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Intuitives Interactive 5th Annual Fall

Holistic & Psychic Expo 

Our 5th year ~ Our 10th fair

One of the largest events of its kind in Michigan!

Saturday, October 14, 2017: 10am–6pm 
Sunday, October 15, 2017: 11am–5pm
Eastern Michigan University Student Center
900 Oakwood Street, Ypsilanti MI 48197
Just west of the famous Ypsi water tower
Please help us support this amazing charity!
10% of all adult daily ticket sales were donated to Kids Kicking Cancer!

This organization uses MEDITATION, MINDFULNESS, and MARTIAL ARTS to help kids cope with illness.


Saturday Presentations

11:00am–12:00pm: Lisa Bousson, Gallery Reading

2:30–1:30pm: Rev. Annette Jones, "For the Love of Angels"


2:00–3:30pm: Tina Zion, "Medical Intuition – What Is It and Who Can Do It?"


4:00–5:30pm: Nathan Correll, Healing Sound Bath with Bowls and Gongs - Gong-ing for Mother Earth​

6:15–7:45pm: SPECIAL PRESENTATION, Back by Popular Demand! — Lori Lipten, Gallery Reading

Sunday Presentations

11:30am–12:30pm: Lisa Elen, Gallery Reading


1:00–2:00pm: Robert Thibodeau, Mayflower Bookshop, "Astrological and Psychic Intuitive Predictions for 2018" 

2:30–3:30pm: Beverly Fish, "Ghosthunting 101" 

4:00–5:00pm: Laura Moody, Gallery Reading


30-minute Room Readers

Amy Bacon, Spirit Pathways

Amy specializes in practical spiritual counseling for understanding & clarity in all areas of your life. Connecting directly with your spirit guides & into your energy field, Amy will give you an accurate reading that provides answers, clear direction, & insights. Amy calls in loved ones who have passed over to give you their messages. It's time for you to move forward & live the life of your dreams! Have a reading for clear understanding about your life, to remove any obstacles that may be blocking you, & to set you on your path to living your most joyous life now.


Kathy Riepen Baker

Internationally known to many as the "Healer of the Heart", Kathy is a gifted spiritual medium, soul connector, and channeler who has a unique process to help you connect with your departed loved ones, angels, soul, and Spirit, using various healing modalities and processes communicated from the Soul Angel, Athena. She will take you on a journey to your Sacred Heart, where you will connect with your departed loved ones, or your angels, and she will channel your soul and Spirit for guided information. Know that this connection will enlighten you, while empowering you to create your heart's desire, bring clarity to any of life's questions you may have, or help heal your broken heart. Definitely, a gift you will take home with you. Every journey will include a heart healing from the angels. 248-942-3891


Lisa Elen

Lisa Elen is an evidential medium, working to connect people to loved ones who have crossed into Spirit. She was born psychic, and saw Spirit from a young age, but really started honing her psychic abilities in 2009, after having many intense experiences which prompted her to pursue this gift. As an evidential medium, her mission is to provide you with a connection to your loved ones in Spirit, so that you may heal, find comfort and peace, and know that love is eternal. She is grateful to God for her gift, and promised she would use this gift to help others to the best of her ability. She is a Certified Angel Card Reader through Doreen Virtue. She has also completed coursework with James Van Praagh & Tony Stockwell, is a Reiki I and II Practitioner, and has studied Munay-Ki and Universal Shamanism. Please call or text Lisa at 810-922-5998. You can also find her on Facebook at light messages through Lisa Elen.


Frances Falan

Frances is a psychic medium/channel for Spirit, Reiki Master, and a Remote Viewer to locate items and/or loved ones. During an appointment, she brings forth information about past lives that are affecting your current life, connect with your angels, guides & departed loved ones to give you information that will help you to deal with life's challenges. When guided, she teaches techniques for balancing, clearing & protection. When appropriate, she is able to observe events taking place at other locations of the past, present, & future. 616-644-1991,

Lynda Forbes, Astrologer and Face Reader

Lynda Forbes has over 35 years of experience as a professional astrologer and teacher of metaphysical studies. She specializes in Chinese Face Reading, an ancient system of analysis and tarot. Lynda trains people in all three subjects along with runes, psychic development, Native American Medicine Wheel, and guided meditation. She reads at her office in Fenton, travels to teach, offers phone sessions, and does private parties. (810) 394-0109,,


Laura Gentner

As a spiritual intuitive & medium, Laura's goal is to assist and empower you to be your bright, sparkly self and live life to the fullest! She uses her clairsentience, clairvoyance, and claircognizance along with the help of Spirit (God, master teachers, angels, and guides) to help people shift and heal on all levels. Her intuitive readings include messages, guidance, angel cards, and/or energy work. During energy clearing sessions, Laura energetically tunes in to you, finding imbalances and blocks, then assists you in releasing them.


Bill Hobart

Although born with the ability to deliberately connect with spirit, Bill did not always embrace it. Yes, he knew the right person to hire for every job, had inspired teams for years, and led them to unending success, it wasn't until later in life that he heard Spirit's call loud and clear. That message was channeled through his long-time friend and personal reader, Bonnie. "As a spiritual leader, you were born knowing things others don't. Your guide, Paul, has been speaking to you your entire life. It's time to listen deeply and begin helping people heal their life!" 248-310-7689,,


Pamela Leach

Pamela is an intuitive whose daily prayer is to be a clear channel for Spirit. She works only with Spirit, guides, and angels of the highest levels of love and light. As a connector, she plugs into your energy and with Source to give guidance and advice. Pamela will also connect you with those who have crossed over, if requested by you (or by those who have a message for you). Pamela comes from a place of seeing only gray, feeling adrift and closed off from humanity, to feeling strong, happy, and powerful. She will share that with you. 616-642-0308, 

Rev. Dr. Judy Spitler-McKee 

Rev. Dr. Judy Spitler is a channel, spiritual counselor, developmental psychologist, and author of THE INDIGO CHILDREN and INFINITY WALK. Her modalities are angel contact, numerology, colors, and graphology. She offers Higher Self guidance from your deepest soul questions, such as: Am I pursuing my unique Divine Mission? What new possibilities and synchronicities await me in the Quantum Field? How do I stay aligned and centered with confusion and distractions around me? What is my connection to the New Children of Higher Love and Light (termed Indigo, ADD, Crystal, Rainbow)? Clients report feeling more empowered for their daily life.


Eric Webster

By consulting with the Keepers of the client's Akashic Record, Eric delivers information, insights, and suggested direction designed to help people live as the highest version of themselves. Come with your questions and prepare to have a session that is fast and full. Several past Expo clients have completed Eric's Akashic Record teleclasses too. has much more information and testimonials. 616-259-0204;

20-minute Room Readers

Robyn DeVoe

Robyn is a natural empath and medical intuitive, from a long line of empathic and intuitive women, who has always viewed life through a unique lens, but began to explore her own spiritual abilities in earnest following the sudden death of her teenage daughter in 2003. During her readings, she uses a Grand Tableau spread, incorporating various elements of astrology and tarot, as well as her own clairsentience and medical intuition, throughout. Her Lenormand readings do not mince words, so be prepared for direct, specific answers with zero sugarcoating. To learn more, go to


Beverly Fish

Beverly grew up in a psychic household and discovered that she was also a psychic medium when she met the ghost who lived in her home. In 1972, Beverly began studying astrology and combined her knowledge of the stars with her psychic abilities. Beverly teaches "Developing Your Psychic Ability" and "Ghost and Demons" classes at Washtenaw Community College.


Ann Gee, Silver Peacock Psychic

Ann works with her guides and yours to help you develop clarity, understand soul lessons, and learn how to take the next steps in your life’s journey. She quickly targets Spirit’s key messages through oracle cards addressing relationships, life purpose, transitions, and more, accessing their deeper meaning specific to you through clairvoyant and clairaudient pathways. You will be engaged in a conversation that reveals the highest meaning of the visions and messages received, helping you to remember the truths of your soul and empowering you to live life to the fullest.


Laura Ghedotte, Spirited Art Empowerment LLC

Healing messages from your Higher Self: Laura uses Intuitive Art Drawings to share with you messages of incredible insight and healing from your Higher Self. Ask any question. Soul Blueprint: Discover the Soul Gifts that you came into your lifetime with. * Learn how to align to your Soul Gifts & Soul Purpose and much more. * Reiki Fusion: This Intuitive Art Drawing is healing energy in art form, bringing to you the energy you need to reprogram your energy system / chakras on a mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual level.


Carroll Kinkade

Carroll Kinkade is an accomplished Psychic Palmist/Astrologer/Card reader with 35+ years of experience The 2015 season marks her 23rd season as a Palmist/Psychic at the Michigan Renaissance Festival.  Carroll’s quest in Florida while studying for the Healing ministry.  Expanding her spiritual gifts over the years has included studies in Christianity, Buddhism, Native American spirituality, hands on healing, surrogate healing, color therapy, magnetic (the study of rocks) energetic healing Reiki and more.  Carroll is available for weddings, parties, consultations and workshops. PH: (810) 625-2089



This clairaudient and "Spiritual Mom" uses several divination tools to read your energy, with the help of her heavenly son, Destin. Using divining rods, she will find out if any spirits are with you and who they are, then ask them to help you in your reading. She will then use the pendulum to choose your tarot card, then answer your question and concern with special pendulum charts. Also find Destin and LeFerna at, where they do automatic writing, helping those who are grieving for passed loved ones.


Michelle Michael

Do you have questions about love, family, health, or your job? Angel card readings with Michelle are very detailed & accurate. Using her psychic, mediumship, & intuitive skills Michelle will provide you with practical & clear life counseling thru messages & guidance from your angels & loved ones. She uses the wisdom of the angels to give you positive perspectives & answers to the concerns and issues you are dealing with. You will leave the session feeling more uplifted & confident. Michelle is a Certified Angel Card Reader, professionally trained by world-renowned Angel Card Reader Doreen Virtue. 248-224-0552,


Rev. Marilyn Morgan

Spiritual psychic medium Rev. Marilyn Morgan is an angel reader & healer. See what the future holds with this visionary and channeler, who was gifted from birth. Rev. Marilyn uses tarot, numerology, astrology, past lives, energy healing, and more! Classes and parties available. 


Sherry Mullins MA, LPC - Heyoka Counseling Services

Sherry says, "Are you an odd duck? A misfit? Someone who doesn't quite fit in this world? Perhaps you feel lonely, anxious, outcast, weighed down, overly responsible, pained. You're irritated, sensitive, suffering, trying to find your way while others tell you you're doing it wrong. What do you want? What do you need? Where do you go from here? Come. Sit with me a moment. Feel yourself melt into the warmth of belonging. Life doesn't have to be so lonely, so isolated, so hard." Using her own introverted, quirky, quick, and intuitive ways, Sherry sees what is good and draws out the best of who you really are.


Ellie Proctor

Ellie is a psychic medium, pet communicator, and Reiki practitioner. She calls upon her spirit guides to assist her in messages. People find comfort in her mediumship abilities in communicating with the departed. She is excellent in communicating with animals living and passed on. Her exemplary messages are very detailed and deeply appreciated by her clients. Coming from a family of psychics and being an Indigo child, her abilities were obvious at a very young age. To contact Ellie about readings or a Reiki session, call 419.509.3079 or email


Tia / Soul Paradise Healing

Tia is a gifted intuitive reader & medium, whose abilities include & are not limited to: seeing, feeling, & hearing. She has been serving & supporting her communities for over 25 years. She is the voice and vehicle for Spirit and Angels. As a medium, she will give you detailed readings for your life purpose and obstacles. Tia may connect to your loved ones who've crossed over, to deliver useful, practical, meaningful, encouraging, & supportive messages, if spirit wishes to come thru in a session. Email:


Kathy Tertzag

Kathy has been an intuitive her entire life. She is a lifelong student of everything spiritual, angelic, paranormal, and metaphysical. Kathy is an Advanced Certified Medium, certified in meditation for many years. She performs various types of readings, including past life readings, for individuals, parties, groups, and phone consultations for the convenience of her clients. Kathy has participated in spiritual, psychic, and holistic expos all over the country.


Pam Zientar

Pam Zientar is a psychic and medium who has been communicating with the spirit world since she was four years old. Pam is a clear channel for the Divine, the Ascended Masters (i.e. Jesus, Moses, Mother Mary, etc.), the Archangels, and the fairy realm. Pam uses her gifts to help answer life questions and connect you with loved ones. She also brings awareness to areas within your body that are in need of healing. Pam is certified in the following energy healing modalities: Reiki Master (Level III), Ama-Deus Level II, Vibrational Sound Therapy, and Crystal & Tibetan Singing Bowls., 248-219-2055

Diane Babalas, D.C., Gateway Chiropractic

Dr. Diane has been serving families and people of all ages and levels of health in the Ann Arbor area since 2000. Her gentle approach safely releases stress and tension from the body for alignment in the both the physical and emotional realms. Dr. Diane is passionate about helping people of all ages connect with the incredible healing power within. At the expo, she will be offering a FREE stress assessment as well as mini-adjustments for $30. She was recently featured in the Crazy Wisdom Journal. You can read this article and learn more at her website:


Rheisa Barres, Light Plus Wisdom Consulting

Rheisa uses a unique healing protocol called Multi-Dimensional Consciousness Shifting. This channeled & evolving technique works with light stream patterning that makes up the energetic universe of everything. Rheisa sees & works in these streams to help people who want to move beyond unwanted patterns, imbalances, & blockages. This shift in energetic focus works to consciously activate high-frequency/vibrational energy patterns that are connected to your personal energy and greater dimensional fields. This intentional anchoring opens you to consciously create the life you want to live. ​Website:


Rev. Cathy DeLauter, Guided Hands Energy Healing

Energy work and seeing intuitively have always come naturally to Rev. Cathy. The energy/healing work that she practices is a synthesis of hands-on bodywork in conjunction with movement of chi (or energy). Working with chi helps to open up and release constrictions within the body, the mind, and the energy field. It often results in a deep calm to the body, mind, and spirit. Many have reported feeling physical and emotional upliftment where pain sometimes falls away and they emotionally feel more harmonious and whole or balanced. Reverend Cathy is a licensed Interfaith Minister and Spiritual Counselor. For more info see or contact Cathy at (734) 678-4900.


The Etheric Architect

Life is a journey. Healing is a journey within the journey. It is neither negative nor positive…just another part of the journey. It requires, above all else, Patience. Combine it with Perseverance and Faith…and you can go a long way. With the help of crystal energy, Lynne Blandford can release blocked energy, find your energy weaknesses, and strengthen your auric field! Have you been in a car accident, given birth, are you just stuck and don’t know why?! Come see Lynne to get an “Energy Balancing” session and maybe move some stuck energy and feel more balanced!

Contact Lynne at:


Christine Fodor, Renewal Clearing & Healing

Christine Fodor, an intuitive energy medicine practitioner & psychic channel, helps you to remove blocks to your success in love, relationships, business, health, and wealth. Sessions can include ThetaHealing: belief & feeling re-patterning that can create instant emotional & physical healing; Access Bars: clearing points on the head to remove blocks; Access Facelift: rejuvenation of youth & vitality; Access Body Process: deeper body healing; Card Readings: divine guidance for your question. Christine also offers meditation & empowerment groups, classes & coaching. 248-444-7408,


Constance Joy Hart, Rahanni Celestial Healing

Constance Joy Hart, ND, Certified Soul Coach®*, Certified Past Life Coach, is also one of the first Rahanni Celestial Healing Teachers in North America. Rahanni is a 5th-dimensional energy and works on the Pink Ray of Light. It is a connection to the Ascended Masters, Archangels, and 51 Pink Angels, and works by clearing the negative energy from your heart and your being, allowing you to connect to your true natural essence of truth, love, and compassion. She uses several other modalities as well and integrates each of them in her healing, while raising your vibration. (*®SoulCoach and Past Life Coach certified by Denise Linn) Website: 


Lori Irvin, ZSource Connection

Lori Irvin, is a Medical Intuitive Body Worker Healer, Reiki Master/Teacher, State Registered Occupational Therapist, and Certified Ergonomic Specialist who provides customized healing to reduce/eliminate symptoms of the body, mind, and soul energy. She helps to heal physical and emotional issues with: Pain removal and reduction techniques, Holy Fire Reiki, Cord Attachment Removal, Inner Child Integration, Extraction and more! Sit with Lori as she connects with Ascended Masters, angels, specialists, and Spirit Guides to change the vibration of the dis-ease. Website:


Rael Joy, Joy Harmonics

Rael Joy, founder of Joy Harmonics, focuses on the weaving of light, color and sound in the energy medicine world and has been an energy medicine weaver of many healing modalities for 15 years. She will be offering a very unique experience this year at the Expo. This is a color-ray light and sound chamber with pyramid energy penetrating the person sitting in the chamber as they are immersed in a color of the sun's spectrum while listening to the corresponding sound of the Solfeggio Tones with headphones. This will be a healing rejuvenating and DNA activating experience, not to be missed!, 734-755-6534


Karyn Kokeny, BEMER

BEMER increases general blood flow systemically throughout our entire bodies, thereby supporting our body's own ability to heal itself. BEMER therapy is relaxing 8-minute session. As a result of using BEMER, users report more energy, better mental clarity, improved sleep, less discomforts, stress relief and relaxation, improved strength and athletic performance, accelerated healing, and so much more! Website:


Mike the Medical Intuitive

Michael Lynn, known as a Body Whisperer, is a Medical Intuitive Medium who has helped hundreds of people & animals heal from physical, mental, & emotional conditions threatening their lives and good health. Michael is an complementary alternative practitioner who uses his spiritual intuitive gifts to help patients with various conditions. With his caring personality, Michael has helped people on their path toward emotional and spiritual enlightenment. Private sessions available in person or phone. Located SE Michigan. 931-548-4337,


Peg Merica & Susan Elliker, Reflexologists

Happy Feet, Happy Life — Reflexology Reflexolo-Chi™ is a form of therapeutic melding foot massage designed to harmonize bodily functions and thus have a healing and relaxing effect. Reflexology is based on the premise that there are reflex zones in the feet that correspond to all of the glands, organs, and parts of the body. It helps alleviate pain, stimulate circulation, increase the flow of vital energy through the body, and restore any bodily functions that are misaligned. 


Rob Meyer-Kukan, LMT

Rob Meyer-Kukan is a Licensed Massage Therapist in Ann Arbor. At the Expo, he will be offering Reiki, chair massage, and raindrop/vitaflex sessions. Vitaflex means "vitality through the reflexes" and is a form of massage where essential oils are applied with gentle pressure to the reflex points. This form of Raindrop Technique combines 9 essential oils with foot application of vitaflex to rejuvenate the mind and balance the body. Complete information about Rob's services can be found at



4 Directions - Elizabeth Jacks

Healing crystals, aura quartz, handmade jewelry, sound healing music, and chakra chants. Elizabeth is an international producer/recording artist and Recording Academy member. She will be featuring her two Sound Healing Relaxation CD Albums. and 


A1 Aura Photo and Chakras

Jack & Susan Lewis for 9 years have been teaching classes & offering aura photos, chakra color prints, aura/chakra reports, interpretive readings, & more. They offer a unique experience, as they are the only Aura/Chakra System around that offers both the very detailed Polaroid version of the aura photo & a full body print of the 7 main chakras. They are very gifted at reading &; interpreting the aura & chakra energy. Susan studied chakras during her stay in India & is a Certified Oneness Trainer. Jack is a Naturopath also specializing in iridology & herbs., 989-600-1445


A1 Herbal Tea

Cancel your arthritic pains herbally, no drugs, 100 percent successful, guaranteed,  over 11,000 very happy customers in the past 30 years. The price is cheaper than aspirin at $50 for an entire year's supply. Stop by their booth for further information; you will never regret finding the best answer for your pain!


A Little Bit of Magick

Kat has been spreading A Little Bit of Magick with her tarot reading. Her Guide, sister Susan, passed over in April of 2011, and helps her read the cards. Sometimes she gets help from other spirits as well.


Ancient Science Distributors - Tony Curry

Since 1992, Ancient Science Distributors has been providing its customers with high-quality, emu-oil-based body care products and internally consumed herbal supplements/teas for conditions such as: Pain management, anti-aging, eczema/psoriasis, circulatory issues, cysts, insulin management, body detoxification, male/female sexual enhancement, liver/kidney repair, adrenal energy improvement, etc. Visit their website: Then call or email to place your order: 586-840-6215 /


Andrea Catherine Jewelry

Andrea Catherine Jewelry's beadwoven designs typically incorporate Swarovski crystals, pearls, and semi-precious stones in the pieces. Especially the stones — love their colors, textures, and energy! Also: hand-selected chakra stones, tree of life pendants, pendulums, and other fun items.


ATÜN Bioenergetic Wellness LLC - IN THE LOBBY

Utilizing homeopathy's most advanced tool — a flexible bio-energetic screening system and a DNA swab — ATÜN analyzes a wide variety of your unique energetic signatures to evaluate your true health and energetic balance. Categories of analysis include airborne and food allergies, bacteria, viruses, and parasites, to name a few. ATÜN also scans and tests for substances that would be beneficial to your

specific needs, such as vitamins, minerals, herbs, homeopathic remedies, and essential oils. ATÜN — bringing your body back into a healthier balance, a unique solution for your unique, individual needs!

Audranite Pyramids

Audranite pyramids are hand-crafted with ancient-future concepts. Created with rose quartz crystals and fiber optics, among other materials, Audranite pyramids continually transmit positive energy and transmute negative energy. Inspired by the research of Wilhelm Reich and the development of orgonite, Audranite takes orgonite from an analog device to a digital device.

Lori Barresi, Love Your Life Coaching & Meditation

Lori Barresi is a certified life coach and master meditation teacher. She works with individuals and groups through one-on-one coaching, retreats, and workshops with an emphasis on awakening to peace, love, & prosperity. Love Your Life creates one-of-a-kind prayer malas, bracelets, and spiritual clothing.


Bodysin-sations helps you get "back to the basics" with sensible, beneficial products to experience a healthier way of life. As the name suggests, never feel guilty about pampering yourself with handcrafted goat's milk soaps, body scrubs, lip balm and more. Stop by the booth and see what calls to you!


Rev. Lisa Bousson, Psychic Medium

Internationally known psychic medium Lisa Bousson, an ordained Spiritualist Minister, reconnects you to your loved ones in spirit. Lisa is a certified Spiritualist Healer, Reiki Master, certified Spiritualist Medium, Ordained Spiritualist Minister, Ordained Metaphysical Minister, and currently holds a Bachelor's degree in Metaphysical Sciences from the University of Sedona. A natural instructor, Rev. Lisa also offers guided meditation CDs and supplies for your meditation and spiritual development practice. Books, journals, and class workbooks are also available.

See Rev. Lisa present a Gallery Reading (11:00am–12:00pm) on Saturday, October 14 in the Auditorium, free with Expo admission.

Diane Brown, Open Mind

Come to the Open Mind booth and experience the beautiful energy of stones, jewelry, and healing energy. Allow Diane to work with your Guides and Higher Self to find that which is needed at this time for you or a loved one. Diane will also be available for stone readings and stone energy healing.

Charmed Crystal LLC

Melanie is a certified Reiki Master and intuitive crystal healer who designs and sells handcrafted, natural crystal, Reiki-infused jewelry with a purpose. She is the owner and creator of The Charmed Crystal L.L.C. She designs unique jewelry with natural crystal and gemstone beads in combinations to ease the negative effects of illnesses, as well as attract and manifest your deepest desires. She energetically cleanses and infuses each piece of her jewelry designs upon completion with sacred Reiki energy, with the intent for the highest good. Visit


Charmed Crystals and Herbs

Crystals, herbs, jewelry, pendulums, and much more that are incorporated with your personal protection and helping to keep your personal space cleansed and protected. Nora Custer also has an online shop: and has been at shows across the USA and educates about the use of crystals, herbs, pendulums, and jewelry for personal protection.


Crystalline Dream

Crystalline Dream specializes in creating quality, handcrafted, crystal gemstone jewelry and accessories. We work with earthen gems, designing beautiful, vibrant pieces & showcasing them in many different selections and styles. We also offer other interesting crystal items including decor, pendulums, raw stones, and colorful crystal clusters.


Daughters of the Light

Daughters of the Light is a collective of intuitive healers, mystics, and magic makers. As Lightworkers, we each open a compassionate space for you to heal your soul, reclaim your spirit, and enlighten your uniquely powerful spiritual path. In our unique sessions, we connect you to intuitive information and healing from angels, spirit guides, Mother Earth and Source energy to restore you to your truest, most vibrant self. Come share in light, love, and validating energy with us as we connect you to your soul's highest potential in this lifetime!


doTERRA Essential Oils

Essential oils are indispensable in any home. doTerra oils help keep your family healthier, by cleansing the body, improving digestion, assisting in weight loss, boosting the immune system, and improving sleep. They also assist in reducing inflammation and relieving all types of pain. These are all vital to every person alive. When you feel good, you are able to enjoy life more because you function better. You have increased energy, and can even think clearer! Pam Lear also teaches how to use these products to launch into the summer, where you will be blessed with the best quality time with your loved ones.​


Earth Wisdom Music and Clothing

Exquisite silk/velvet clothing, magic dresses that become 6 dresses, and the best tee shirts in the known universe, as well as a variety of New Age music CDs for sale.


Etheric Architect

Lynne is a certified Natural Health Educator. If there were no GMOs/chemicals in this world, life would have not been quite this challenging!! She is a survivor of over 15 years of living with an autoimmune disorder. And this is her journey of finding a healthy lifestyle that has helped her live life, instead of living day-to-day. Lynne can discuss food, herbs, crystals, essential oils, flower essences, magnets, light therapy, and so much more. She will be selling crystals, difusers/essential oils, Himalayan salt lamps, herbs. The quality of your life, LIVE!! Dont just exist!!


Evenstar's Chalice

Evenstar's Chalice is an Ypsilanti shop that is your resource for everyday enchantments and inspiration!  They carry Divine Wares, Vintage Relics, Gallery Arts, and Sacred Swag! For the Expo, they will bring sacred statuary from several traditions, tarot and oracle cards, beautiful journals, and various altar wares. If you love this Expo, you will love their shop!


Healing Energy LLC

Healing Energy has singing bowls, crystals, healing stones, tuning forks, flutes, pendulums, over 200 varieties of stones, and more.


Henna Beauty 4 U!

Charene Henderson makes her henna paste from all-natural ingredients. Henna is an organic temporary tattoo, made from the leaves of the plant called Lawsonia inermis. Henna stains the top layers of the skin, getting darker three days after application. The tattoo lasts for seven to ten days or more. Its organic nature combined with all-natural ingredients makes it safe for children and adults. Charene also provides henna designs for private parties, showers, weddings, festivals, corporate events and so much more!


Herbal Touch LLC

Herbal Touch specializes in helping people to overcome health challenges, through the use of homemade herbal extracts, nutritional guidance, and recommendations based on the individual's needs. Dr. Pittman and Krystal Webb started their business to make becoming healthy affordable for those that desire change in their lives. They make it our business to understand and know their clients in order to recommend the best possible remedies to make the individual whole again. They specialize in herbal extracts, capsules, and all-natural products based on the need of the client. 


Herbally Conscious, Megan Zakar

Megan is a holistic health practitioner with a traditional naturopathic foundation & BA in psychology. Her modalities include herbalism, nutritional consulting, and body & energy work. She empowers clients in the mind-body connection and aids them in balance & harmony. Megan creates herbal formulas for anxiety, depression, digestive balancing, hormonal balancing, & assisting body systems. Her thorough energy sessions combine Reiki, Healing Touch, & Polarity Therapy, as well as critical thinking analysis. Incorporating detoxes, cleanses, & healing dietary guidelines assists the body's healing process.


High Vibrations Jewelry - Katalina

The High Vibrations offers charged jewelry and pendulums that aid in raising and matching your vibration to what it is you are looking for, be it love, a career, or a spiritual community. Each piece is a unique one-of-a-kind creation from handmade beads and healing crystals. Katalina uses divine high-frequency energy to charge the beads as she hand-makes them one by one. Custom orders can be arranged. She also offers spiritual love guidance and oracle readings, specializing in relationships, but other topics are welcome.;


Infinite Flame Magickal Shoppe

Infinite Flame is the only creator of magickal gel candles. Each includes essential oils and a stone that goes with the energy of the candle. Laura also makes incense and glycerin soaps, jewelry, and pendulums with semi-precious stones. Tumbled and raw stones available at shows, including some from Michigan's UP. More products available on her website, Outside of shows, she offers tarot reading and classes. See website for details.


James Shaman

James Shaman is an intuitive, and he also uses tarot, and a rainstick for inspiration. He is also a past life expert. He breaks spells, and can remove ghosts and demons from you and/or your home. He is an exorcist with 30 years' experience.


Karen Morgan, Tune In with Me LLC

Raise your vibration instantly! Readings and Reconnective Healing Shamanic Stone Readings and chakra attunement with The Bowl! Listen to the wisdom and healing of The Bowl and stones. Tune into higher frequency energies, clear chakras, and read along with me. Enhance your intuitive skills, listen to your chakras (increase your ability to hear your own guidance). Clear and transform stuck energies using: The Bowl, stones, colors, hand mudras, Reiki, Reconnective Healing, and more. Reading professionally for over 17 years., 214-263-7004


LifeFlow Energetics - IN THE LOBBY

Relax, release, & re-energize! Everything is energy! Mini-brain/body energy readings & energy balancing, blending energy work such as specialized kinesiology, accu-tapping, semi-precious stones, & Reiki energy. Come taste RAIN International organic seed nutrition: Soul, Core, Firm & Fuse — seed oil-infused, organic, micronised Columbian coffee. Experience Voxx Life nano technology insoles & energy socks. They seem like magic from toes to brain for improved balance, flexibility, strength, & clarity of mind. It is LifeFlow Energetics' great joy to see you move with more confidence and comfort.


Living Roots Creations

Living Roots Creations provides folk magic, handcrafted spiritual supplies, and enchanted bath & body products to change your life. Nicole carefully combines herbs and oils in sacred space to address your conflicts and obstacles. Don't waste time trapped by the same negative patterns and struggles. Get a touch of magic in your life, and change your world today!

Liz's Creations - Liz Wiginton

Liz's Creations are made of all homemade herbal ingredients, such as pain cream, sleep cream, bath salts, sugar scrub, chapsticks, bug spray, rollers, and much more. Liz's mom, Kelly Lubbe — With a Touching Hand — will also be in the booth, offering tarot card readings and mini-Reiki sessions.

Magic Wind Flutes

MagicWind Flutes are born of Chuck Pavey's passion for the Native American Flute. He is proud to present the work of his heart and hands, and he stands behind his workmanship. Magic Winds bring you exotic flutes made from most any wood in the world, and can be altered some, and recalculated to suit your needs. The higher-toned flutes have the easiest (or closest) finger. Chuck will give a personal flute lesson with each sale if requested. Chuck says, "This work is my pleasure. Such a joy to tune and finish one of these Magic Wind flutes. I hope you get as much fulfillment from playing, as I did from making it."


Pagan Potions

Michelle of Pagan Potions is a professional psychic medium and offers a variety of manifestation candles. She has been crafting magical creations for over 20 years. Before production of her candles, she makes sure the planets are aligned appropriately before production. She uses 100% eco-soy wax to produce her candles. Every candle has crushed stones or herbs, and they are Reiki-enhanced. 


Psychic Readings By Ronn

Ronn is a Clairvoyant Psychic Medium with 40 years' experience, with a national following due in part to his many appearances over the years on national TV and radio (CBS, PBS, The Travel Channel, etc.). Ronn is one of the few guest psychics ever asked to appear on the tv show "The Dead Files." Ronn's many clients include three Academy Award-winning actresses, a country music star and his wife, and a supermodel, among many other loyal clientele. Let Ronn work with you to peer into your future with you!


Pure Energy Imaging, LLC

Pure Energy Imaging uses the IES Aura Cloud 3D Pro, powered by Inneractive Enterprises, Inc. The Aura Stations are Multimedia Biofeedback Imaging Systems that use the science of biofeedback, color therapy, and energy medicine to measure, analyze, and display an accurate representation of your emotional - energetic state, your aura, and chakras.


RA Moonhawk Wands

Ra and Sonya handcraft one-of-a-kind magic healing wands from various crystals, stones, woods, antler, bones, shells, coral, found objects, love, and good juju for moving of energies, meditation, reiki, healing, dream work, astral travel. Ra Moonhawk created these based on a vision he had while in deep meditation and he has been making them for 35 years. Today, Ra & apprentice Sonya Begonia create these unique pieces in their studio in Illinois.

Rock Your World Crystals & Laura Moody, Psychic

Visit Rock Your World Crystals & Stone Jewelry to receive high-frequency crystals to assist you in your journey. Laura Moody is a clairvoyant, psychic medium, pet psychic, and animal communicator. Receive a helpful reading from your angels or guides or connect with the other side. Laura is here to serve!


Ron, the Large Tall Medium

Ron, the Large Tall Medium, brings you short messages from the larger spirit world including deceased loved ones, angels, ascended masters, guides, and more. Ron may also bring you information about and insight into your present and future. Ask a questions, and see what Spirit says.


Saleen, Intuitive Palm Reader

Saleen is a palm reader with a unique style centered on encouraging self-discovery, actualization, and trends over the lifetime. Combining intuition with a variety of methods, she offers a truly personalized experience. Feel free to contact via email: or phone: 989-217-1204


Sane Talk Coaching

Today, achieving work-life balance is a challenge. These life coaches know this all too well after their corporate careers and now as small business owners. Christmas Miller of Illuminations Intuitive Consult is a certified life coach, holistic health practitioner, and highly proficient intuitive. Catherine Davis of The Happy HomeWorker is a career coach, professional trainer, and workshop designer. Both of them offer live and virtual workshops and personalized coaching. They also provide a semi-monthly free web series called Sane Talk! Surviving and Thriving in These Crazy Times:


Suzy-Q's Earth Remedies

Suzy-Q's Earth Remedies are holistic personal care products handcrafted in small batches using organic or ethically wildcrafted ingredients. Each product is made with love (the first ingredient) and infused with Reiki.

Twistful Thinking - IN THE LOBBY

Twistful Thinking is handmade jewelry using hand-picked crystals, semi-precious stones, sea glass, cruelty-free suede cord and more. Each piece is created with good intentions to promote positivity and natural healing while giving off an effortless boho-chic vibe. Pieces include necklaces, earrings, bracelets, hair accessories, and suncatchers.


Whimsical Warrior

Alexzandra Hayes's shop is called The Whimsical Warrior. She creates whimsical-feeling jewelry that celebrates crystals' natural beauty. Every crystal is unique, so each piece is one-of-a-kind and very special. She uses a technique called the Tiffany Technique. The metalwork is done directly onto each crystal, using layers of silver/tin alloy. She then brings out the details of the piece by oxidizing and polishing the metal. Lastly, she applies a clear protective coating over the jewelry to prevent tarnish, oxidation, or irritation.


Victoria Kay Designs LLC

Luxurious, handcrafted, quality herbal and all-natural body care solutions. Victoria has an organic garden, where she grows the herbs for her formulas. She works off vibration and prayer while picking the herbs and creating the products. Products are made from scratch in small batches by infusing the herbs into organic oils. Also, she searches for the highest quality ingredients from all over the world. She does not use animal products/test on animals. No synthethics/chemicals/GMO's/Parabens. All her products are extremely effective, not harmful & are unparalled in design, creation & quality with only the health & safety of the customer in mind. Extensive info at


White Owl LLC

Diana Wells sells stone jewelry, Tibetan (2/3) bowls, Himalayan salt lamps, a large assortment of rock specimens which include labradorite, celestite, selenite towers, and unique samples. Also some Native American items. She has travelled around the world and studied with the indigenous shamans in Peru and had a metaphysical store from 1999 to 2004.


Young Living Essential Oils, Sheryl Miles

Essential oils have enhanced lives for thousands of years, offering a variety of life-changing benefits from cosmetic, emotional, physical, to spiritual wellness. Young Living produces the most authentic essential oils in the world, due to the meticulous steps of their proprietary "Seed to Seal" production process. They are committed to providing pure, powerful products, all infused with the benefits of their oils. Young Living has been the world leader in essential oils and wellness solutions for 24 years. Let Sheryl show you how Young Living can change your life. or (586) 899-8011.


Tina Zion, Living Aware 

Tina Zion is a fourth-generation intuitive who specializes in medical intuition. She teaches her 3-day workshop, "Become a Medical Intuitive: Seeing with X-Ray Eyes," internationally. She is the author of the books Become a Medical Intuitive and The Reiki Teacher's Manual, and her new book, Advanced Medical Intuition, will be available in April 2018. She is also a contributing author in Michael Newton's book, Memories of the Afterlife.  Tina will be doing mini-readings and selling books at her booth. 


Our Volunteer Expo Committee

Outreach Coordinator: Lori Irvin, 

Presentation Coordinator: Amy Garber      Presentation Host: Lorri Coburn         

Door Registration Manager: Ed Meurer     Banker: John Floros
Volunteer Coordinator:  Jennifer Nabozny,

Promotion Assistants:  Rael Hava, Erin DeWitt, Ellie Proctor, & Joana Dos Santos 

Sponsorships:  TBD           Social Media Assistant: TBD

20-Minute Reading Room Managers: Jim Erb (Sat.)/Julia Brenner (Sun.)

30-Minute Reading Room Manager:  Quyen/Jim (Sat.), Britni Beverlin (Sun.)

Senior Show Director, Marketing Coordinator, Venue Liaison, Committee Chair:   Amy Garber, 734-358-0218 or

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