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Readers in the Reader Areas, Fall 2019

Below are the readers in our exclusive Reader Areas. These readers have been TESTED AND APPROVED by our staff or recommended by a trusted friend. Sign up and pay at our Reader Appointment Table, centrally located in the Pavilion near the Parks & Recreation offices.
WE OFFER 20-Minute ($33) and 30-Minute ($50) READINGS IN OUR READER AREAS!
See lists in the boxes below. 
There are NO INTERRUPTIONS, since the appointments and payment are taken centrally at the Reader Appointment Tables. NO ONE ELSE IS WALKING UP TO YOUR TABLE TO SIGN UP FOR AN APPOINTMENT DURING YOUR READING! Five minutes before your scheduled reading, we ask that you to go to the Reader Check-In Table (located adjacent to the Reader Areas) to check in and wait. You'll experience our CONCIERGE SERVICE as you are escorted to your reader when it's time for your appointment. 
QUESTIONS about Reader Room: Christina, or 734-968-9723
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BOOK a READING in advance!

Pre-pay for a reading in the first hour of either day.

Remember to purchase your discounted DAILY TICKET or
discounted WEEKEND PASS when buying your reading.
Click here to BOOK YOUR READING!

Blue Reader Room - 20-Minute Reader Room 

Blue Readers typically use a divination tool such as tarot cards for confirmation.

Many of the blue readers offer mediumship and psychic intuitive readings as well.

20-Minute Reader Room: $33 

Blue readers are located in the 20-Minute Reader Area

Ask Laura

Laura's clients come from all over the world. They’re looking for a psychic medium or a psychic online to provide them peace of mind, a feeling of security or success. No matter what your motivation might be, let Laura guide and assist you through readings. Laura uses her gift as a psychic with various modalities: Psychometry, palmistry, clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience, mediumship, channeling, and more. Navigate the path of your life now.

Fran Falan, Silver Sages LLC

Fran is a psychic medium/channel for Spirit. She has a bachelor's degree in science & business management, is a Reiki Master, and remote viewer to locate items and/or loved ones. During an appointment, she can bring forth information about past lives that are affecting your current life, and connect with your angels, guides, & departed loved ones to give you information that will help you to deal with life's challenges. When guided, she teaches techniques for balancing, clearing and protection. She is able to observe events taking place at other locations of the past, present, & future.

Lynda Forbes, Astrologer and Face Reader

Lynda Forbes has over 35 years of experience as a professional astrologer and teacher of metaphysical studies. She specializes in Chinese Face Reading, an ancient system of analysis and tarot. Lynda trains people in all three subjects along with runes, psychic development, Native American Medicine Wheel, and guided meditation. She reads at her office in Fenton, travels to teach, offers phone sessions, and does private parties.

Carroll Kinkade

Carroll "Lady Slipper" Kinkade an accomplished psychic/palmist/astrologer/card reader with 42 years experience, and currently 23 successful seasons at the Michigan Renaissance Festival. Ordained in the healing ministry and anchoring her spiritual gifts over the years has continued including Reiki Master as well as studying Native American spirituality.  Carroll is available for home gatherings, weddings, consultations, Reiki instruction and workshops in astrology and palmistry. Readings by phone or in offices in Grand Blanc and Fenton. Contact her by text at: (810) 625-2089 or

Michelle Michael

Do you have questions about love, family, health, or your job? Is there a deceased loved one you wish to communicate with?  Angel card and psychic readings with Michelle are very detailed & accurate. Using her psychic, mediumship, & intuitive gifts, Michelle will provide you with practical & clear life counseling thru messages & guidance from your angels & loved ones. She uses the wisdom of the angels and spirits to give you positive perspectives & answers to the concerns and issues you are dealing with. You will leave the session feeling more uplifted & confident. Michelle is a professionally trained medium, psychic, channeler/trancing, and Certified Angel Card Reader. She is available for private readings, couples readings, & parties.

Sherry Mullins, MA, LPC ~ Heyoka Counseling Services

Are you an odd duck? A misfit? Don't quite fit in? Perhaps you feel lonely, anxious, outcast, weighed down, overly responsible, pained. You're irritated, sensitive, suffering, trying to find your way while others tell you you're doing it wrong. What do you want? What do you need? Where do you go from here? Come. Sit with me a moment. Feel yourself melt into the warmth of belonging. Life doesn't have to be so lonely, isolated, hard. Using her own introverted, quirky, quick, and intuitive ways, Sherry sees what is good & draws out the best of who you are.,

Willow Richmond, Madame Rue's Emporium

Willow has been an "advisor" to friends and neighbors since she was a child, but really began to understand her gifts in her 20s when she received her first tarot deck. She has been reading for 45 years and has gathered loyal clients across the US. Willow has been a massage therapist/Reiki healer for 30 years, is a certified hypnotist, and an ordained minister. In addition, she holds degrees in psychology and interpersonal/relational communication. Willow practices Intuitive Tarot, which incorporates reading the cards with psychic interpretation., Facebook: Madame Rue's Emporium-Willow Richmond Tarot

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Green Reader Room - 20-Minute Reader Room 

Green Readers often offer mediumship, intuitive readings, and/or a unique service such as palmistry.

They typically don’t use a divination tool.

20-Minute Reader Room: $33 

Green readers are located in the 20-Minute Reader Area

Diane Brown, Stone Reader

Diane is a stone reader. Her readings use the principle of psychometry: You hold a stone in your hand for a few minutes, meshing your energy with the energy of the stone. Then Diane holds it and, working with your and her angels, guides, and the Consortium of Pleiadians, she imparts to you what she hears, feels, sees — that which you need to hear at this time. Email:

Rev. Elizabeth Brown, Flower Mediumship

Elizabeth is a certified Medium through the Indiana Association of Spiritualists. She loves sharing her gift of mediumship with others through readings, gala’s and classes. She also works with flowers to enhance her gift. Elizabeth uses the essence and symbolism of the flower in the message/reading that is from spirit guides or loved ones in spirit.  The flower can be looked at as a concrete gift to the one being read from the spirit realm. She can be contacted at 313-850-6539 or by email  Also check out her website for events at

Samantha Cardinas, Ascension Healing Arts Center

Samantha is a clairvoyant who comes from a family of gifted psychics. She has been connected to the spirit world since she was a baby. Afraid of her gift for years, she finally embraced her true calling and has since expanded her gifts. She now realizes that she was put here to help others. She uses her clairvoyance, clairempathy, clair sentience and clair audience. She channels Angels and spirit guides to give people messages and communicate with loved ones who have passed. Here are the services she offers: Psychic Reading, Mediumship, Past Life Regressions, Intuitive Healings.

Heather Evjen, Intuitive Counselor & Medium

Heather Evjen is a professionally trained intuitive counselor and psychic medium. She uses her psychic abilities to help her clients gain clarity with past, present, and future issues in their lives. Heather brings her clients messages from deceased loved ones and Spirit to offer them an opportunity for self-awareness, growth, healing, and empowerment. Heather has spent her professional career offering her clients answers to their questions, as well as answers to questions they didn't know they needed. Contact info:, (248) 613-0546,

Marielle (Mar) Gagné

Receive spiritual support and guidance on relationships, career, love and money from your angels, guides, akashic records, and loved ones. Mar also enjoys assisting people on their self-evolvement journey using medical intuition. She is an animal communicator, douser, medium, and channeler. She was certified in Doreen Virtue's Angel Card system and graduated from Tina Zion's Medical Intuition Workshops.

Laura Ghedotte, Spirited Art Empowerment LLC

Laura is a Certified Intuitive Art Instructor/ Practitioner, Certified Hypnotherapist, Medium and Master Reiki Teacher. The following readings are offered: Incredible insight and Healing: Laura offers readings using Intuitive Art Drawings to share with you messages of incredible insight and healing. What do you need help with or insight about? Your Soul Blueprint: Discover your unique Soul Gifts that you came into this lifetime with. Learn how to align to your Soul Gifts, Soul Purpose and Much more!!

Saleen Picard, Palmistry

Saleen practices palmistry with the hopes of inspiring those she reads to acknowledge parts of themselves they wish to celebrate or change. She reads the aspects and trends of your life that most strongly present to her, and by sharing this information she hopes to encourage deeper self-reflection and self-appreciation. Feel free to contact her at 989-217-1204 or via email at

Ron, the Large Tall Medium

Ron, the Large Tall Medium, brings you short messages from the larger spirit world, which in addition to your deceased loved ones may include angels, ascended masters, guides, and more. Because all mediums are psychics, Ron may also give insight into your present and future life. Ron does not usually use divination tools, but he may use tarot and oracle cards as directed by Spirit. Ron's readings are generally a mixture a what you want to know and what Spirit wants you to know. Contact Ron at 248-377-9909 or at

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Sarah Cleaver

Sarah guides people in understanding their unique story through her multifaceted approach as a healer and reader. Using tools such as astrology, tarot, dream interpretation and her intuition, she will help you begin the deeper work needed to make sense of and rewrite your story. Astrology is her main source of divination, but come with an open mind that her guides will communicate the best way to advise you on your human journey and path toward your divine intention. Her goal is to inspire you to step into your inherent ability to be a powerful creator of your own reality.

Bill Hobart, Clairvoyant Psychic Medium

Bill Hobart is a clairvoyant, medium, and psychic who inspires others to connect in with Spirit through coaching for the soul, guiding people to live their lives to their fullest potential. His messages from the spirit realm are consistently accurate and empowering, working with clients all over the world via phone, Face Time, or in person.
Bill was born knowing things others don't. Ever since he was a young child, he “just knew things.” It took many years of spiritual “awakenings” and training for him to realize his messages were truly a gift from Spirit. 248-310-7689,,

Pamela Leach

Pamela is an intuitive whose daily prayer is to be a clear channel for Spirit. She works only with Spirit, guides, and angels of the highest levels of love and light. As a connector, she plugs into your energy and with Source to give guidance and advice. Pamela will also connect you with those who have crossed over, if requested by you (or by those who have a message for you). Pamela comes from a place of seeing only gray, feeling adrift and closed off from humanity, to feeling strong, happy, and powerful. She will share that with you. 616-642-0308,

Lauren McNurlen, Medium and Channel

Lauren McNurlen is a psychic medium who resides in the Detroit area. She has helped her clients connect with passed-over loved ones, heal through past-life readings, and gain insight into present and future possibilities. She also channels master teachers, guides, and angels. Lauren's mission is to help you connect with Spirit and gain understanding and knowledge about your soul's purpose, lessons, and divine connections as you continue on your human journey. For we are all spiritual beings, divinely connected, having a human experience. Web:, Ph/Txt: 859-536-9195

Karen Morgan, Shamanic Stone Bowl Readings

Raise Your Vibration Instantly!  Clear your Chakras, Enhance Your Intuitive Skills, and let go of the old to allow higher vibrational frequencies in your life.  Each Shamanic Stone Reading is infused with energetic healing and is connected with the Light of Source. Karen has been Reading professionally for more than 20 years. Extensively studying Divination (Tarot, Palmistry, Runes, Tea Leaves, Channeling), Energetic Healing (Reiki Master, Reconnective Healing, Healing Touch, Tuning Fork Therapist, Sound Healing, Tibetan Bowl Healing, Munay-Ki, Foot Reflexology), Astrology, and Shamanism., 947-985-8282

Julie Sullivan, Medical Intuitive

A natural psychic/medium/channel, Julie fully embraced her abilities in her mid-20s after completion of a bachelor's of science in nursing and a master's of science in health care administration. Healing-based work is her primary focus, from her time spent as a pediatric nurse to now, 30 years later, as she uses her abilities, education, tarot training, insights, and skills obtained through certification in advanced medical intuition, advanced ThetaHealing, and hypnotherapy to assist in helping others heal, obtain clarity, and evolve on their own spiritual journey. Combination readings available. Email:

Ruth Wilson, Intuitive Energy Reading

Ruth Wilson reads energy and accesses direct knowing. She helps you transform your energy patterns so you get the outcomes you want. Ruth works with issues of power, relationships, and life purpose. Ruth Wilson developed her reading skills through the Academy of Clairvoyance and Consciousness (see or Wild Soul Life), where she taught online clairvoyance development classes for several years. She uses these teaching skills to energetically convey useful changes you can adopt if you choose. Website:

Eric Webster

By consulting with the Keepers of the client's Akashic record, Eric delivers information, insights, and suggested direction designed to help people live as the highest version of themselves. Come with your questions and prepare to have a session that is fast and full. Several past Expo clients have completed Eric's Akashic record teleclasses too. has much more information and testimonials.

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Yellow Readers - 30-Minute Reader Room 

Yellow Readers often offer mediumship,intuitive readings, and/or a unique service (e.g., animal communication, 
shamanic bowl, etc.). They typically don’t use a divination tool.

30-Minute Reader Room: $50 

Yellow readers are are located in the 30-Minute Reader Area

Pink Readers ~ 30-Minute Reader Room

Pink Readers typically use a divination tool such as tarot cards as confirmation.

Many of the pink readers offer mediumship and psychic intuitive readings as well.

30-Minute Reader Room: $50 

Pink readers are are located in the 30-Minute Reader Area

Amy Bacon, Spirit Pathways

Amy connects directly with your spirit guides, your soul record, and your energy field to give you an accurate reading that provides answers, direction, and insights. All to help you connect with your highest potential allowing transformation to move forward to live the life of your dreams. Your future is beckoning! Amy will connect to your soul's intention and wisdom to give you answers about your life, to manifest your desires, with illuminated insight to make decisions, remove obstacles that may be blocking you, and set you on your path to living your most joyous life. She is a full-time psychic intuitive specializing in practical spiritual counseling with clients all over the globe. Her website is:

Kathy Riepen Baker, Healer of the Heart

Internationally known to many as the "Healer of the Heart", Kathy is a gifted spiritual medium, soul connector, and channeler who has a unique process to help you connect with your departed loved ones, angels, soul, and Spirit, using various healing modalities and processes communicated from the Soul Angel, Athena. She will take you on a journey to your Sacred Heart, where you will connect with your departed loved ones, or your angels, and she will channel your soul and Spirit for guided information. Know that this connection will enlighten you, while empowering you to create your heart's desire, bring clarity to any of life's questions you may have, or help heal your broken heart. Definitely, a gift you will take home with you. Every journey will include a heart healing from the angels. 248-942-3891

Beverly Fish, Full Moon Rising

Beverly combines her psychic ability with her professional astrologer's skills to do unique psychic astrology tarot readings. Using her intuitive skills, Beverly will help you find answers to your questions and help guide you on your life path. Website:

Jody Higgins, Connected by Spirit

Jody Higgins is a psychic medium who learned as a small child that she was able to know, feel & see many things that others weren't able to experience. She uses her many gifts to connect with your spirit guides to provide insight into the current situations happening in your life & what their outcome will be. She also has the ability to connect with your loved ones on the the other side & provides detailed information that would be considered known only to the family. Jody can be reached at 248-302-4648 or Learn more at

Diane, Intuitive Spirit Life

Diane is a third-generation psychic/medium and Holy Fire III Reiki Master. Using tarot, along with other divination tools, she taps into the all-knowing vibrations of her clients. A reading with Diane is delivered with a gentle energy. She offers insight that can guide you with your life direction and which path is right for you. These and other questions regarding your life can also be addressed. Diane is able to deliver messages from your loved ones if they happen to "show up". Her clients find peace when their session is complete.

Adrianna, Mystic Connections

Adrianna is an experienced, internationally known, third-generation, very accurate, intuitive medium. She is an author, teacher, and speaker. Adrianna also is a radio personality heard on the Mystic Connections Radio Network. Her shows are: Sundays 9 am EST, "Adrianna's Psychic Sampler" and Wednesday 6 pm EST, "Hot Topics with a Dash of Spirit." Adrianna has taught and counseled at the Great Lakes Retreat, one of the largest spiritual retreats in the Midwest. She is a intuitive medium, life coach, author, mother, and wife who continues to work to advance herself in the field of holistic medicine and intuitive arts.

Cindy Rogers, Hungarian Gypsy Cards

Adding a touch of flair to your psychic reading, using Hungarian Gypsy Cards and connecting with your energy through the palm of your hand, Cindy is able to see, feel, and hear Spirit to receive positive information and messages for you that can help you in your everyday life. Cindy has been reading for over 30 years, using this gift passed down from her mother, Madeline. It is truly a unique experience! "I am here to give a glimpse into your future, which is only in the palm of your hands." — Natalie Rogers. You can contact Cindy at 734-709-8722,, or

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