Enlightened Soul Center

Psychic Saturday Party Application

(This is a hidden page on the Expo website, for the purposes of using the Expo website's payment functions.)


Thank you for your interest in our Psychic Saturday Parties at the Enlightened Soul Center. If you are interested in participating, please fill out the application below and submit the payment using the button at the bottom to reserve your space. No Paypal account is needed; you may pay with credit or debit card by scrolling to the BOTTOM of the Paypal window and selecting that option.






During the party, attendees sign up for readings and energy work at each individual practitioner's clipboard, centrally located on the main table. Readers and healers should check their clipboards and help maintain the list, along with the Indoor Host (checkmark when taken for the session, name ONLY crossed through when session is over). Make sure the client who sits down is on your list and is next to be received; sometimes clients mistakenly sit down at an open seat without understanding the process. The cost for clients to receive a reading or energy work is $2/minute, with a 15-minute minimum. Readers, bodyworkers, and vendors are in charge of taking payments for their services. We need your bio and photo for our website and promotions, as well as for the sign we create for the registration area of the party.



Please provide your own table covering, business cards/brochures, sign for your table (if desired) and please remember to bring CASH CHANGE and — ideally — a way to accept credit cards for client payments. We can take credit/debit card payments for you if necessary and then pay you the difference minus the Square card processing fee. We provide chairs and there is free wifi. We have a limited number of card tables (2 good & 2 shaky but workable) and other small tables upon request. We have 6 plexiglass tabletop shields available, if not sitting 6 feet apart from your clients.

Upcoming parties: 
  REVISED SUMMER HOURS as of JUNE 19, 2021: 2:00–8:00 PM*
(Set up 1:30 PM ~ Vendors can arrive earlier; let Amy know if desired)
*We switched to late afternoon thru evening hours, since the nice weather seems to be
keeping people outdoors longer, and it stays light later!

July 10 (need 1 healer or another reader + 1 vendor) 
  July 17 (need 1 reader + 1 vendor),  August 7,  August 21  

Enlightened Soul Center

3820 Packard Road #280 (2nd floor, with elevator)
Ann Arbor 48108 
Free parking!

Turn at the driveway next to the US-23 overpass, at the large sign for "Gentle Dental" and "Foot & Ankle".

NOTE: Building number is NOT visible from the road; our building is #3820, behind the VA building, on the left alongside
the expressway overpass. Building is in the back on the left, facing the US-23 overpass.


Please text Amy at 734-358-0218 and we can send you an email invoice. IF YOU HAVE A PAYPAL ACCOUNT and are having trouble paying through this form, let Amy know and you may send your payment through Paypal to intuitivesinteractive@hotmail.com. AND, you can avoid a fee by going into Paypal from your account: Send Money > Friends & Family. Thanks!