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BODYWORKERS, Spring 2020

Bodyworkers specialize in returning energetic balance and health to you through skill, Divine connection, and other tools. Bodyworker sessions vary in length and price. 
Visit their booths to see how they work and to sign up for a session!
QUESTIONS? Contact the Vendor Coordinator at

We still have bodyworker booths available!
Deadline: MARCH 7 

We will still accept applications until we are full, but  
 may not be included in Expo handouts or promotion.

Christine Fodor, Renewal Clearing & Healing

Christine Fodor of Renewal Clearing & Healing is a healing psychic offering channeled intuitive healing featuring Cosmic Fire, an expansive multidimensional energy guided by the Holy Fire® and Holy Spirit that is nurturing and comforting to everyone, but especially to lightworkers, starseeds, and indigo, crystal, and rainbow children. As an Energy Medicine Specialist, Christine also offers Access Consciousness® Bars, Facelift and Body Processes, ThetaHealing® and is a Holy Fire® III Usui and Karuna Reiki® Master and contributor to an international best-selling book on self-love. Christine will help you actualize greater possibilities in love, relationships, business, health and wealth. 248-444-7408,

Jessica Guibord, Peace of Love Healing

Introducing Jessica Guibord, certified EnergyTouch® Practitioner and owner of Peace of Love Healing. Jessica is an intuitive healer who receives guidance from her Higher Self, angels, and other spirit guides. She has been practicing EnergyTouch® healing techniques since 2014 when she began her formal training at the EnergyTouch® School of Advanced Healing in Grand Rapids, Michigan. After completing the 3-year certification, she has the ability to work in the outer levels of the energy field, which allow her to work on a cellular level within multi-dimensional holograms. She has conducted hundreds of healing sessions with amazing results. Website:

Lori Irvin, ZSource Connection

Rev. Lori Irvin, Medical Intuitive Healer trained in Lily Dale, NY, & Ann Arbor, MI, is a Holy-Fire Reiki Master & Occupational Therapist, who provides customized healing to reduce/eliminate your emotional or physical symptoms. Known as an "extractor," she helps remove and transform that energy for healing. Sessions may include cord removal, crystals, color energy & Inner Child work. Clients report reductions in their pain, anxiety, fatigue, etc., along with a feeling of peace & lightness. Sit with Lori as she connects with Source, Ascended Masters, angels, and spirit guides, to heal & change the vibration of the dis-ease.


See Lori present “Energy 101: Work and Play with Positive Energy” at 12:00 pm on Saturday, March 28 in Presentation Room O-103, free with Expo admission. READ MORE

Virginia June LMSW, RT - White Wolf Healing

White Wolf Healing conducts monthly training in the NADA Acudetox Acupuncture protocol and provides $20 treatments weekly, on Mondays from 5:30–7:00 pm at 2311 Shelby Ave. #201-D Ann Arbor. White Wolf Healing also offers EMDR therapy and Recovery Coaching. The NADA Auricular acupuncture should be in everyone's medicine cabinet, as this protocol can be learned by anyone in Michigan. The law has been on the books since 1994 and is exceptional for pain management, neuropathy, sleep disorders, smoking cessation, anxiety, depression, stress relief, tics, tinnitus, and overall well-being. White Wolf Healing conducts ACUDETOX PARTIES! Schedule your party today!!

Christa Lynn, Crystal/Energy Channeler

Have you ever felt intense healing energy? Christa Lynn is an Intuitive Energy Channeler. She was told that she would be a powerful healer, which caused the healing energy that she channels to become incredibly strong. She can even radiate this healing energy to an entire room full of people. Christa Lynn's healing sessions focus on healing your aura, clearing and balancing your chakras, healing your emotional body and, very importantly, healing your physical body. Along with this, she gives you intuitive information that she receives during your session. Find out how much better you can feel!

 586-214-7160 or

See Christa present “The Healing Energy Vortex Experience” at 1:00 pm on Sunday, March 29 in Presentation Room O-103, free with Expo admission. READ MORE

Michael Lynn, Body Whisperer

Michael Lynn, known as a Body Whisperer, is a Medical Intuitive Medium who has helped thousands of people & animals heal from physical, mental, & emotional conditions affecting their lives and good health. Michael is an complementary/alternative healing practitioner who uses his spiritual intuitive gifts to help clients with various conditions. With his spirit connections and caring personality, Michael helps people on their path toward emotional and spiritual enlightenment. Private sessions available in person or phone. Located SE Michigan. 931-548-4337,,

Neuroacoustical Vibrational Healing

Endowed with the empowerment of Yakushi Nyorai, Japanese Buddha of Healing, and trained in Neuroacoustical Vibrational Healing from Jeffrey Thompson's Center for Neuroacoustic Research, you are offered a deep healing session with the assistance of sound vibrations. Neuroacoustical Sound Table w/ copper plates offers full-body vibrations that heal from the inside out with headphones that isolate the frequencies from a choice of CD's that lets one feel and hear energy. One can also enjoy a planetary ride for fun, with space sounds from NASA. Healing, relaxation or fun — it is an experience to have. Enjoy the ride! 

Sarah Schweitzer, Star Light Connection

Sarah, founder of Star Light Connection, offers leading-edge sessions focused on the Lightbody Ascension Process, various healing modalities, & etheric surgery, bridging 3D to 5D transitions, Ascension transmission codes, and so much more! The latest two "new-to-the-planet modalities," Body Wisdom Healing and Your Personal Dragon & Connection to the Dragon Realm, will debut at the expo this weekend. Check out her website:, follow her on Facebook:, call her at: 586-771-4569 email her at: 

See Sarah present a talk entitled, “Light Body Ascension Process: Becoming Aware” at 11:30 am on Sunday, March 29 in Presentation Room O-103, free with Expo admission. READ MORE

Kathleen Sherman, Healing with Medical Intuition

Kathleen Sherman is a shamanic medical intuitive, channel, and Reiki master. She combines shamanism, medical intuition, and quantum healing to help her clients. She receives messages from angels and spirit guides. She uses her intuitive senses while being guided by Spirit to bring clients back to their original blueprint of light and love. She also helps to release any energy blocks or leakages and can view past lives. Find Kathleen on her Facebook page, Healing with Medical Intuition, or her website Appointments in person or distance sessions through phone or Skype, please call (269)998-6329.

Todd Stockwell, Power Beyond

Todd Stockwell is a healer, teacher, business leader, and spiritual leader who has been an expert on Wisdom Radio, Clear Channel, Achieve Radio, BBS Radio, WBZT, and many other television and radio stations. Todd is known to many as an expert on the evolution of the consciousness of humanity and the New Paradigm. Todd is a true leader and true teacher of light who is in the highest service for all to awaken to our highest reality. Visit his booth for an empowerment or healing and to learn about his Quant-Om, PowerBeyond, and Beyonder Programs, systems that help you find your divine path. Call (734)740-9110 and transform your life today!,,

David Stouffer, Symmetry Biofield Therapy

Biofield Therapy is a safe and effective way to help restore physiological balance. Scientific studies confirm that biofield therapy has the capability to treat stress, balance hormones and neurotransmitters, decrease the need for medication, and decrease pain. Just one seated biofield therapy session can help you feel balanced, refreshed, and energized. Like us on Facebook for a free treatment upgrade. Visit us at, email us at

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