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Readers in the Reader Room

Below are the readers in our exclusive Reader Room. They have been TESTED AND APPROVED by our staff or by a trusted friend of the staff. (There are also people doing readings in the Vendor Ballroom; prices and session lengths vary. Sign up for the readers in the Ballroom individually at those tables.) 
All readings in the Reader Room are $30 for 20 minutes. There are NO INTERRUPTIONS, since the appointments and payment are taken centrally at the Reader Appointment Tables in the Ballroom. Five minutes before your scheduled reading, we ask that you to go to the Reader Check-In Table (located outside the Reader Room) to check in and wait. You'll experience our CONCIERGE SERVICE as you are escorted to your reader when it's time for your appointment. 

Look for readers at the 2017 Spring Expo
to be added soon!

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