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Our vendors, located in the Commons and hallways, come from all over Michigan and the Midwest to offer a wide variety of holistic products, supplies, and services. WE WILL ADD MORE TO THIS PAGE AS THEY ARE REGISTERED. (Prices and session lengths vary; sign up for these readers at their tables.) There are also readers in our READER ROOMS and BODYWORKERS in the Ballroom, who do various forms of energy work and may also sell products.

SEE BELOW and check back. The page will be updated as vendors are added.

4 Directions - Elizabeth Jacks

Healing crystals, aura quartz, handmade jewelry, sound healing music, and chakra chants. Elizabeth is an international producer/recording artist and Recording Academy member. She will be featuring her two Sound Healing Relaxation CD Albums. and 

A1 Aura Photo and Chakras

Jack & Susan Lewis for 9 years have been teaching classes & offering aura photos, chakra color prints, aura/chakra reports, interpretive readings, & more. They offer a unique experience, as they are the only Aura/Chakra System around that offers both the very detailed Polaroid version of the aura photo & a full body print of the 7 main chakras. They are very gifted at reading &; interpreting the aura & chakra energy. Susan studied chakras during her stay in India & is a Certified Oneness Trainer. Jack is a Naturopath also specializing in iridology & herbs., 989-600-1445

Andrea Catherine Jewelry

Andrea Catherine Jewelry's beadwoven designs typically incorporate Swarovski crystals, pearls, and semi-precious stones in the pieces. Especially the stones — love their colors, textures, and energy! Also: hand-selected chakra stones, tree of life pendants, pendulums, and other fun items.

Charmed Crystal LLC

Melanie is a certified Reiki Master and intuitive crystal healer who designs and sells handcrafted, natural crystal, Reiki-infused jewelry with a purpose. She is the owner and creator of The Charmed Crystal L.L.C. She designs unique jewelry with natural crystal and gemstone beads in combinations to ease the negative effects of illnesses, as well as attract and manifest your deepest desires. She energetically cleanses and infuses each piece of her jewelry designs upon completion with sacred Reiki energy, with the intent for the highest good. Visit

doTERRA Essential Oils

Essential oils are indispensable in any home. doTerra oils help keep your family healthier, by cleansing the body, improving digestion, assisting in weight loss, boosting the immune system, and improving sleep. They also assist in reducing inflammation and relieving all types of pain. These are all vital to every person alive. When you feel good, you are able to enjoy life more because you function better. You have increased energy, and can even think clearer! Pam Lear also teaches how to use these products to launch into the summer, where you will be blessed with the best quality time with your loved ones.

Healing Energy LLC

Healing Energy has singing bowls, crystals, healing stones, tuning forks, flutes, pendulums, over 200 varieties of stones, and more.

Helping Hands of Light - Sherry Gazdag

Sherry's handmade jewelry, sprays, and candle kits are made with the blessings of the Divine, Angels, Ascended Masters, gemstones, sun, moon, and Reiki energy. In her readings, she uses angel oracle cards to give you guidance and direction for the different situations in your life. She is a Reiki Master and a practitioner of 6 other healing modalities. Using each of them in unison, she channels the healing energy necessary to help your emotional, physical, and spiritual bodies. Her office is in Livonia and she accepts appointments for readings, healings, Spiritual Life Coaching sessions, and classes. 734-756-6773

Rev. Lisa Bousson, Psychic Medium

Internationally known psychic medium Lisa Bousson, an ordained Spiritualist Minister, reconnects you to your loved ones in spirit. Lisa is a certified Spiritualist Healer, Reiki Master, certified Spiritualist Medium, Ordained Spiritualist Minister, Ordained Metaphysical Minister, and currently holds a Bachelor's degree in Metaphysical Sciences from the University of Sedona. A natural instructor, Rev. Lisa also offers guided meditation CDs and supplies for your meditation and spiritual development practice. Books, journals, and class workbooks are also available.

See Rev. Lisa present a Gallery Reading (11:00am–12:00pm) on Saturday, October 14 in the Auditorium, free with Expo admission.

RA Moonhawk Wands

Ra and Sonya handcraft one-of-a-kind magic healing wands from various crystals, stones, woods, antler, bones, shells, coral, found objects, love, and good juju for moving of energies, meditation, reiki, healing, dream work, astral travel. Ra Moonhawk created these based on a vision he had while in deep meditation and he has been making them for 35 years. Today, Ra & apprentice Sonya Begonia create these unique pieces in their studio in Illinois.

Suzy-Q's Earth Remedies

Suzy-Q's Earth Remedies are holistic personal care products handcrafted in small batches using organic or ethically wildcrafted ingredients. Each product is made with love (the first ingredient) and infused with Reiki.

Lori Barresi, Love Your Life Coaching & Meditation

Lori Barresi is a certified life coach and master meditation teacher. She works with individuals and groups through one-on-one coaching, retreats, and workshops with an emphasis on awakening to peace, love, & prosperity. Love Your Life creates one-of-a-kind prayer malas, bracelets, and spiritual clothing.

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