field to a more natural state. Joe Follrod is a Metaphysical Minister/Licensed Unity Teacher, energy worker, and EFT Practitioner. He works with people on the phone or on the internet via Skype or Zoom.

Twistful Thinking

Twistful Thinking is earthy, chic, wire wrap jewelry with a naturally energetic feel featuring crystals, semi-precious gemstones, cruelty-free suede, and more! Each stone is hand-picked by artist Nina and crafted into a unique piece of jewelry using .925 sterling silver or copper wire. Pieces include necklaces, earrings, bracelets, and home decor. Twistful Thinking also provides individual crystals and metaphysical goods to accompany these crystals such as sage sticks, palo santo, and smudge bowls! Check it out at as well!

White Owl LLC

Stone jewelry, Tibetan singing bowls, lead crystals, tapestry, palo santo incense, and stone specimens that include amethyst, malachite, selenite, celestite, and so much more. 

VibeRite Crystals

Anton and his family got started making jewelry (sA) for others just a short time ago. It was the research on the healing properties of crystals and copper that initially drew them. However, thanks to others' encouragement and support, they have found joy in creating pieces for the public as well. Ankh, Udja, Seneb (Life, Prosperity & Health). ​The VibeRite Family,

Vtrendz LLC

Vtrendz offers designer women's apparel and accessories, scarves, jackets, tapestries, and bags. Vimi Bhandari, or 440-391-4401.

Wellness Training Institute

The Wellness Training Institute's mission is to end needless suffering. They take a holistic integrative approach to health and have various programs to help people reach their health goals. Their hope is to inspire people to take action on their health and the Institute has the tools to support them along the way. Contact them at: 586-554-7515

Wellnessed Boutique

Wellnessed Boutique creates aromatherapy products that give you emotional well-being benefits in a variety of ways! Aromatherapy is incorporated into our sensory products. No matter what you need — help with focusing, relaxing, or feeling more centered — we have a custom essential oil blend and a sensory tool to help you. Our curated essential oil blends are also available in crystal rollerballs, diffuser blends, sensory body butters, and beautiful diffuser jewelry! Find us online at, email us at

Whimsical Warrior

The Whimsical Warrior is an art and jewelry showcase crafted by Alexzandra Hayes. Each piece is made with healing crystals and silver solder using the Tiffany technique. Alexzandra's work is heavily influenced by the elemental or Fairy realm, and features one-of-a-kind works of art. For more info, visit her Facebook or Instagram page: @thewhimsicalwarrior

Willow Design, LLC

Willow Design will have beautiful stone pendants on hand-crafted Chinese silk thread knot necklaces. These pendants are hand-carved from agate, onyx, druzy geode, lapis lazuli, dragon veins, and many more. They will also have pendulums made from stones like agate, opalite, malachite, and quartz and bookmarks made with various stones. See all at:

WillowRokk Coterie

WillowRokk Coterie offers high-quality handmade wares to inspire, heal, and celebrate the Oneness of many paths for people's inner and outer space. Engaging their knowledge of energy healing, sound attunement, and Yoga Tantra therapy, WillowRokk offers hands-on opportunities for awareness and growth on all levels through their booth and products, guiding visitors to discover and realize their personal and spiritual potential. Their bonsai trees embody Sacred Geometry, also represented in jewelry, tote bags, coin purses, art boards, and banners. Email or visit

Women of Light Arts Collective

Women of Light Arts Collective provides uplifting, transformational energy products and services that bring positive, loving experiences filled with joy. Each woman is a gifted artist and brings forward messages and healing from Spirit through fine art to the healing arts. Energetic healing practices include: Reiki, Crystal Light Healing, Sound Healing, Crystalline Consciousness Technique, Theta Healing, Golden Light Activations, yoga, and more. A diverse array of artistic expressions (many are one-of-a-kind) include: writing, painting, jewelry making, photography, glass making, and pottery.

Zilis - Hemp Oil Products

Gold standard hemp oil (THC free)! Discover hemp oil benefits: Helps with anti-swelling, promotes stable mood, helps with numerous other conditions. UltraCell™: Blends full-spectrum hemp oil with prebiotics and antioxidants, contains a myriad of naturally occurring phytocannabinoids, flavonoids, and fatty acids. Zilis products are made with a proprietary technology that converts oil content into a water-soluble form to maximize bioavailability. Presented by Zilis Ambassadors Susan Travis, Kathy Jerore & Nirbhaya Sobie.

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