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Speaker Schedule
8th Annual Spring Enlightened Soul Expo
March 28-29, 2020

NEW: TWO Presentation Rooms at Saline Middle School!

Gallery Readings: Auditorium
Other Presentations: Room O-103

PRESENTATIONS are FREE with paid Expo admission, BOTH DAYS!​

Seating is available 20 minutes before each presentation.

Once listed here, click on the presentation titles to see the descriptions. 

Schedule is subject to change.

SATURDAY, MARCH 28, 2020 (Expo hours 10am–6pm)

ROOM O-103 (across from the gym entrance):


10:30–11:30 AM ~  Shari Lynn,

"Accessing 5th Dimensional Consciousness and Dream Time Healing"


12:00–1:00 PM ~  Lori Irvin,

"Energy 101: Work and Play with Positive Energy"


1:30–2:30 PM ~  Eric Webster,

"Unleashing Your Powerful Mind!"


3:00–4:00 PM ~  Mara Evenstar,

"The Mystical Wonder of Altars"


4:30–5:30 PM ~  Lynda Forbes,

"The Timeless Thread: Similarities Between Tarot, Astrology, and Chinese Face Reading"

AUDITORIUM: Gallery Readings* — Mediums delivering messages from the departed


10:30–11:30 AM ~ Camille Procassini


12:00–1:00 PM ~ Kelly MacLeod


1:30–2:30 PM ~ Lisa Bousson


3:00–4:00 PM ~ Rachel Rains


4:30–5:30 PM ~ Jani Cooke


SUNDAY, MARCH 29, 2020  (Expo hours 11am–6pm)

ROOM O-103 (across from the gym entrance):


11:30 AM–12:30 PM ~  Sarah Schweitzer, 

"Light Body Ascension Process: Becoming Aware"


1:00–2:00 PM ~  Christa Lynn Muka,

"The Healing Energy Vortex Experience"


2:30–3:30 PM ~  Omar Yeldell,

"Reclaiming Your Energy from Negative Influences"


4:00–5:00 PM ~  Susan Harvey,

"Everyday Angels"

AUDITORIUM: Gallery Readings* — Mediums delivering messages from the departed

11:30AM–12:30 PM Lisa Bousson

1:00–2:00 PM ~ Rev. Elizabeth Brown


2:30–3:30 PM ~ Laura Moody, Pet Psychic and Animal Communicator


4:00–5:00 PM ~ Laura Berlin

*Gallery Readings:   At a gallery reading, the medium gives messages from Spirit to the audience. These could include messages from departed loved ones, spirit guides, angels, etc. Late admittance is usually prohibited for the Gallery Readings, because it interferes with the reader's awareness of the spirits in the room. The decision of whether to allow latecomers is up to the individual reader.
Not everyone in the audience will receive a message, but all can benefit from the messages received; please remain in your seat until the end of the presentation.
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