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Spring 2017 Expo

Saturday, April 22 PRESENTATIONS

11:00am–12:00pm: Laura Moody, Gallery Reading

12:30–1:30pm: Todd Stockwell, "Living Life at the Next Level: Tools to Evolve Yourself"

 2:00–3:00pm: Lisa Bousson, Gallery Reading

 3:30–4:30pm: Judy Ramsey, "An Introduction to Telepathic Animal Communication"

5:00–6:00pm: Conrad Welsing, "How to Be Calm When You Should Be Stressed"

6:15–7:45pm: SPECIAL PRESENTATION, Back by Popular Demand! — Lori Lipten, Gallery Reading

Saturday, April 22 PRESENTATIONS

11:30am–12:30pm: Wendy Piepenburg, Gallery Reading

1:00–2:00pm: Pat Fero, "How to Contact Deceased Loved Ones"

2:30–3:30pm: Fred Sauer, "Stress — Why Women & Men React Differently + 2 Coping Techniques for Both" 

4:00–5:00pm: Elaine Grohman, Gallery Reading

PREMIUM READER ROOM: Readings in this room (room 204) are $50 for 30 minutes. These readings are longer, in a relaxing room with floor-to-ceiling windows overlooking the water fountain. Scheduling and payments are taken centrally in the Ballroom.

Amy Bacon, Spirit Pathways: Amy specializes in practical spiritual counseling for understanding & clarity in all areas of your life. Connecting directly with your spirit guides & into your energy field, Amy will give you an accurate reading that provides answers, clear direction, & insights. Amy calls in loved ones who have passed over to give you their messages. It's time for you to move forward & live the life of your dreams! Have a reading for clear understanding about your life, to remove any obstacles that may be blocking you, & to set you on your path to living your most joyous life now.

Kathy Riepen Baker: Internationally known to many as the "Healer of the Heart", Kathy is a gifted spiritual medium, soul connector, and channeler who has a unique process to help you connect with your departed loved ones, angels, soul, and Spirit, using various healing modalities and processes communicated from the Soul Angel, Athena. She will take you on a journey to your Sacred Heart, where you will connect with your departed loved ones, or your angels, and she will channel your soul and Spirit for guided information. Know that this connection will enlighten you, while empowering you to create your heart's desire, bring clarity to any of life's questions you may have, or help heal your broken heart. Definitely, a gift you will take home with you. Every journey will include a heart healing from the angels. 248-942-3891

Anne Duffy, The Connecting Bridge: Anne offers Soul Restructuring and Life-Pattern Reorganization with Source energy using Spiritual Response Therapy (SRT), inner child work, and psychic intuition. SRT uses a pendulum as a tool and a set of charts to heal and transform issues at the causal level of one’s life, using heart-based love. When discordant blocks, negative belief systems/contracts, vows, past/parallel lives, curses, DNA disturbances, and other interferences in the soul’s Akashic records are removed, your spirit, body, and life can heal instantaneously. This allows you to reset your intentions for health, love, career, relationships, and prosperity to live your best life now.

Cindy Rogers: Adding a touch of flare to your psychic reading, using Hungarian Gypsy Cards and connecting with your energy through the palm of your hand, Cindy is able to see, feel, and hear Spirit to receive positive information and messages for you that can help you in your everyday life. Cindy has been reading for over 30 years, using this gift passed down from her mother, Madeline. It is truly a unique experience! "I am here to give a glimpse into your future, which is only in the palm of your hands." — Natalie Rogers. You can contact Cindy at 734-709-8722 or

Robin Gamache, Essential Soul Healing: Robin's Mission Statement: "To touch the Soul and reveal its beauty, desires, and potential. To shine light on unknown paths to wholeness with Spirit as guide, healer, and teacher." Robin is a clairvoyant psychic and medium. She has 20 years of experience bringing through channeled information and healing energies to empower individuals. Robin is skilled in clairvoyant seeing into the chakras and aura. She channels information regarding life path and purpose, health, and well-being. As a medium, she connects and communicates with deceased loved ones, angels, and teachers with accuracy and love.

Laura Gentner:As a spiritual intuitive & medium, Laura's goal is to assist and empower you to be your bright, sparkly self and live life to the fullest! She uses her clairsentience, clairvoyance, and claircognizance along with the help of Spirit (God, master teachers, angels, and guides) to help people shift and heal on all levels. Her intuitive readings include messages, guidance, angel cards, and/or energy work. During energy clearing sessions, Laura energetically tunes in to you, finding imbalances and blocks, then assists you in releasing them.


Rev. Dr. Judy Spitler-McKee: Rev. Dr. Judy Spitler is a channel, spiritual counselor, developmental psychologist, and author of THE INDIGO CHILDREN and INFINITY WALK. Her modalities are angel contact, numerology, colors, and graphology. She offers Higher Self guidance from your deepest soul questions, such as: Am I pursuing my unique Divine Mission? What new possibilities and synchronicities await me in the Quantum Field? How do I stay aligned and centered with confusion and distractions around me? What is my connection to the New Children of Higher Love and Light (termed Indigo, ADD, Crystal, Rainbow)? Clients report feeling more empowered for their daily life.


Eric Webster: By consulting with the Keepers of the client's Akashic Record, Eric delivers information, insights, and suggested direction designed to help people live as the highest version of themselves. Come with your questions and prepare to have a session that is fast and full. Several past Expo clients have completed Eric's Akashic Record teleclasses too. has much more information and testimonials. 


REGULAR READER ROOM: Readings in the original Reader Room (Salon C) are $30 for 20 minutes. Scheduling and payments are taken centrally in the Ballroom.

Jacob Beaune: Jacob is a young and highly intuitive tarot card reader, with 10 years of experience, who mixes the ancient knowledge and wisdom of the tarot with the sacred guidance of your Higher Self and spirit guides to provide you with a non-judgmental reading experience that is insightful, accurate, and uplifting. Armed with these powerful tools, he is ready to help shine a light on the path forward and walk with you through any uncertainty you may have about your future and what lies ahead. (517) 798-9631;

Lisa Elen: Lisa Elen is an evidential medium, working to connect people to loved ones who have crossed into Spirit. She was born psychic, and saw Spirit from a young age, but really started honing her psychic abilities in 2009, after having many intense experiences which prompted her to pursue this gift. As an evidential medium, her mission is to provide you with a connection to your loved ones in Spirit, so that you may heal, find comfort and peace, and know that love is eternal. She is grateful to God for her gift, and promised she would use this gift to help others to the best of her ability. She is a Certified Angel Card Reader through Doreen Virtue. She has also completed coursework with James Van Praagh & Tony Stockwell, is a Reiki I and II Practitioner, and has studied Munay-Ki and Universal Shamanism. Please call or text Lisa at 810-922-5998. You can also find her on Facebook at light messages through Lisa Elen.

Ann Gee, Silver Peacock Psychic: Ann works with her guides and yours to help you develop clarity, understand soul lessons, and learn how to take the next steps in your life’s journey. She quickly targets Spirit’s key messages through oracle cards addressing relationships, life purpose, transitions, and more, accessing their deeper meaning specific to you through clairvoyant and clairaudient pathways. You will be engaged in a conversation that reveals the highest meaning of the visions and messages received, helping you to remember the truths of your soul and empowering you to live life to the fullest.


Laura Ghedotte, Spirited Art Empowerment LLC: Laura is offering the following Intuitive Art readings: Soul Blueprint: Discover your Soul gifts / Soul purpose that you came into your lifetime with & more. Clarity Coaching: * Relationships * Job * Soul Purpose * Decisions * Solutions * Action Steps * Dreams * Emotional Blocks * Aura * Connect to your loved one in spirit. Pet Communication: Behavioral or learn your pet's soul gifts. Top Secret Dating Analysis: Find out the underlying deepest truths about your dates or relationship you are in.


Kristina Greene, Reiki4Me LLC: Kristina Greene is an Ordained Metaphysical Minister, an evidential spiritual psychic & medium, and Certified Reiki Master Teacher. Her life experiences and her newborn's medical needs are what led her on a spiritual journey. Once discovering her healing abilities, she then understood her mediumship abilities and now uses them as a tool for helping people heal from the loss of their loved ones. Kristina gives mediumship readings that offer evidential proof from loved ones who have crossed over and she delivers messages they may have for you. She is in service to God and Spirit. or


Jody Higgins, Connected by Spirit: Jody Higgins is a psychic medium who learned as a small child that she was able to know feel & see many things that others weren't able to experience. She uses her many gifts to connect with your spirit guides, to provide insight into the current situations happening in your life & what their outcome will be. She also has the ability to connect with your loved ones on the other side & provides detailed information that would be known only to the family.


Molly Indura, Be the Light!: Molly has read for thousands of people over the past 20 years. She works directly with the Queen of Heaven to answer your prayers and shift you into receiving. She uses her clairvoyance to look into you and see what is holding you back and then clears it out so that you can "Be the Light." Specializing in aura clearing, relationships, work, spirit guides, and anything else you may be curious about.


Carroll Kinkade: Carroll Kinkade is an accomplished Psychic Palmist/Astrologer/Card reader with 35+ years of experience The 2015 season marks her 23rd season as a Palmist/Psychic at the Michigan Renaissance Festival.  Carroll’s quest in Florida while studying for the Healing ministry.  Expanding her spiritual gifts over the years has included studies in Christianity, Buddhism, Native American spirituality, hands on healing, surrogate healing, color therapy, magnetic (the study of rocks) energetic healing Reiki and more.  Carroll is available for weddings, parties, consultations and workshops. PH: (810) 625-2089


Ask Laura: Laura's clients come from all over the world. They’re looking for a psychic medium or a psychic online to provide them peace of mind, a feeling of security or success. No matter what your motivation might be, let Laura guide and assist you through readings. Laura uses her gift as a psychic with various modalities: Psychometry, palmistry, clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience, mediumship, channeling, and more. Navigate the path of your life now.


Rev. Liz Madsen, CNHP, RMT: Liz is a psychic/medium/pet psychic. She can give you an insight to love & relationship, destiny & life path or career & finance. She also does spirit readings, animal communication, and guide/power animal readings. She works with cards and runes. She works with kiniesiology, angels, and her guides to receive and confirm messages. Liz is a empath and a channeler. She has been on the radio and she has lectured all over Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Michigan.


Michelle Michael: Do you have questions about love, family, health, or your job? Angel card readings with Michelle are very detailed & accurate. Using her psychic, mediumship, & intuitive skills Michelle will provide you with practical & clear life counseling thru messages & guidance from your angels & loved ones. She uses the wisdom of the angels to give you positive perspectives & answers to the concerns and issues you are dealing with. You will leave the session feeling more uplifted & confident. Michelle is a Certified Angel Card Reader, professionally trained by world-renowned Angel Card Reader Doreen Virtue. 248-224-0552,


Rev. Marilyn Morgan: Spiritual psychic medium Rev. Marilyn Morgan is an angel reader & healer. See what the future holds with this visionary and channeler, who was gifted from birth. Rev. Marilyn uses tarot, numerology, astrology, past lives, energy healing, and more! Classes and parties available. 


Sherry Mullins MA, LPC - Heyoka Counseling Services: Sherry says, "Are you an odd duck? A misfit? Someone who doesn't quite fit in this world? Perhaps you feel lonely, anxious, outcast, weighed down, overly responsible, pained. You're irritated, sensitive, suffering, trying to find your way while others tell you you're doing it wrong. What do you want? What do you need? Where do you go from here? Come. Sit with me a moment. Feel yourself melt into the warmth of belonging. Life doesn't have to be so lonely, so isolated, so hard." Using her own introverted, quirky, quick, and intuitive ways, Sherry sees what is good and draws out the best of who you really are.


Ellie Proctor: Ellie is a psychic medium. She calls upon her spirit guides to assist her in messages. People find comfort and joy in her mediumship abilities in communicating with the departed. Her exemplary messages are very detailed and deeply appreciated by her clients. Coming from a family of psychics and being an indigo child, her abilities were obvious at a very young age. Ask about her spiritual clearings — she does clearings on people, pets, homes, and businesses, which is done remotely. Contact her at 419-509-3079 or


Lucinda Reinas: Lucinda Reinas, a practicing Wiccan for most of her life, has been reading tarot for over 30 years. She uses Gaian cards that give the subject an in-depth look at what is coming their way, using the Earth's own natural elements. Looking at all aspects of life or concentrating on just one area, these Gaian cards will enlighten and point you in the right direction. 313-570-1159,


Judy Ramsey, Heart to Heart Animal Communication: Judy Ramsey has been facilitating communication for animals and their people for 12 years through telepathic communication. Telepathic communication is how animals communicate with each other. Learn how your animal feels physically, mentally, emotionally. Discover why your animal does certain behaviors. Unfold your adopted pet's former life. Solve problems together. Communicate with a beloved deceased animal. Simply bring a picture of your animal (photo/cell phone) and questions/issues you would like to cover. Learn more from about classes & appointments.

Jason Riggs: Jason is a channel who specializes in higher-dimensional contact. He is able to connect and communicate with your own higher-dimensional guides as well as many well-known figures, such as Jeshua (Jesus), Archangel Michael, Sanat Kumara, the Mother, and many others. He can clear energetic blocks to sensing Spirit with his team of psychic doctors, as well as ground a very high amount of spiritual energy into this reality in order to enable the fullest experience. He is also skilled in releasing unwanted energetic connections, soul rescue, soul retrieval, and connecting to your star family.


Karin Ross: Karin is a clairvoyant psychic and intuitive artist of deceased loved ones and spirit guides. She has been channelling high-level beings of the light since 2010. Karin uses methods of channelling, mediumship, intuition, and cards in her readings. Get clarity on a life issue you've been wondering about. Karin does private parties and intuitive drawings by appointment. Get a message from a deceased loved one! 248-396-6319;


Susan of The Luckenbooth Detroit: Susan is an experienced tarot reader and spiritual advisor who specializes in career and relationship issues. Of Scottish descent from the Bells and Camerons, she is a professional consultant who uses her intuition to offer guidance to all of her clients, via tarot and traditional runes. She has studied extensively and has taught her art to others in group and individual classes. She can be reached at 313-318-5801, or on Facebook.


Kathy Tertzag: Kathy has been an intuitive her entire life. She is a lifelong student of everything spiritual, angelic, paranormal, and metaphysical. Kathy is an Advanced Certified Medium, certified in meditation for many years. She performs various types of readings, including past life readings, for individuals, parties, groups, and phone consultations for the convenience of her clients. Kathy has participated in spiritual, psychic, and holistic expos all over the country.


Robin VerCande: Robin VerCande offers crystal ball readings done with love! She is guided by your own spirit guides and loved ones from the other side while seeing visions in the crystal ball. Enjoy an inspirational reading tailored just for you, ask as many questions as you want. Robin was born this way. She has been giving readings her whole life. She says, "May peace find you!" 517-862-4862,



Diane Babalas, D.C., Gateway Chiropractic - located in the Mezzanine

Dr. Diane has been serving families and people of all ages and levels of health in the Ann Arbor area since 2000. Her gentle approach safely releases stress and tension from the body for alignment in the both the physical and emotional realms. Dr. Diane is passionate about helping people of all ages connect with the incredible healing power within. At the expo, she will be offering a FREE stress assessment as well as mini-adjustments for $30. She was recently featured in the Crazy Wisdom Journal. You can read this article and learn more at her website:

Rheisa Barres, Light Plus Wisdom Consulting

Rheisa uses a unique healing protocol called Multi-Dimensional Consciousness Shifting. This channeled & evolving technique works with light stream patterning that makes up the energetic universe of everything. Rheisa sees & works in these streams to help people who want to move beyond unwanted patterns, imbalances, & blockages. This shift in energetic focus works to consciously activate high-frequency/vibrational energy patterns that are connected to your personal energy and greater dimensional fields. This intentional anchoring opens you to consciously create the life you want to live. ​Website:

Vicki, Rahanni & Stone Healing - located in the Mezzanine

Vicki is an intuitive energy worker, certified in Rahanni Celestial Healing with the Pink Ray and as a Stone Energy practitioner. Contact her via email:

Rev. Cathy DeLauter

Rev. Cathy DeLauter is an energy bodyworker who has been a student of the SunShen healing method for the past two years. Her approach combines Eastern chi & meridian work with Western psychological & emotional release while clients are on the table. She receives insights from Spirit, which allows them to release emotional and physical blocks. Unlike some bodyworkers, Cathy uses both hands-on work and energy methods. She is also a trained facilitator of "The Work" of Byron Katie., (734) 678-4900

Christine Fodor, Renewal Clearing & Healing

Christine Fodor, an intuitive energy medicine practitioner & psychic channel, helps you to remove blocks to your success in love, relationships, business, health, and wealth. Sessions can include ThetaHealing: belief & feeling re-patterning that can create instant emotional & physical healing; Access Bars: clearing points on the head to remove blocks; Access Facelift: rejuvenation of youth & vitality; Access Body Process: deeper body healing; Card Readings: divine guidance for your question. Christine also offers meditation & empowerment groups, classes & coaching. 248-444-7408,

Lourdes Garcia, Bluealchemy - located in the Mezzanine

Lourdes was born in Valencia, Spain, into a very loving family. Her gifts were first noticed as a little girl. She has been studying metaphysics since the mid 90’s, including studying tarot and oracle cards with international teachers. Her readings are very compassionate, loving and caring. Lourdes works through and with Goddess Energy and the Angelic Realm. She is also a Reiki Master and Rahanni Celestial Healing Practitioner. She loves helping clients by offering energy healing and intuitive guidance as a catalyst for change.

Lori Irvin, ZSource Connection

Lori Irvin, is a Medical Intuitive Body Worker Healer, Reiki Master/Teacher, State Registered Occupational Therapist, and Certified Ergonomic Specialist who provides customized healing to reduce/eliminate symptoms of the body, mind, and soul energy. She helps to heal physical and emotional issues with: Pain removal and reduction techniques, Holy-Fire Reiki, Cord Attachment Removal, Inner Child Integration, Extraction and more! Sit with Lori as she connects with Ascended Masters, Angels, Specialists and Spirit Guides to change the vibration of the dis-ease. Website:

Rael Joy, Joy Harmonics

Rael Joy, founder of Joy Harmonics, focuses on the weaving of light, color and sound in the energy medicine world and has been an energy medicine weaver of many healing modalities for 15 years. She will be offering a very unique experience this year at the Expo. This is a color-ray light and sound chamber with pyramid energy penetrating the person sitting in the chamber as they are immersed in a color of the sun's spectrum while listening to the corresponding sound of the Solfeggio Tones with headphones. This will be a healing rejuvenating and DNA activating experience, not to be missed!, 734-755-6534


Karyn Kokeny, BEMER

BEMER increases general blood flow systemically throughout our entire bodies, thereby supporting our body's own ability to heal itself. BEMER therapy is relaxing 8-minute session. As a result of using BEMER, users report more energy, better mental clarity, improved sleep, less discomforts, stress relief and relaxation, improved strength and athletic performance, accelerated healing, and so much more! Website:


Mike Lynn, Medical Intuitive

Michael Lynn, known as a Body Whisperer, is a Medical Intuitive Medium who has helped hundreds of people & animals heal from physical, mental, & emotional conditions threatening their lives and good health. Michael is an complementary alternative practitioner who uses his spiritual intuitive gifts to help patients with various conditions. With his caring personality, Michael has helped people on their path toward emotional and spiritual enlightenment. Private sessions available in person or phone. Located SE Michigan. 931-548-4337,,


Marilyn Maceri, Lifeforce Enterprises LLC

Marilyn Maceri is a Licensed Massage Therapist/Reiki Master/Consciousness Coach and owner of Lifeforce Enterprises in Warren, MI, where the Original John of God Crystal Light Bed is available for use in healing & chakra balancing. At the Expo, Marilyn will have the Crystal Light Bed available to experience, along with Reiki if desired. The Crystal Light Bed has 7 clear quartz crystals with high-vibrational chakra-colored lights that align over the 7 human energy centers of the body & blink in rhythms that radiate light & energy through the crystals to cleanse, balance, & align your energy. Website:


Peg Merica and Uri Lavi, Reflexologists

Happy Feet, Happy Life — Reflexology Reflexolo-Chi™ is a form of therapeutic melding foot massage designed to harmonize bodily functions and thus have a healing and relaxing effect. Reflexology is based on the premise that there are reflex zones in the feet that correspond to all of the glands, organs, and parts of the body. It helps alleviate pain, stimulate circulation, increase the flow of vital energy through the body, and restore any bodily functions that are misaligned. Certified Reflexologists Peg Merica: 734-730-9639, Uri Lavi: 734-320-7965


Rob Meyer-Kukan, LMT

Rob Meyer-Kukan is a Licensed Massage Therapist in Ann Arbor. At the Expo, he will be offering Reiki, chair massage, and raindrop/vitaflex sessions. Vitaflex means "vitality through the reflexes" and is a form of massage where essential oils are applied with gentle pressure to the reflex points. This form of Raindrop Technique combines 9 essential oils with foot application of vitaflex to rejuvenate the mind and balance the body. Complete information about Rob's services can be found at


Barbara Owens, Biomat Gal

Alternative health devices such as Biomat, light beds, and sound healing instruments. More info at: or contact, 734-782-9220


Pure Chiropractic

Principled chiropractic office that focuses on finding the underlying cause of symptoms. Pure Chiropractic is a family-based practice that sees infants through geriatrics. To find out more about their office or to read some of their testimonials, visit their website: Call to set up your consultation today! 734-680-8661


Todd Stockwell, Master Teacher, Guide, and Healer

Todd Stockwell is a healer, teacher, business leader, spiritual leader. He is known to many as an expert on the evolution of the consciousness of humanity and the New Paradigm. Todd has helped thousands create better lives and heal; he has helped world leaders, spiritual leaders, healers, athletes, actors, musicians, professionals, and companies to reach previously unimaginable heights. Visit his booth for an empowerment or healing and to learn about his Quant-Om, PowerBeyond and Beyonder Programs, systems that help you find your divine path. Website:
See Todd's presentation, "Living Life at the Next Level: Tools to Evolve Yourself," on Saturday,12:30–1:30 pm, in the Auditorium.


Teresa Williams, D.C., Integrity Chiropractic - located in the Mezzanine

Teresa is an intuitive chiropractor who offers balancing for mind, body and soul. She offers a twice-yearly special that you can only get at this Expo!! She will be doing trauma assessments to see which healing modality will be appropriate for you and your healing journey. She is also offering Rahanni Celesital Pink Ray Healing — 5th-dimensional energetic balancing and healing — to help you get in great shape mentally and physically! Rahanni will be offered by appointment, so be sure to sign up early to reserve your spot. 


Washtenaw Clinical Qigong, Christopher Gilbert — located in the Mezzanine

Chris utilizes clinical qigong — a Chinese therapeutic approach derived from shamanic practices — to relieve pain, remove energy blockages, and strengthen weakened areas. By linking up with a client's higher self and raising their vibration, he helps them reconnect with their own unique destiny in this world.


4 Directions - Elizabeth Jacks

Healing crystals, aura quartz, handmade jewelry, sound healing music, and chakra chants. Elizabeth is an international producer/recording artist and Recording Academy member. She will be featuring her two Sound Healing Relaxation CD Albums. and 


A1 Aura Photo and Chakras

Jack & Susan Lewis for 9 years have been teaching classes & offering aura photos, chakra color prints, aura/chakra reports, interpretive readings, & more. They offer a unique experience, as they are the only Aura/Chakra System around that offers both the very detailed Polaroid version of the aura photo & a full body print of the 7 main chakras. They are very gifted at reading &; interpreting the aura & chakra energy. Susan studied chakras during her stay in India & is a Certified Oneness Trainer. Jack is a Naturopath also specializing in iridology & herbs., 989-600-1445


A1 Herbal Tea

Cancel your arthritic pains herbally, no drugs, 100 percent successful, guaranteed,  over 11,000 very happy customers in the past 30 years. The price is cheaper than aspirin at $50 for an entire year's supply. Stop by their booth for further information; you will never regret finding the best answer for your pain!


A Little Bit of Magick

Kat has been spreading A Little Bit of Magick with her tarot reading. Her Guide, sister Susan, passed over in April of 2011, and helps her read the cards. Sometimes she gets help from other spirits as well.


Ancient Science Distributors - Tony Curry

Since 1992, Ancient Science Distributors has been providing its customers with high-quality, emu-oil-based body care products and internally consumed herbal supplements/teas for conditions such as: Pain management, anti-aging, eczema/psoriasis, circulatory issues, cysts, insulin management, body detoxification, male/female sexual enhancement, liver/kidney repair, adrenal energy improvement, etc. Visit their website: Then call or email to place your order: 586-840-6215 /


Andrea Catherine Jewelry

Andrea Catherine Jewelry's beadwoven designs typically incorporate Swarovski crystals, pearls, and semi-precious stones in the pieces. Especially the stones — love their colors, textures, and energy! Also: hand-selected chakra stones, tree of life pendants, pendulums, and other fun items. 


Audranite Pyramids

Audranite pyramids are hand-crafted with ancient-future concepts. Created with rose quartz crystals and fiber optics, among other materials, Audranite pyramids continually transmit positive energy and transmute negative energy. Inspired by the research of Wilhelm Reich and the development of orgonite, Audranite takes orgonite from an analog device to a digital device.


Avatar® Compassion Project

Avatar is the most powerful, purest self-development program available. It is a series of experiential exercises that enable you to rediscover your self and align your consciousness with what you want to achieve. You will experience your own unique insights and revelations. No one will tell you what to believe or who you are. It’s you finding out about you. 


Awakening Connections Spiritual Center

Awakening Connections is a small group of healers and intuitives. In their sessions, they offer guidance to assist you in awakening your soul, insight to push you forward on your spiritual path, and healing both for your energy and physical bodies. Their Divinely guided intuitives offer the following services: Divine Energy Healing (physical and energy body), Soul Recovery, Tarot Readings, Past Life Readings, Mediumship Readings, Angel Oracle Readings, Entity Extraction, Home/Business Clearing and Energizing.



Bodysin-sations helps you get "back to the basics" with sensible, beneficial products to experience a healthier way of life. As the name suggests, never feel guilty about pampering yourself with handcrafted goat's milk soaps, body scrubs, lip balm and more. Stop by the booth and see what calls to you!


Rev. Lisa Bousson, Psychic Medium

Internationally known psychic medium Lisa Bousson, an ordained Spiritualist Minister, reconnects you to your loved ones in spirit. Lisa is a certified Spiritualist Healer, Reiki Master, certified Spiritualist Medium, Ordained Spiritualist Minister, Ordained Metaphysical Minister, and currently holds a Bachelor's degree in Metaphysical Sciences from the University of Sedona. A natural instructor, Rev. Lisa also offers guided meditation CDs and supplies for your meditation and spiritual development practice. Books, journals, and class workbooks are also available.See Rev. Lisa present a Gallery Reading (2:00–3:00pm) on Saturday, April 22 in the Auditorium, free with Expo admission.

The Charmed Crystal LLC

Melanie is a certified Reiki Master and intuitive crystal healer who designs and sells handcrafted, natural crystal, Reiki-infused jewelry with a purpose. She is the owner and creator of The Charmed Crystal L.L.C. She designs unique jewelry with natural crystal and gemstone beads in combinations to ease the negative effects of illnesses, as well as attract and manifest your deepest desires. She energetically cleanses and infuses each piece of jewelry upon completion with sacred Reiki energy with the intent for the highest good.  Visit


Charmed Crystals and Herbs

Crystals, herbs, jewelry, pendulums, and much more that are incorporated with your personal protection and helping to keep your personal space cleansed and protected. Nora Custer also has an online shop: and has been at shows across the USA and educates about the use of crystals, herbs, pendulums, and jewelry for personal protection.


Creative Spirit Studios - Tonya Henderson

Tonya is a psychic spiritual artist and provides two types of readings: a Psychometry Reading and a Personal Energy Portrait Reading. A Psychometry Reading is a psychic reading from a personal object, such as a pair of glasses or set of keys. A Personal Energy Portrait is a painting/reading of your personal energy giving insight to your personality, personal obstacles & challenges, while directing you to your path of least resistance. All paintings come with a full reading, and the painting is yours to keep.


Crystalline Dream

Crystalline Dream specializes in creating quality, handcrafted, crystal gemstone jewelry and accessories. We work with earthen gems, designing beautiful, vibrant pieces & showcasing them in many different selections and styles. We also offer other interesting crystal items including decor, pendulums, raw stones, and colorful crystal clusters.


doTERRA Essential Oils

Essential oils are indispensable in any home. doTerra oils help keep your family healthier, by cleansing the body, improving digestion, assisting in weight loss, boosting the immune system, and improving sleep. They also assist in reducing inflammation and relieving all types of pain. These are all vital to every person alive. When you feel good, you are able to enjoy life more because you function better. You have increased energy, and can even think clearer! Pam Lear also teaches how to use these products to launch into the summer, where you will be blessed with the best quality time with your loved ones.​


Earth Wisdom Music and Clothing

Exquisite silk/velvet clothing, magic dresses that become 6 dresses, and the best tee shirts in the known universe, as well as a variety of New Age music CDs for sale.


Full Moon Rising Demonology Service - located in the Mezzanine

Full Moon Rising Demonologists offer free services for negative entity removal, negative energy removal, spiritual counseling, and blessing of home, business, or person. Rev. Matt Brown and Beverly Fish first met in a paranormal investigators group and found they had a lot in common: Both able to see and communicate with disembodied entities since childhood, both are clairaudient/clairvoyant/clairsentient, and devoted to helping others rid themselves of negative energies. Visit their booth in the lobby or contact them at or


Ghidrah's Mind Body Spirit

Ghidrah's is offering sessions on the BioMat and the Crystal Light Bed. The BioMat is all about detoxification, restoration, vitalization, and providing the human body with the energy it must have to bring the body back to biological balance and optimal health. The Crystal Light Bed consists of 7 Vogel-cut crystals and they are each cut to a specific frequency to match the chakras of the body. Each crystal has light that shines through it which penetrates the body to help healthy cells grow. It also balances the chakras and clears negative energy.


Healing Energy LLC

Healing Energy has singing bowls, crystals, healing stones, tuning forks, flutes, pendulums, over 200 varieties of stones, and more.


Helping Hands of Light - Sherry Gazdag

Sherry's handmade jewelry, sprays, and candle kits are made with the blessings of the Divine, Angels, Ascended Masters, gemstones, sun, moon, and Reiki energy. In her readings, she uses angel oracle cards to give you guidance and direction for the different situations in your life. She is a Reiki Master and a practitioner of 6 other healing modalities. Using each of them in unison, she channels the healing energy necessary to help your emotional, physical, and spiritual bodies. Her office is in Livonia and she accepts appointments for readings, healings, Spiritual Life Coaching sessions, and classes. 734-756-6773


Henna Beauty 4 U!

Charene Henderson of Henna Beauty 4 U makes her henna paste from all-natural ingredients. Henna is an organic temporary tattoo, made from the leaves of the plant called Lawsonia inermis. Henna stains the top layers of the skin, getting darker three days after application. The tattoo lasts for seven to ten days. Its organic nature combined with all-natural ingredients makes it safe for children and adults. Her customers really enjoy wearing her henna designs, and some have reported that the tattoo lasted for 4 weeks!


High Vibrations Jewelry - Katalina

The High Vibrations offers charged jewelry and pendulums that aid in raising and matching your vibration to what it is you are looking for, be it love, a career, or a spiritual community. Each piece is a unique one-of-a-kind creation from handmade beads and healing crystals. Katalina uses divine high-frequency energy to charge the beads as she hand-makes them one by one. Custom orders can be arranged. She also offers spiritual love guidance and oracle readings, specializing in relationships, but other topics are welcome.;


Infinite Flame Magickal Shoppe

Infinite Flame started as the only creators of Magickal Gel Candles but has expanded to include jewelry and pendulums made with semi-precious stones, their own line of incense, and a selection of stones and crystals. They also make glycerin soap with essential oils, no artificial coloring or fragrances added. Infinite Flame products are made right here in Novi, Michigan. All these products are available on the website,, plus you can order Alchemy of England products (online only).


James Shaman

James Shaman is an intuitive, and he also uses tarot, and a rainstick for inspiration. He is also a past life expert. He breaks spells, and can remove ghosts and demons from you and/or your home. He is an exorcist with 30 years' experience.


LifeFlow Energetics

Relax, release, & re-energize! Everything is energy! Mini-brain/body energy readings & energy balancing, blending energy work such as specialized kinesiology, accu-tapping, semi-precious stones, & Reiki energy. Come taste RAIN International organic seed nutrition: Soul, Core, Firm & Fuse — seed oil-infused, organic, micronised Columbian coffee. Experience Voxx Life nano technology insoles & energy socks. They seem like magic from toes to brain for improved balance, flexibility, strength, & clarity of mind. It is LifeFlow Energetics' great joy to see you move with more confidence and comfort.


Life Path Guidance with Alishe MacHardy

Alishe MacHardy is here to assist those that possess a burning desire to grow, progress, overcome, and become all they are destined to be. Explore and utilize past lives, seek knowledge in your future, shape your mind and your own path...she is here to empower you to open your story, and create the life of your will. Alishe offers: Readings (oracle, bones, psychometry), past life readings/karmic negotiation, hypnosis, and services of the Olde Worlde Arts. She is also your Bootstrap Coach; ready to guide you to absolute success. She hopes to see you for a reading at the Expo! 740-447-2439,


Living Roots Creations

Living Roots Creations provides folk magic, handcrafted spiritual supplies, and enchanted bath & body products to change your life. Nicole carefully combines herbs and oils in sacred space to address your conflicts and obstacles. Don't waste time trapped by the same negative patterns and struggles. Get a touch of magic in your life, and change your world today!


Liz's Creations - Liz Wiginton

Liz's Creations are made of all homemade herbal ingredients, such as pain cream, sleep cream, bath salts, sugar scrub, chapsticks, bug spray, rollers, and much more. Liz's mom, Kelly Lubbe — With a Touching Hand — will also be in the booth, offering tarot card readings and mini-Reiki sessions.


Magic Wind Flutes

MagicWind Flutes are born of Chuck Pavey's passion for the Native American Flute. He is proud to present the work of his heart and hands, and he stands behind his workmanship. Magic Winds bring you exotic flutes made from most any wood in the world, and can be altered some, and recalculated to suit your needs. The higher-toned flutes have the easiest (or closest) finger. Chuck will give a personal flute lesson with each sale if requested. Chuck says, "This work is my pleasure. Such a joy to tune and finish one of these Magic Wind flutes. I hope you get as much fulfillment from playing, as I did from making it."


NYR Organic - located in the Mezzanine

NYR Organic offers organic skincare, beauty, and wellness products. They believe in safe cosmetics, free from parabens, phthalates, synthetic fragrances, and mineral oils. Check out their clinically proven anti-aging results with their Frankincense Intense line, organic FairWild Essential Oils, and beauty items from head to toe. Available in the U.S. only though your NYR Organic Independent Consultant, which for this event are: Bridgette Johnson, or 248-834-3095; Judy Goldman, or 248-444-0400.


Pagan Potions

Michelle of Pagan Potions is a professional psychic medium and offers a variety of manifestation candles. She has been crafting magical creations for over 20 years. Before production of her candles, she makes sure the planets are aligned appropriately before production. She uses 100% eco-soy wax to produce her candles. Every candle has crushed stones or herbs, and they are Reiki-enhanced. 


Psychic Readings By Ronn

Ronn is a Clairvoyant Psychic Medium with 40 years' experience, with a national following due in part to his many appearances over the years on national TV and radio (CBS, PBS, The Travel Channel, etc.). Ronn is one of the few guest psychics ever asked to appear on the tv show "The Dead Files." Ronn's many clients include three Academy Award-winning actresses, a country music star and his wife, and a supermodel, among many other loyal clientele. Let Ronn work with you to peer into your future with you!


Pure Energy Imaging, LLC

Pure Energy Imaging uses the IES Aura Cloud 3D Pro, powered by Inneractive Enterprises, Inc. The Aura Stations are Multimedia Biofeedback Imaging Systems that use the science of biofeedback, color therapy, and energy medicine to measure, analyze, and display an accurate representation of your emotional - energetic state, your aura, and chakras.


RA Moonhawk Wands

RA and Sonya hand-craft magic wands from all sorts of crystals, sticks, stones, bones, shells, coral, fossils, found objects, love, intention, and awesome juju. Each piece is one-of-a-kind — a powerful energetic tool of transformation. They can be used for meditation, reiki/energy/healing work, dream work, astral travel, etc.  RA Moonhawk has been making these works for 35 years now, based on a vision he had while in deep meditation. You can find examples of their work here:  and here:


Rock Your World Crystals & Laura and Kane Moody, Psychics

Visit Rock Your World Crystals & Stone Jewelry to receive high-frequency crystals to assist you in your journey. Laura Moody is a clairvoyant, psychic medium, pet psychic, and animal communicator. Kane Moody is a clairvoyant and listed on Bob Olsen's Psychic Directory. Receive a helpful reading from your angels or guides or connect with the other side. Both Laura & Kane are here to serve!


SciStress - Scientific Stress Management

Book Signing! Meet Fred George Sauer, stress expert and author of a new book on how to manage your stress fast. Find out why you have stress, with stories to illustrate the brain's functioning. It makes science intuitive. You get the most powerful, natural healing techniques to get rid of stress. Talk with Fred about how you can improve your life. Fred will sign your copy of his book, The Girl Who Couldn't Laugh: The Neuroscience of Stress Management. Check out his website and get a free report: "10 Top Dangers of Stress: Why You Should Be Concerned" at


Shadow Bear and Airow

Shadow Bear and Airow (Formerly Terra Wakan Shamanic Resources) offers unique gifts, curious goods, magickal treasures. Shamanic and Wiccan resources. Charged Allie crystal jewelry, medicine bundles and shields. Wands, spirit and ghost knives. Smudging feathers. Many other one-of-a-kind items. (734) 799-7502 


Studio 300 Wellness Center

Studio 300 Wellness Center (Northville, MI) is offering products and services for healthy living and wellness for your mind, body, and spirit. Their services include sound harmony meditations, vibrational sound therapy, Reiki, ThetaHealing, gentle Pilates, belly dance classes, creative art workshops, essential oil workshops, skin care workshops, and more. Their products and services help you live and lead a clean, healthy lifestyle. Visit the website for information, calendar of events, and registration: or or find them on Facebook.


Suzy-Q's Earth Remedies

Suzy-Q's Earth Remedies are holistic personal care products handcrafted in small batches using organic or ethically wildcrafted ingredients. Each product is made with love (the first ingredient) and infused with Reiki.


The Whimsical Warrior

Alexzandra Hayes's shop is called The Whimsical Warrior. She creates whimsical-feeling jewelry that celebrates crystals' natural beauty. Every crystal is unique, so each piece is one-of-a-kind and very special. She uses a technique called the Tiffany Technique. The metalwork is done directly onto each crystal, using layers of silver/tin alloy. She then brings out the details of the piece by oxidizing and polishing the metal. Lastly, she applies a clear protective coating over the jewelry to prevent tarnish, oxidation, or irritation.


WishCo Creative

The mission of WishCo Creative is to utilize the Law of Attraction to share in an expression of positive, life-enriching, and co-creative experiences for all who engage with our messaging and intention. WishCo Creative aspires to foster leadership development, community involvement, and enhance the lives of individuals and businesses alike with highly inspirational information, tools, goods, and services.


Young Living Essential Oils, Sheryl Miles

Essential oils have enhanced lives for thousands of years, offering a variety of life-changing benefits from cosmetic, emotional, physical, to spiritual wellness. Young Living produces the most authentic essential oils in the world, due to the meticulous steps of their proprietary "Seed to Seal" production process. They are committed to providing pure, powerful products, all infused with the benefits of their oils. Young Living has been the world leader in essential oils and wellness solutions for 24 years. Let Sheryl show you how Young Living can change your life. or (586) 899-8011.

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