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Presentation SCHEDULE

PRESENTATIONS are FREE with paid Expo admission!​

NEW LOCATION: Presentations take place in the intimate Experimental Theater,
down the hall from the food vendors. (Seats approx. 200)

Click on the presentation titles below to read more.

PLEASE NOTE: Late admittance is prohibited for Gallery Readings. 

Seating is available 20 minutes before each presentation.

Schedule is subject to change.


11:00am–12:00pm:   Adrianna Rochelle, Gallery Reading*


12:30–1:30pm:           Marjorie Farnsworth, "21st Century Shamanic Healing"


2:00–3:00pm:             Lisa Bousson, Gallery Reading*


3:30–4:30pm:             Audrey Rumbers, "The Quantum Age and You: What Is the Connection?"

5:00–6:00pm:             Beth Ann Bortles, Gallery Reading*


11:30am–12:30pm:     "Ask Laura" Berlin, Gallery Reading*


1:00–2:00pm:                Selene Negrette, "LOVE FIX - The Angels’ Way"

2:30–3:30pm:                Lisa Bousson, Gallery Reading*

4:00–5:00pm:                Tammy Braswell, Channeling "ALL THAT IS" - Q&A

*Gallery Readings: At a gallery reading, the medium gives messages from Spirit to the audience. These could include departed loved ones, spirit guides, angels, etc. Late admittance is prohibited for most Gallery Readings, because it interferes with the reader's awareness of the spirits in the room. Not everyone in the audience will receive a message, but all can benefit from the messages received; please remain in your seat until the end of the presentation.
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