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Bodyworker Application

We are so grateful you are applying for booth space in the Fall 2018 Enlightened Soul Expo!


Both full payment and completed application are required in order to be considered complete. First come, first served!
If there is a payment or application issue, the Vendor Team will contact you to attempt resolution, prior to releasing your space. The Vendor Team reserves the right to limit the number and type of Vendors (Vendors and Body/Energy Workers) and to determine the fit of a Vendor for our aims and audience, and to limit the number of Vendors in a particular category – so that your success is ensured!. If we cannot accommodate you, you will be notified as soon as possible and we will return your booth rental fee. If the Expo is full, we can place you on our waiting list. 
NO REFUNDS unless your application is denied.
Thanks and namaste! We look forward to seeing you and serving you! 

We are STILL ACCEPTING APPLICATIONS for vendor-bodyworker booths,
Please FILL OUT APPLICATION and contact Geneva, Vendor Coordinator,

with questions: or (734) 353-2526

or call/text
Vendor Coordinator Geneva
 at 734-353-2526

TO APPLY: Please read the below and then scroll to the BOTTOM of this page for the form!



Bring your own tables and chairs. No curtains or dividers are available. To bring your own dividers or canopy/tent, please request advance permission in writing from the Vendor Coordinator, Geneva (

PLEASE NOTE: If you bring a bodywork table for a Small Wall booth, you will need to bring a tiny table or use a chair if you need additional display space (for signs or list sign-up). There will NOT be room to move around all sides of the bodywork table in a Small Wall booth. If you use a bodywork table, a single or double Commons Booth is encouraged.


SMALL WALL SPACES: First Seen in Hallway from Entrance to Commons Area, NO ELECTRICITY








SINGLE BOOTH SPACE:  $250 (10' deep x 8' wide) - ELECTRICITY AVAILABLE FOR $10 

DOUBLE BOOTH SPACE:  $450 (10' deep x 16' wide)  - ELECTRICITY AVAILABLE FOR $10 

ABOUT THIS APPLICATION: (some things may appear different if registering on your phone)

  • You'll need to submit a maximum 100-word description (approx. 600 characters) for the website and promotions.

  • When done with the application, hit the "Submit Application" button. After that, the page where you filled out the form should be blank.

  • After hitting the "Submit Application" button, IF the page is still there and doesn't go to the Paypal page, then there is likely an error in your application. You may see an error message at the bottom that says "Please fill in required fields" if you missed a required question, or you may not if it's a different problem. Either way, scroll back up the form to find a required question that was not filled out or not filled out properly. (OFTEN it is because you have gone over the 600-character limit in your description.) Answer or fix, and then submit again.

  • NEW: We'll want a digital headshot of you, which sometimes is a factor in customers choosing bodyworkers. Photos at least hundreds of KB in size are best. PLEASE EMAIL HEADSHOT TO: We can crop photos that are not headshots.



  • Once you successfully fill out and submit the form, you'll be automatically taken to a Paypal page. Your total registration amount will be given there. We no longer accept checks for payment. If you experience problems paying online, please contact Geneva to pay with credit or debit card over the phone: 734-353-2526. REMINDER: Only applications with payment are considered complete. 

  • No Paypal account is needed to pay at Paypal; YOU MAY PAY ONLINE WITH A DEBIT OR CREDIT CARD. At the bottom of the Paypal box, you may select “Pay with a debit or credit card” instead of using a Paypal account. 

  • If you have paid online at Paypal after submitting the application, you'll receive an email confirmation message. IF YOU DON'T PAY ONLINE, YOU WILL NOT get an automatic confirmation email; please contact Geneva about payment and wait for us to send a confirmation email manually that your application was received.


  • NO REFUNDS unless your application is denied.

  • LOCATION OPTIONS at Skyline: Commons Area or "Small Wall" Space 

  • Small Wall booths are along the hall and would be the first seen. They are smaller and cheaper booths; no electricity access. Small Wall vendors may affix signs to the wall behind them, but only blue painter's tape is allowed.

  • PLEASE NOTE: If you bring a bodywork table for a Small Wall booth, there will NOT be room to move around all sides of the bodywork table. If you use a bodywork table, a single or double Commons Booth is encouraged.

  • Single booths are 10' deep x 8' wide, with a limited number of 8' deep x 10' wide. Double booths are 10' deep x 16' wide. Small Wall single booths are 6' deep x 8' wide and Small Wall Double Booths are 6' deep x 16' wide.

  • Vendors/bodyworkers must bring their own tables and chairs; Skyline does not have enough of these for our use.

  • You may provide contact information (website, email, and/or phone number) with your published description.

  • Electricity access is available for an additional $10 charge, in Commons booths only. (We are being charged by Skyline for electricity usage.)

  • If you bring a bodywork table for a single booth, you will need to bring a tiny table or use a chair if you need display space (for signs or list sign-up). There will NOT be room to have a 6ft table with a bodywork table and still be able to move around the bodywork table. 

  • Anyone practicing massage must submit a copy of their valid, current State of Michigan license to BEFORE the Expo, as well as display it at the Expo, per State of Michigan law.

  • POLICY CHANGE: Vendors cannot offer readings at their booths. This is to preserve the integrity of the Reader Rooms. You can apply for an exception, if you offer something unusual that cannot conform to our 20-minute and 30-minute Reader Room procedures. If approved to offer readings, the reading cost cannot be less than what our Reader Room charges, $1.50/minute.  

  • DOOR PRIZE DONATION: We're asking everyone to donate a gift certificate or product at the Expo, to reward our volunteers. Gift certificates should be for full, free offers — no coupons or discounts. Product donations should be brought to us at the Expo, instead of letting the recipient choose (because sometimes the certificates are received too late to go to your booth). We will have blank certificates at the Expo for you to fill out, or feel free to bring your own. Please go to the Vendor/Volunteer Check-In Table with your gift certificate donation. Thank you for supporting our hard-working volunteers!

  • Instead of publishing a program book, we use handouts to save us money, resources, and time.

  • Bodyworkers are encouraged to bring a helper, to speak to visitors while you are working with a client. 

  • Please do not light candles or incense, or diffuse oils or sprays into the air, or anything else scented — to respect those who have allergies or sensitivities. Demonstrations may be done only when visitors request or with the express permission of ALL your vendor neighbors (behind as well as on the sides and in front). WHEN IN DOUBT, please ask permission from Geneva Studebaker, Vendor Coordinator.

  • For those who wish to stay overnight in Ann Arbor, blocks of hotel rooms will be arranged for Expo weekend.



BOOTH APPLICATION AND PAYMENT: By Saturday, August 18, 2018 OR AS SOON AS POSSIBLE AFTERWARD. Late applications will be accepted until we are full, but may not be included in handouts or publicity.

HELPER NAME DEADLINE: Saturday, September 8, 2018

LOAD-IN AND SET-UP: 7:00 am, Saturday, September 22 (Sorry, no Friday night set-up possible.)

CHROME or FIREFOX and may not work as well on a phone.


If you are unable to complete this form on this webpage, please CLICK HERE to open the bodyworker application in another window.

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