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Fall 2017

Readers in the Reader Rooms

Below are the readers in our exclusive Reader Rooms. WE WILL ADD MORE TO THIS PAGE AS THEY ARE REGISTERED. These readers have been TESTED AND APPROVED by our staff or by a trusted friend. Sign up and pay for your reading at our Reader Appointment Tables in the Ballroom.
There are also readers in the Vendor Ballroom; prices and session lengths vary. Sign up for the readers in the Ballroom at their booths. 
There are NO INTERRUPTIONS, since the appointments and payment are taken centrally at the Reader Appointment Tables in the Ballroom. Five minutes before your scheduled reading, we ask that you to go to the Reader Check-In Table (located outside either Reader Room) to check in and wait. You'll experience our CONCIERGE SERVICE as you are escorted to your reader when it's time for your appointment. 

30-Minute Reader Room

Readings in this room (Room 204) are 30 minutes for $50. These readings cost more than in the other room, in a relaxing space with floor-to-ceiling windows overlooking the water fountain. Scheduling and payments are taken centrally in the Ballroom.

Amy Bacon, Spirit Pathways

Amy specializes in practical spiritual counseling for understanding & clarity in all areas of your life. Connecting directly with your spirit guides & into your energy field, Amy will give you an accurate reading that provides answers, clear direction, & insights. Amy calls in loved ones who have passed over to give you their messages. It's time for you to move forward & live the life of your dreams! Have a reading for clear understanding about your life, to remove any obstacles that may be blocking you, & to set you on your path to living your most joyous life now.

Kathy Riepen Baker

Internationally known to many as the "Healer of the Heart", Kathy is a gifted spiritual medium, soul connector, and channeler who has a unique process to help you connect with your departed loved ones, angels, soul, and Spirit, using various healing modalities and processes communicated from the Soul Angel, Athena. She will take you on a journey to your Sacred Heart, where you will connect with your departed loved ones, or your angels, and she will channel your soul and Spirit for guided information. Know that this connection will enlighten you, while empowering you to create your heart's desire, bring clarity to any of life's questions you may have, or help heal your broken heart. Definitely, a gift you will take home with you. Every journey will include a heart healing from the angels. 248-942-3891

Lisa Elen

Lisa Elen is an evidential medium, working to connect people to loved ones who have crossed into Spirit. She was born psychic, and saw Spirit from a young age, but really started honing her psychic abilities in 2009, after having many intense experiences which prompted her to pursue this gift. As an evidential medium, her mission is to provide you with a connection to your loved ones in Spirit, so that you may heal, find comfort and peace, and know that love is eternal. She is grateful to God for her gift, and promised she would use this gift to help others to the best of her ability. She is a Certified Angel Card Reader through Doreen Virtue. She has also completed coursework with James Van Praagh & Tony Stockwell, is a Reiki I and II Practitioner, and has studied Munay-Ki and Universal Shamanism. Please call or text Lisa at 810-922-5998. You can also find her on Facebook at light messages through Lisa Elen.

Frances Falan

Frances is a psychic medium/channel for Spirit, Reiki Master, and a Remote Viewer to locate items and/or loved ones. During an appointment, she brings forth information about past lives that are affecting your current life, connect with your angels, guides & departed loved ones to give you information that will help you to deal with life's challenges. When guided, she teaches techniques for balancing, clearing & protection. When appropriate, she is able to observe events taking place at other locations of the past, present, & future. 616-644-1991,

Lynda Forbes, Astrologer and Face Reader

Lynda Forbes has over 35 years of experience as a professional astrologer and teacher of metaphysical studies. She specializes in Chinese Face Reading, an ancient system of analysis and tarot. Lynda trains people in all three subjects along with runes, psychic development, Native American Medicine Wheel, and guided meditation. She reads at her office in Fenton, travels to teach, offers phone sessions, and does private parties. (810) 394-0109,,

Laura Gentner

As a spiritual intuitive & medium, Laura's goal is to assist and empower you to be your bright, sparkly self and live life to the fullest! She uses her clairsentience, clairvoyance, and claircognizance along with the help of Spirit (God, master teachers, angels, and guides) to help people shift and heal on all levels. Her intuitive readings include messages, guidance, angel cards, and/or energy work. During energy clearing sessions, Laura energetically tunes in to you, finding imbalances and blocks, then assists you in releasing them.

Bill Hobart

Although born with the ability to deliberately connect with spirit, Bill did not always embrace it. Yes, he knew the right person to hire for every job, had inspired teams for years, and led them to unending success, it wasn't until later in life that he heard Spirit's call loud and clear. That message was channeled through his long-time friend and personal reader, Bonnie. "As a spiritual leader, you were born knowing things others don't. Your guide, Paul, has been speaking to you your entire life. It's time to listen deeply and begin helping people heal their life!" 248-310-7689,,

Pamela Leach

Pamela is an intuitive whose daily prayer is to be a clear channel for Spirit. She works only with Spirit, guides, and angels of the highest levels of love and light. As a connector, she plugs into your energy and with Source to give guidance and advice. Pamela will also connect you with those who have crossed over, if requested by you (or by those who have a message for you). Pamela comes from a place of seeing only gray, feeling adrift and closed off from humanity, to feeling strong, happy, and powerful. She will share that with you. 616-642-0308,

Rev. Dr. Judy Spitler-McKee

Rev. Dr. Judy Spitler is a channel, spiritual counselor, developmental psychologist, and author of THE INDIGO CHILDREN and INFINITY WALK. Her modalities are angel contact, numerology, colors, and graphology. She offers Higher Self guidance from your deepest soul questions, such as: Am I pursuing my unique Divine Mission? What new possibilities and synchronicities await me in the Quantum Field? How do I stay aligned and centered with confusion and distractions around me? What is my connection to the New Children of Higher Love and Light (termed Indigo, ADD, Crystal, Rainbow)? Clients report feeling more empowered for their daily life.

Eric Webster

By consulting with the Keepers of the client's Akashic Record, Eric delivers information, insights, and suggested direction designed to help people live as the highest version of themselves. Come with your questions and prepare to have a session that is fast and full. Several past Expo clients have completed Eric's Akashic Record teleclasses too. has much more information and testimonials. 


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20-Minute Reader Room

Readings in the original Reader Room (Salon C) are 20 minutes for $30. Scheduling and payments are taken centrally in the Ballroom.

Robyn DeVoe

Robyn is a natural empath and medical intuitive, from a long line of empathic and intuitive women, who has always viewed life through a unique lens, but began to explore her own spiritual abilities in earnest following the sudden death of her teenage daughter in 2003. During her readings, she uses a Grand Tableau spread, incorporating various elements of astrology and tarot, as well as her own clairsentience and medical intuition, throughout. Her Lenormand readings do not mince words, so be prepared for direct, specific answers with zero sugarcoating. To learn more, go to

Beverly Fish

Beverly grew up in a psychic household and discovered that she was also a psychic medium when she met the ghost who lived in her home. In 1972, Beverly began studying astrology and combined her knowledge of the stars with her psychic abilities. Beverly teaches "Developing Your Psychic Ability" and "Ghost and Demons" classes at Washtenaw Community College.

Ann Gee, Silver Peacock Psychic

Ann works with her guides and yours to help you develop clarity, understand soul lessons, and learn how to take the next steps in your life’s journey. She quickly targets Spirit’s key messages through oracle cards addressing relationships, life purpose, transitions, and more, accessing their deeper meaning specific to you through clairvoyant and clairaudient pathways. You will be engaged in a conversation that reveals the highest meaning of the visions and messages received, helping you to remember the truths of your soul and empowering you to live life to the fullest.

Laura Ghedotte, Spirited Art Empowerment LLC

Healing messages from your Higher Self: Laura uses Intuitive Art Drawings to share with you messages of incredible insight and healing from your Higher Self. Ask any question. Soul Blueprint: Discover the Soul Gifts that you came into your lifetime with. * Learn how to align to your Soul Gifts & Soul Purpose and much more. * Reiki Fusion: This Intuitive Art Drawing is healing energy in art form, bringing to you the energy you need to reprogram your energy system / chakras on a mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual level.

Carroll Kinkade

Carroll Kinkade is an accomplished Psychic Palmist/Astrologer/Card reader with 35+ years of experience The 2015 season marks her 23rd season as a Palmist/Psychic at the Michigan Renaissance Festival.  Carroll’s quest in Florida while studying for the Healing ministry.  Expanding her spiritual gifts over the years has included studies in Christianity, Buddhism, Native American spirituality, hands on healing, surrogate healing, color therapy, magnetic (the study of rocks) energetic healing Reiki and more.  Carroll is available for weddings, parties, consultations and workshops. PH: (810) 625-2089


This clairaudient and "Spiritual Mom" uses several divination tools to read your energy, with the help of her heavenly son, Destin. Using divining rods, she will find out if any spirits are with you and who they are, then ask them to help you in your reading. She will then use the pendulum to choose your tarot card, then answer your question and concern with special pendulum charts. Also find Destin and LeFerna at, where they do automatic writing, helping those who are grieving for passed loved ones.

Michelle Michael

Do you have questions about love, family, health, or your job? Angel card readings with Michelle are very detailed & accurate. Using her psychic, mediumship, & intuitive skills Michelle will provide you with practical & clear life counseling thru messages & guidance from your angels & loved ones. She uses the wisdom of the angels to give you positive perspectives & answers to the concerns and issues you are dealing with. You will leave the session feeling more uplifted & confident. Michelle is a Certified Angel Card Reader, professionally trained by world-renowned Angel Card Reader Doreen Virtue. 248-224-0552,

Rev. Marilyn Morgan

Spiritual psychic medium Rev. Marilyn Morgan is an angel reader & healer. See what the future holds with this visionary and channeler, who was gifted from birth. Rev. Marilyn uses tarot, numerology, astrology, past lives, energy healing, and more! Classes and parties available.

Sherry Mullins MA, LPC - Heyoka Counseling Services

Sherry says, "Are you an odd duck? A misfit? Someone who doesn't quite fit in this world? Perhaps you feel lonely, anxious, outcast, weighed down, overly responsible, pained. You're irritated, sensitive, suffering, trying to find your way while others tell you you're doing it wrong. What do you want? What do you need? Where do you go from here? Come. Sit with me a moment. Feel yourself melt into the warmth of belonging. Life doesn't have to be so lonely, so isolated, so hard." Using her own introverted, quirky, quick, and intuitive ways, Sherry sees what is good and draws out the best of who you really are.

Ellie Proctor

Ellie is a psychic medium, pet communicator, and Reiki practitioner. She calls upon her spirit guides to assist her in messages. People find comfort in her mediumship abilities in communicating with the departed. She is excellent in communicating with animals living and passed on. Her exemplary messages are very detailed and deeply appreciated by her clients. Coming from a family of psychics and being an Indigo child, her abilities were obvious at a very young age. To contact Ellie about readings or a Reiki session, call 419.509.3079 or email

Tia / Soul Paradise Healing

Tia is a gifted intuitive reader & medium, whose abilities include & are not limited to: seeing, feeling, & hearing. She has been serving & supporting her communities for over 25 years. She is the voice and vehicle for Spirit and Angels. As a medium, she will give you detailed readings for your life purpose and obstacles. Tia may connect to your loved ones who've crossed over, to deliver useful, practical, meaningful, encouraging, & supportive messages, if spirit wishes to come thru in a session. Email:

Kathy Tertzag

Kathy has been an intuitive her entire life. She is a lifelong student of everything spiritual, angelic, paranormal, and metaphysical. Kathy is an Advanced Certified Medium, certified in meditation for many years. She performs various types of readings, including past life readings, for individuals, parties, groups, and phone consultations for the convenience of her clients. Kathy has participated in spiritual, psychic, and holistic expos all over the country.

Pam Zientar

Pam Zientar is a psychic and medium who has been communicating with the spirit world since she was four years old. Pam is a clear channel for the Divine, the Ascended Masters (i.e. Jesus, Moses, Mother Mary, etc.), the Archangels, and the fairy realm. Pam uses her gifts to help answer life questions and connect you with loved ones. She also brings awareness to areas within your body that are in need of healing. Pam is certified in the following energy healing modalities: Reiki Master (Level III), Ama-Deus Level II, Vibrational Sound Therapy, and Crystal & Tibetan Singing Bowls., 248-219-2055

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