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Our VENDORS come from all over the Midwest to offer a wide variety of holistic products, supplies, and services. There are also BODYWORKERS, who perform various forms of energy work and may include other services (selling products or readings).

QUESTIONS about vendors? Contact Vendor Coordinator Geneva at or 734-353-2526.

PLEASE NOTE: Readers in the Vendor Area may not been evaluated by the Expo staff, unlike those in the Reader Rooms. As always, your intuition is your best guide!

4 Directions - Elizabeth Jacks

Healing crystals, aura quartz, handmade jewelry, sound healing music, and chakra chants. Elizabeth is an international producer/recording artist and Recording Academy member. She will be featuring her two Sound Healing Relaxation CD Albums. and 

A1 Aura Photo and Chakras

Jack & Susan Lewis for 9 years have been teaching classes & offering aura photos, chakra color prints, aura/chakra reports, interpretive readings, & more. They offer a unique experience, as they are the only Aura/Chakra System around that offers both the very detailed Polaroid version of the aura photo & a full body print of the 7 main chakras. They are very gifted at reading &; interpreting the aura & chakra energy. Susan studied chakras during her stay in India & is a Certified Oneness Trainer. Jack is a Naturopath also specializing in iridology & herbs., 989-600-1445

A1 Herbal Tea

Cancel your arthritic pains herbally, no drugs, 100 percent successful, guaranteed,  over 11,000 very happy customers in the past 30 years. The price is cheaper than aspirin at $50 for an entire year's supply. Stop by their booth for further information; you will never regret finding the best answer for your pain!

Adrianna - Mystic Connections

Adrianna is a gifted, intuitive, third-generation, natural medium. Her gift has helped 1000's link with loved ones on the other side. She connects with all kinds of animals, guides, &angels and does past-life readings. She is skilled at tarot, numerology, palmistry, and pendulum readings. She also teaches her unique healing and reading style and authored a book, The Sacred Triad. ​Adrianna's angels and guides are also powerful healers. Their mission work is conducted through her. Her spiritual healing warriors guide her, so every session is different and unique! She also has a variety of items for sale: Beautiful angel wing earrings, journals, animal jewelry, and pendulums made of stones. Also, artisan soaps, her book, and charms.

A Midnight Artistry

A versatile collection of eclectic but spiritually inspired art, essential oil sprays, bath oils & healing roll-ons, small paintings, crystal art, hand-rolled incense, small batched candles, and so much more.

Ancient Science Distributors

Since 1992, Ancient Science Distributors has been providing its customers with high-quality, emu-oil-based body care products and internally consumed herbal supplements/teas for conditions such as: Pain management, anti-aging, eczema/psoriasis, circulatory issues, cysts, insulin management, body detoxification, male/female sexual enhancement, liver/kidney repair, adrenal energy improvement, etc. Visit their website: Then call or email to place your order: 586-840-6215 /

Andrea Catherine Jewelry

Andrea Catherine Jewelry's beadwoven designs typically incorporate Swarovski crystals, pearls, and semi-precious stones in the pieces. Especially the stones — love their colors, textures, and energy! Also: hand-selected chakra stones, tree of life pendants, pendulums, and other fun items.


Arbonne provides a healthy way to detox & successfully remove the toxins from your body and also help to reduce your exposure to further toxins by offering personal care products that are free of over 1300 chemicals (where only 11 are currently banned for use in the U.S.). They have products for babies, men, anti-aging, a complete nutrition plan, and even offer healthy cosmetics! Everything Arbonne makes is GF, dairy-free, soy-free, paraben-free and vegan. The company even has a PETA certification. Let them help you remove the toxins from your body & clear your mind to get your mind, body, & soul on the same page! or

ATÜN Bioenergetic Wellness LLC

Utilizing homeopathy's most advanced tool — a flexible bio-energetic screening system and a DNA swab — ATÜN analyzes a wide variety of your unique energetic signatures to evaluate your true health and energetic balance. Categories of analysis include airborne and food allergies, bacteria, viruses, and parasites, to name a few. ATÜN also scans and tests for substances that would be beneficial to your specific needs, such as vitamins, minerals, herbs, homeopathic remedies, and essential oils. ATÜN — bringing your body back into a healthier balance, a unique solution for your unique, individual needs!

Audranite Pyramids

Audranite pyramids are hand-crafted with ancient-future concepts. Created with rose quartz crystals and fiber optics, among other materials, Audranite pyramids continually transmit positive energy and transmute negative energy. Inspired by the research of Wilhelm Reich and the development of orgonite, Audranite takes orgonite from an analog device to a digital device.


Avatar is the most powerful, purest self-development program available. It is a series of experiential exercises that enable you to rediscover yourself and align your consciousness with what you want to achieve. It's you finding out about you. • Would you like to be free of old restraints that make you unhappy? • Would you like to experience a higher, wiser, more peaceful expression of self? Would you like to help make a better world? Avatar is for you!, 313-570-7151

Body Tune Plus

Body Tune Plus offers frequency-infused jewelry and products designed to harmonize the bio energy in our bodies by eliminating high energy electromagnetic interferences and to re-establish the body's natural frequencies. For more info:

Rev. Lisa Bousson, Psychic Medium

Internationally known psychic medium Lisa Bousson, an ordained Spiritualist Minister, reconnects you to your loved ones in spirit. Lisa is a certified Spiritualist Healer, Reiki Master, certified Spiritualist Medium, Ordained Spiritualist Minister, Ordained Metaphysical Minister, and currently holds a Bachelor's degree in Metaphysical Sciences from the University of Sedona. A natural instructor, Rev. Lisa also offers guided meditation CDs and supplies for your meditation and spiritual development practice. Books, journals, and class workbooks are also available.

See Rev. Lisa present a Gallery Reading (11:00am–12:00pm) on Saturday, October 14 in the Auditorium, free with Expo admission.

Carina Eden - Bodycare Products

Carina Eden, Inc., was created by Carina Edenburg, a natural and integrative medicine therapist from Argentina, who studied in Brazil and moved to the United States in 2015. All Carina Eden products are handmade gels with natural and organic ingredients infused with intelligent spiritual energy; frequencies of light, sound, color, energetic stones, crystals, and sacred geometry. Products produced by Carina Eden include Chakra Balance, Bliss Balsam, and Detox Deo, among others. The goals of her products are to bring well-being, balance, and consciousness to all levels.

The Charmed Crystal LLC

Melanie is a certified Reiki Master and intuitive crystal healer who designs and sells handcrafted, natural crystal, Reiki-infused jewelry with a purpose. She is the owner and creator of The Charmed Crystal L.L.C. She designs unique jewelry with natural crystal and gemstone beads in combinations to ease the negative effects of illnesses, as well as attract and manifest your deepest desires. She energetically cleanses and infuses each piece of her jewelry designs upon completion with sacred Reiki energy, with the intent for the highest good. Visit

Charmed Crystals and Herbs

Crystals, herbs, jewelry, pendulums, and much more that are incorporated with your personal protection and helping to keep your personal space cleansed and protected. Nora Custer also has an online shop: and has been at shows across the USA and educates about the use of crystals, herbs, pendulums, and jewelry for personal protection.

Creative Spirit Studios - Tonya Henderson

Tonya creates Personal Energy Portraits. A painting/reading of your personal energy giving insight to your personality, personal obstacles, & challenges, while directing you to your path of least resistance. You get a full reading and the art is yours to keep.

Crystalline Dream

Crystalline Dream specializes in creating quality, handcrafted crystal jewelry and accessories. They design beautiful, vibrant pieces showcasing these semiprecious stones in many different selections and styles. They also offer hand-wrapped sage and other interesting crystal items including decor, night lights, car charms, raw stones, and colorful crystal clusters.

doTERRA Essential Oils

Essential oils are indispensable in any home. doTerra oils help keep your family healthier, by cleansing the body, improving digestion, assisting in weight loss, boosting the immune system, and improving sleep. They also assist in reducing inflammation and relieving all types of pain. These are all vital to every person alive. When you feel good, you are able to enjoy life more because you function better. You have increased energy, and can even think clearer! Pam Lear also teaches how to use these products to launch into the summer, where you will be blessed with the best quality time with your loved ones.

Earth Wisdom Music and Clothing

Exquisite silk/velvet clothing, magic dresses that become 6 dresses, and the best tee shirts in the known universe, as well as a variety of New Age music CDs for sale. Website: and on Facebook: earthwisdommusicandclothing

The Fairy Gardeness

Unique gourd and wire art, gourd fairy houses and accessories, container gardens, fairy garden design, and installation.

Freedom Body & Sole

Holistic and alternative health products and service. Organic Granny greens for pain relief, healing, and nutrition. Custom arch supports to decrease skeletal pain and increase balance. Negative ion bracelets, foot detoxification, and infrared sauna. Email:

Kathy Garbe - Above N Beyond Psychic Connections

Kathy Garbe is a psychic medium who helps you find the answers that you're in search of. She is an author of two books and teaches Spiritual Development classes. She also brings to you jewelry, crystals, pendulums, healing stones, and energy rods. You can reach Kathy at or 586-489-5443; more info at

Go with the Flow Blissful Living

Since losing both her parents to cancer, Ruth Charest has adapted to alternative healthcare. This search led her to the benefits of plants and herbs by making teas and utilizing all-natural health and beauty products. Ruth's goal is to share a more natural solution without harsh chemicals found in most of today's commercial products. She will also be selling jewelry and, although she is not offering bodywork at this event, is certified in reconnective healing, for those who would be interested in a scheduling a session.

Great Lakes Sacred Essences - Merri Walters

Great Lakes Sacred Essences brings the healing energies of Nature to you! Merri's flower essences are created in Michigan, along the Great Lakes, and at sacred sites throughout North America. Flower essences hold the vibrational patterns of the Nature they were created from and offer you emotional harmony and spiritual transformation.

Gypsy Moth Batiks

Hand dyed t-shirts and poncho shirts. More at:

The Harmony Collective

Vedic Literature: Vedic sciences deal with the metaphysical. They explain that how we are not the body, not the mind nor the intelligence nor the ego. We are the soul. These books help one experience self-realization in a scientific manner. Vedic Astrology and Tarot cards: It is amazing how much is determined at the time of our birth. Vedic sciences employ the time and place of one's birth to help one understand the current situation in one's lifetime. Bodhaka Toothpowder: A simple formula for clean teeth. Healthy teeth imply healthy body. A healthy mind resides in a healthy body.

Healing Energy LLC

Healing Energy has singing bowls, crystals, healing stones, tuning forks, flutes, pendulums, over 200 varieties of stones, and more.

Helping Hands of Light - Sherry Gazdag

Sherry's handmade jewelry, sprays, and candle kits are made with the blessings of the Divine, Angels, Ascended Masters, gemstones, sun, moon, and Reiki energy. In her readings, she uses angel oracle cards to give you guidance and direction for the different situations in your life. She is a Reiki Master and a practitioner of 6 other healing modalities. Using each of them in unison, she channels the healing energy necessary to help your emotional, physical, and spiritual bodies. Her office is in Livonia and she accepts appointments for readings, healings, Spiritual Life Coaching sessions, and classes. 734 756-6773

Henna Beauty 4 U!

For over 18 years, Charene Henderson has been providing henna designs for private parties, showers, weddings, festivals, corporate events, and so much more! She loves henna and how it brings a smile to those who receive her designs. Charene enjoys applying beautiful designs as an artist, and the added bonus is that she's able to meet so many wonderful and exciting people. And, there's more to her than just a henna artist; she also provides psychic henna readings, too! She does this by gathering information from your divine guides in symbols and designs, apply it as a henna design, and provide you with a reading regarding your present spiritual path. Stop by her booth for a psychic henna reading when you're at the expo!

Herbal Touch LLC

Herbal Touch specializes in helping people to overcome health challenges, through the use of homemade herbal extracts, nutritional guidance, and recommendations based on the individual's needs. Dr. Pittman and Krystal Webb started their business to make becoming healthy affordable for those that desire change in their lives. They make it our business to understand and know their clients in order to recommend the best possible remedies to make the individual whole again. They specialize in herbal extracts, capsules, and all-natural products based on the need of the client. 

High Vibrations Jewelry

The High Vibrations offers charged jewelry and pendulums that aid in raising and matching your vibration to what it is you are looking for, be it love, a career, or a spiritual community. Each piece is a unique one-of-a-kind creation from handmade beads and healing crystals. Katalina uses divine high-frequency energy to charge the beads as she hand-makes them one by one. Custom orders can be arranged. She also offers spiritual love guidance and oracle readings, specializing in relationships, but other topics are welcome.;

Infinite Flame Magickal Shoppe

Laura Wilson of Infinite Flame is the only creator of magical gel candles, each includes essential oils and a stone that goes with the energy of the candle. She also makes incense and glycerin soaps, jewelry and pendulums with semi-precious stones. Tumbled and raw stones available, including some from Michigan's UP. She offers tarot reading but not at shows, and, new this year, she has started offering classes. See website for details and more products:

James Shaman

James Shaman is an intuitive, and he also uses tarot, and a rainstick for inspiration. He is also a past life expert. He breaks spells, and can remove ghosts and demons from you and/or your home. He is an exorcist with 30 years' experience.,

Kannaway Hemp Oil Products, Rhonda Emerson

Kannaway’s products combine pure hemp oil and other all-natural ingredients to create daily-use CBD supplements. All hemp oil products are made with non-GMO hemp, grown free of chemical fertilizers, pesticides, and herbicides, and put through a Triple Lab Tested™ process to ensure reliability and protect the end user from contamination.


Designed for use by the entire family, their products include their Rev!ve AM, PM, and Pro formulas, Kannaway Premium Hemp Oil supplements, the Pure CBD line, and the Cannabis Beauty Defined line.

Kevay - Himalayan Pink Salt Products

Kevay carries only organic/vegan bath and body products (body scrubs, bathing salt, deodorant bars, and lip scrubs). All their products are handmade with natural Himalayan pink salts, essential oils, and sun-dried flowers. They take great pride in selling only the best and most pure beauty products, and guarantee that all of their products are free of toxic, vegan, synthetic ingredients, colors, and preservatives. Kevay is proud use only recyclable packaging. They are also carry variety of authentic, hand-carved, Himalayan pink salt lamps.

LifeFlow Energetics - Diane Carlisle

Visit Diane's booth for a mini-brain/body energy reading and a revitalizing energy balance. FREE balance & stability check-ups. RELAX, RELEASE & RE-ENERGIZE! Your feet may happily tingle, all the way from your toes to your brain cells when walking away in a pair of Voxx energy insoles or energy sox! This almost magical foot wear has brought surprising comfort, balance, improved flexibility, and even improved strength and clarity of mind to many people of all ages. It is her great joy to see you move in more comfort and confidence.

Little Trees

One-of-a-kind Native American items honoring our 4-legged and 2-legged friends with Spirit Medicine Shields, house blessings, purses, back scratchers, jewelry, and many more.

Liz's Creations - Liz Wiginton

Liz's Creations are made of all homemade herbal ingredients, such as pain cream, sleep cream, bath salts, sugar scrub, chapsticks, bug spray, rollers, and much more. Liz's mom, Kelly Lubbe — With a Touching Hand — will also be in the booth, offering tarot card readings and mini-Reiki sessions.

Love Your Life Coaching & Meditation

Lori Barresi is a certified life coach and master meditation teacher. She works with individuals and groups through one-on-one coaching, retreats, and workshops with an emphasis on awakening to peace, love, & prosperity. Love Your Life creates one-of-a-kind prayer malas, bracelets, and spiritual clothing.

Magic Wind Flutes

MagicWind Flutes are born of Chuck Pavey's passion for the Native American Flute. He is proud to present the work of his heart and hands, and he stands behind his workmanship. Magic Winds bring you exotic flutes made from most any wood in the world, and can be altered some, and recalculated to suit your needs. The higher-toned flutes have the easiest (or closest) finger. Chuck will give a personal flute lesson with each sale if requested. Chuck says, "This work is my pleasure. Such a joy to tune and finish one of these Magic Wind flutes. I hope you get as much fulfillment from playing, as I did from making it."

Spencer Michaud Astrology

Spencer Michaud is a professional astrologer who focuses on self-actualization and empowerment. He uses an interdisciplinary approach, incorporating both modern &a traditional (ancient) chart-reading techniques as well as numerology, animal symbolism, and archetypal storytelling. His readings focus on actionable, grounded wisdom utilizing the power of choice and transcendence to help you find the hero within. Spencer has over fifteen years' experience studying the ancient wisdom traditions and symbolic languages. or 734-834-2990

Minas Gerais Krustallos - Brazilian Crystals

Wellington and his wife, Gay, bring you the finest crystals directly from the Brazilian mines.

Myaderm - CBD Products

Myaderm is a transdermal CBD pain relief cream which is highly effective for arthritis, back/knee/neck pain, fibromyalgia, muscle strains/sprains, and other various aches and pains. CBD crystal glass and sugar wax are highly concentrated forms of CBD which are inhaled vapes and have been shown to be helpful for alleviating anxiety, depression, seizures, and a number of other conditions. Please call/text Allan Mortimer at 440-454-5017 if you're interested in receiving discounts for ordering these products.

Nefertem Naturals

Restore your natural radiance with Nefertem's artisan soaps, organic body butters, therapeutic sprays, grass-fed tallow balms, and herbal infusions. Tired of being exposed to dangerous chemicals? Enjoy hand-crafted products made with the highest quality, purest ingredients found on Earth, including grass-fed tallow! No junk guaranteed! Effective, luxurious, and full of powerful herbs, essential oils, and healthy fats. Experience the POWER OF NATURE in your daily routine™. Visit to learn more!

New Health - CBD Products

United States grown and manufactured CBD. Products are CBD oil, pain salve, lotion, pet chews, and pet CBD oil. Call 248-291-5775, email, or visit

NYR Organic - Anne Taylor

Independent Consultants Anne Taylor, Forest Levy Wolfe, and Loren Roumell will be at the booth for Neal's Yard Remedies/NYR Organic: An organic, natural health & beauty company from the UK. For 37 years, NYR has been using certified organic, non-GMO ingredients, sustainably & ethically sourced. Their safe, award-winning products can be found at stores & spas in over 21 countries & NOW in the U.S. through Independent Consultants only. Skin care including age-defying Frankincense, Essential Oils, Baby Care & MORE! Stop by and register for their monthly newsletter & be entered to win a $25 NYR Organic Gift Certificate!

Open Mind - Diane Brown

Diane Brown, owner of Open Mind, offers beautiful stones, crystals, and jewelry plus more. Also available at the Open Mind booth: Angel Reiki, Stone Readings and help from your angels and guides in selecting the stones, jewelry, or other products that are in your highest good and are needed at this time. Stone Readings: $20, Angel Reiki: $20.

Pagan Potions

Michelle of Pagan Potions is a professional psychic medium and offers a variety of manifestation candles. She has been crafting magical creations for over 20 years. Before production of her candles, she makes sure the planets are aligned appropriately before production. She uses 100% eco-soy wax to produce her candles. Every candle has crushed stones or herbs, and they are Reiki-enhanced. 

RA Moonhawk Wands

Ra and Sonya handcraft one-of-a-kind magic healing wands from various crystals, stones, woods, antler, bones, shells, coral, found objects, love, and good juju for moving of energies, meditation, reiki, healing, dream work, astral travel. Ra Moonhawk created these based on a vision he had while in deep meditation and he has been making them for 35 years. Today, Ra & apprentice Sonya Begonia create these unique pieces in their studio in Illinois.

Rock Your World Crystals & Laura Moody, Psychic

Visit Rock Your World Crystals & Stone Jewelry to receive high-frequency crystals to assist you in your journey. Laura Moody is a clairvoyant, psychic medium, pet psychic, and animal communicator. Receive a helpful reading from your angels or guides or connect with the other side. Laura is here to serve!

Scentsy - Lorena Rashid

Lorena offers home decor and fragrance products. Scentsy warmers and candle wax that work with a bulb or heating element. No fire, no flame, no soot, no smoke, a safe and clean way to do fragrance. She also offers diffusers made of hand-blown glass, all-natural and essential oils for diffusing, room sprays, car bars, and body fragrance items.

Chelsea Schultz, Soul Lightworker + Priestess Arts

Chelsea is a natural empath, clairvoyant, and energy healer. She uses energy reading, tarot, and intuitive guidance from Archangels to heal and empower you! In addition, Chelsea offers Live Aura Paintings (a reading you can take home!) and Intuitive Henna Healing + Reading Sessions. Taylor of Priestess Arts joins Chelsea as a maker of sacred knotted crystal jewelry and facilitator of healing ritual circles. Taylor will be selling her handmade divine adornments at their booth.

Share International

Mark Long is a volunteer with Share International, a lifelong student of the Ageless Wisdom teachings, and a Transmission Meditation practitioner since 1989. Share International is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit dedicated to publicizing the existence of a great spiritual teacher now present among us, and encouraging the practice of Transmission Meditation as a service. Share International:, (800) 860-8035, "Global sharing is the solution to humanity's problems." Transmission Meditation:, "Group meditation for those who are drawn to service."

Shungite USA

Founder and clinical director of the House of Ayurveda, Vladimir Kazinets is a certified Ayurvedic medicine practitioner, professional member of NAMA (National Ayurvedic Medical Association), and has extensive experience in practicing Ayurvedic medicine in clinics and hospitals of Nepal, India, Europe and USA. He offers a large variety of shungite goods for healing and protection, as well as shungite stones for water purification. Shungite works on both physical and metaphysical levels. The study of the effect of shungite on electromagnetic fields showed that it can be used as a protection against harmful EMFs (electromagnetic frequencies) of cell phones, television sets, computers, and Earth geo-pathogenic zones. Shungite aids the body in its healing and helps to restore emotional balance by wearing shungite jewelry (bracelets, pendants, rings, necklaces). A shungite pyramid carries energy and gives strength; it has the ability to heal and protects from harmful substances in the atmosphere.

Spirited Art Empowerment - Laura Ghedotte

Laura is a Certified Intuitive Art Practitioner, Certified Hypnotherapist, Reiki Master Teacher, and medium. Laura is offering the following Intuitive Art readings: (1) Healing Messages from Your Higher Self: Laura uses Intuitive Art Drawings to share with you messages of incredible insight and healing from your Higher Self. Ask any question. (2) Soul Blueprint: Discover your soul gifts that you brought into your lifetime. Learn how to align to your soul gifts & soul purpose & much more.

Spirit Whispers with Selene Negrette

Selene is a life coach, angel intuitive and author. She teaches people how to heal their hearts by learning how to connect with the angels and how to receive their guidance in order to transform their lives for the better. At the Expo, she will be doing angel readings, selling her two books, and offering her new line of "Heal Your Heart" Angel Cards. or

Sunflower Aura LLC / Authentic Experience

Sunflower Aura is partnering with Authentic Experience to provide intuitive readings (tarot & palm), wire-wrapped jewelry, and pendulums. They are here to serve. They are here to connect. They are here to leave the world brighter than they found it.

Sutherland Style Seven-Way Shirt Scarf

Cheryl Labes sells the famous seven-way shirt/scarf. 50 patterns and textures, one size fits all! Very popular for all ages and sizes.

Suzy-Q's Earth Remedies

Suzy-Q's Earth Remedies are holistic personal care products handcrafted in small batches using organic or ethically wildcrafted ingredients. Each product is made with love (the first ingredient) and infused with Reiki.

True Frequency Grounding Jewelry

True Frequency Grounding Jewelry protects you from the effects of radio waves. True Frequency technology goes above and beyond ttraditional magnetic jewelry; they use the newest and most powerful frequency technology available today in order to give you maximum results. As you wear True Frequency Grounding Jewelry, it will harness natural frequencies that occur in your immediate environment to help tune and rebalance your energy field to a more natural state. Joe Follrod is a Metaphysical Minister/Licensed Unity Teacher, energy worker, and EFT Practitioner. He works with people on the phone or on the internet via Skype or Zoom.

Twistful Thinking

Twistful Thinking is handmade jewelry using hand-picked crystals, semi-precious stones, sea glass, cruelty-free suede cord and more. Each piece is created with good intentions to promote positivity and natural healing while giving off an effortless boho-chic vibe. Pieces include necklaces, earrings, bracelets, hair accessories, and suncatchers.

Two Paths Integrative Wellness

Two Paths Integrative Wellness offers a variety of wellness services to improve mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual well-being. They utilize a holistic approach to health, offering psychotherapy, Reiki, massage, and educational services. They provide guidance to children, teens, and adults who are experiencing dissatisfaction in life. Their clients experience reduction in anxiety, improved mood, and an improved sense of spiritual connectedness. Call 248-426-9383, or visit the office located on 11 Mile and Orchard Lake Road in Farmington Hills.

Whimsical Warrior

Alexzandra Hayes's shop is called The Whimsical Warrior. She creates whimsical-feeling jewelry that celebrates crystals' natural beauty. Every crystal is unique, so each piece is one-of-a-kind and very special. She uses a technique called the Tiffany Technique. The metalwork is done directly onto each crystal, using layers of silver/tin alloy. She then brings out the details of the piece by oxidizing and polishing the metal. Lastly, she applies a clear protective coating over the jewelry to prevent tarnish, oxidation, or irritation.

White Owl LLC

Diana Wells sells stone jewelry, Tibetan (2/3) bowls, Himalayan salt lamps, a large assortment of rock specimens which include labradorite, celestite, selenite towers, and unique samples. Also some Native American items. She has travelled around the world and studied with the indigenous shamans in Peru and had a metaphysical store from 1999 to 2004.

WillowRokk Coterie

WillowRokk Coterie offers high-quality handmade wares to inspire, heal, and celebrate the Oneness of many paths for people's inner and outer space. Engaging their knowledge of energy healing, sound attunement, and Yoga Tantra therapy, WillowRokk offers hands-on opportunities for awareness and growth on all levels through their booth and products, guiding visitors to discover and realize their personal and spiritual potential. Their bonsai trees embody Sacred Geometry, also represented in jewelry, tote bags, coin purses, art boards, and banners. Email or visit

Young Living Essential Oils - Sheryl Miles

Essential oils have enhanced lives for thousands of years, offering a variety of life-changing benefits from cosmetic, emotional, physical, to spiritual wellness. Young Living produces the most authentic essential oils in the world, due to the meticulous steps of their proprietary "Seed to Seal" production process. They are committed to providing pure, powerful products, all infused with the benefits of their oils. Young Living has been the world leader in essential oils and wellness solutions for 24 years. Let Sheryl show you how Young Living can change your life. or (586) 899-8011.

Zilis - Hemp Oil Products

Gold standard hemp oil (THC free)! Discover hemp oil benefits: Helps with anti-swelling, promotes stable mood, helps with numerous other conditions. UltraCell™: Blends full-spectrum hemp oil with prebiotics and antioxidants, contains a myriad of naturally occurring phytocannabinoids, flavonoids, and fatty acids. Zilis products are made with a proprietary technology that converts oil content into a water-soluble form to maximize bioavailability. Presented by Zilis Ambassadors Susan Travis, Kathy Jerore & Nirbhaya Sobie.

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