Reader Application

Shamanic Stone Bowl reader Karen Morgan-

We are so grateful you are applying for table space in the

7th Annual Spring Expo!

Both full payment and completed application with photo are required in order to be considered complete.


QUESTIONS about the Reader Rooms: Christina, or 734-968-9723

The Reader Rooms are SOLD OUT!
To request being added to our Wait List, please email

WE OFFER 20-Minute readings for $30 and 30-Minute readings for $50 IN OUR EXCLUSIVE READER ROOMS. 
To be accepted as a reader in our Reader Room, we must already know your work or
you may need to be TESTED AND APPROVED by our staff or recommended by a trusted friend of ours.


There are NO INTERRUPTIONS, since the appointments and payment are taken centrally at the Reader Appointment Tables in the Commons. NO ONE ELSE IS WALKING UP TO YOUR TABLE TO SIGN UP FOR AN APPOINTMENT DURING YOUR READING! You do not need to handle payments or scheduling appointments; leave that to us! Readers are paid by check at the end of the Expo on Sunday, minus a 3% credit card and handling fee. In this way, you can do more readings with less waiting time in between! We also ask you to pre-schedule with us any lunches and other breaks, so we know in advance not to book an appointment for you while you are away from your table.


After clients have signed up and paid at the Reader Appointment Tables, we ask them to go to the Reader Check-In Table (located outside each Reader Room) five minutes before their appointment time to check in and wait. They experience our CONCIERGE SERVICE as they are escorted to their reader when it's time for their reading. 


Currently, vendors cannot offer readings at their booths. This is to preserve the integrity of the Reader Rooms. You can apply for an exception, if you offer something UNUSUAL that cannot conform to our 20-minute and 30-minute Reader Room procedures (i.e. casting astrology charts, doing artwork or energy work with readings). If approved to offer readings in a vendor booth, the READING COST CANNOT BE LESS than what our Reader Room charges, $1.50/minute. Please contact Britni at to apply for an exception and see the Vendor Application page

TO APPLY: Please read the below and then scroll to the BOTTOM of this page for the form!

New readers must either have a recommendation from someone we know and trust, or may be asked to try out. 
Thanks and namaste! We look forward to seeing you and serving you! 

QUESTIONS/PROBLEMS: or call/text Christina DePugh at 734-968-9723.


ABOUT THIS APPLICATION: (some things may appear different if registering on your phone; COMPUTER recommended)

  • You'll need to submit a maximum 100-word description (approx. 600 characters) for the website and Reader Handout.

  • We'll want a digital headshot of you and you can upload it at the link on this page.

  • When done with the application, hit the "Submit Application" button. After that, the page where you filled out the form should be blank.

  • After hitting the "Submit Application" button, IF the page is still there and doesn't go to the Paypal page, then there is likely an error in your application. You may see an error message at the bottom that says "Please fill in required fields" if you missed a required question, or you may not if it's a different problem. Either way, scroll back up the form to find a required question that was not filled out, or not filled out properly. (OFTEN it is because you have gone over the 600-character limit in your description.) Answer or fix, and then submit again.



  • Once you successfully fill out and submit the form, you'll be automatically taken to a Paypal page. Your total registration amount will be given there. We no longer accept checks for payment.

  • No Paypal account is needed to pay at Paypal; at the bottom of the Paypal box, you may select “Pay with a debit or credit card” instead of using a Paypal account.

  • If you experience problems paying online, please contact Christina to pay with credit or debit card over the phone: 734-968-9723. REMINDER: Only applications with payment are considered complete.

  • If you have paid online at Paypal after submitting the application, you'll receive an automatic email confirmation message. IF YOU DON'T PAY ONLINE, YOU WILL NOT get an automatic confirmation email; please contact Christina about payment and wait for us to send a confirmation email manually that your application was received.

  • Within 48 hours, you should also receive a follow-up email from verifying your payment, photo, and application and suggesting arrangements for a test reading, if applicable. Please text Christina at 734-968-9723 if you do not hear from us within 48 hours of applying.




  • NEW: Sunday hours are extended to 6:00 PM! (Tables must remain open until closing time or risk not being invited back.)

  • NO REFUNDS unless your application is denied.

  • PROMOTION: We list all bodyworkers on our website, on a Facebook post, and on a handout given to attendees at the Expo. 

  • NEW! SPONSORSHIP: We now offer Sponsorship Opportunities that can increase the visibility of your business at the Expo! There are various levels of perks, depending upon the monetary donation, from being included on the At-a-Glance handout to exclusive sponsorship of a physical area of the Expo. Please see the PDF link below to download the Sponsorship document for more information. 

  • We are only accepting applications for both days of the Expo. 

  • We are restricting readings in the Vendor Area (Commons and Hallways). There will be a few exceptions for people who offer unusual services (e.g. intuitive paintings) that cannot conform to the time limit of the Reader Rooms.

  • We take reading appointments and payments centrally for the Reader Room readers, and pay readers via check at the end of the show on Sunday (minus a 3% fee for handling & credit card processing).

  • There will be up to 15 readers in the 20-minute Reader Room and up to 15 readers in the 30-minute Reader Area. NEW: The 30-minute readers will be in their own secluded area along the back wall of the Commons. The 20-minute readers will be located in the room they have been in before.

  • VOLUNTEER PRIZE DONATION: We're asking everyone to donate a gift certificate to reward our volunteers. Gift certificates should be for full free offers — no coupons or discounts. ALL donations should be brought to us at the Volunteer Office ON SATURDAY or given to the Vendor Coordinator or Vendor Assistant who make the rounds of the booths, so that we can allocate the right amount of certificates to cover our volunteers each day. PLEASE DO NOT GIVE YOUR DONATION DIRECTLY TO VOLUNTEERS unless these are "extra" donations, to reward a volunteer who has helped you, separate from the donation you give to the Volunteer Office. We will have blank certificates at the Expo for you to fill out, or feel free to bring your own.  Thank you for helping to support our hard-working volunteers!

  • Please bring EXTRA business cards for the Reader Promotion Table!!! It will be prominently placed adjacent to the Reading Appointment Tables, so that clients have access to reader information even if they can't book appointments with everyone. Please be mindful that there may be up to 30 readers that will be displayed on the promotion table, so please do not bring multiple flyers with brochures and business cards that take up a larger amount of space or they may be removed. 

  • Please no candles, incense, sprays, or anything scented — to respect those who have allergies or sensitivities. WHEN IN DOUBT, please ask permission from Christina DePugh, Reader Coordinator and Expo Co-Director.

  • For those who wish to stay overnight in Ann Arbor, blocks of hotel rooms will be arranged for Expo weekend.


The reader card table space is approx. 6' x 6' and includes 2 folding chairs without arms.
Please bring your own timer, card table, chair cushion/s (if desired) and table covering.

Tables approx. 34" x 34" square are acceptable.


BOTH application and full payment are required to be considered complete.


SOLD OUT! 20-MIN READER ROOM (approx. 6' x 6' space for your card table, readings $30 for 20 minutes):


SOLD OUT! 20-MIN READER REGISTRATION: By Friday, FEBRUARY 22, 2019 (application and payment) $175 

SOLD OUT! 30-MIN READER AREA (approx. 6' x 6' space, readings $50 for 30 minutes):

SOLD OUT!30-MIN READER REGISTRATION: By Friday, FEBRUARY 22, 2019 (application and payment) $250 


PLEASE SUBMIT EVERYTHING (including PHOTO) by FRIDAY, MARCH 1, 2019 to be included on the websites and in the list of readers in the handout (which is how people will choose readers to book appointments with!). 


BOOTH APPLICATION AND PAYMENT: By Friday, MARCH 1, 2019 (Late applications will be accepted until we are full, but may not be included in handouts or publicity.)

LOAD-IN AND SET-UP: 7:00 am, Saturday, March 23, 2019 (Sorry, no Friday night set-up).

PLEASE SUBMIT A DIGITAL HEADSHOT PHOTO of yourself for the website and reader handout. The photo needs to be a high-resolution JPEG, GIF, or PNG (300 dpi, usually at least 1 MB file size) to look good in the printed handout. If you were in a fair previously we can re-use that photo, if preferred (let us know at Click the link below to email your photo, or submit with the application below: