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June 2016 Expo


11:00am-12:00pm: “Expanding Awareness Through Qi Gong” with Steve Shriemer

Steve Schriemer is a Michigan native with a passion for people, music and Qi Gong. Growing up, Steve always had an interest in natural health and alternative medicine. After going to school for music engineering and classical voice performance, he attended the Naturopathic Institute of Therapies and Education in Mount Pleasant. There he found that his understanding of frequencies and vibration in sound recording carried over into vibrational medicine, and that his training in classical singing posture had ties to ancient health and breathing practices. Introduced to Qi Gong at the institute, he quickly fell in love with it, practicing movements and postures for hours on end. Wanting to take his practice to the next level, he trained under Qi Gong


Master Lee Holden to earn three different levels of teaching certification and continues to train under Master Lee to deepen his understanding of qi and its applications. Steve loves sharing his passion with others through teaching and it really shows in his enthusiasm and compassion.,


12:30pm-1:30pm: “Conscious Nutrition: Cultivating Intuition & More” with Juliana Schriemer

Esoteric and intuitive practitioners often utilize the energetic and spiritual properties of minerals and substances when

they work with gems, rocks, crystals, and different metal alloys. These energetic and spiritual properties are also used

in the same way by the human body, when we consume minerals and other dietary nutrition. This presentation will

focus on the energetic and spiritual aspects of specifi c dietary minerals, their infl uence on the human being, and which

mineral offers strong energetic and physical protection when present within the human body; the negative impact that

environmental toxins and certain lifestyle choices can have on the body’s energetic anatomy, spiritual development,

and intuition, and how to detox from these substances; and which foods and aspects of nutrition to focus on in order to

increase your dietary intake of these benefi cial minerals.


Juliana has a background in natural health, through the Naturopathic Institute of Therapies and Education in Mt.

Pleasant, MI. She manages Indigo Forest Holistic Family Center in Ann Arbor, where she has spent over seven years,

guiding clients and customers on natural health and lifestyle. She has been teaching natural health classes for ten years.

2:00pm-3:00pm: “Embodying Your Higher Self: Clearing the Ego” with Christine Fodor

Christine will present a group clearing and healing session to become free of the negative mind, or ego, and to remove its

limitation and self-sabotage in your life. She’ll then connect you to your Higher Self through Theta state to the highest

level of love and light with Creator of All That Is on the Seventh Plane, using ThetaHealing, Access Consciousness

clearings, and psychic channeling. This aligns you and your Higher Self to Divine Truth, Divine Guidance, and Divine

Awareness with the love of Creator — and your embodiment begins. Your destiny awaits!


Christine Fodor of Renewal Clearing & Healing is an intuitive energy medicine practitioner and psychic channel of Source/

Creator with 13 years of practice specializing in clearing blocks and limitations to help you change your life to achieve

your desired outcome. Along with channeled energy healing and divine guidance from source, Christine is a Certifi ed

ThetaHealer in Basic & Advanced DNA, offering sessions to facilitate physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual re-patterning

through belief and feeling work. ThetaHealing readings include Higher Self & spirit guides. Christine is also an Access

Consciousness Bars and Facelift practitioner. Christine also offers monthly guided meditation, coaching, and mentorship.

(248)444-7408,,, >SEE AD on page 16.


3:30pm-4:30pm: “The House Whisperer - Feng Shui and More” with Sue Hidalgo

Space that feels good encourages prosperity, good relationships, and living life with joy. As a “House Whisperer,” Sue

Hidalgo clears negatives, creating space for positive forces to fl ow in from the Universal. As a Feng Shui practitioner,

she assesses the energy of your environment. Sue then uses placement of objects, colors, shapes, and more to amplify

cosmic energy coming into your home or place of business. This analysis involves focusing on fl ow, function, and form

of what’s in your home to create alignment with yin/yang fi ve elements and symbolism. In this presentation, we’ll see

examples of this ancient art.


Sue is owner of The Energy Balancing Institute in Southgate, Michigan. She is a master healer and teacher, and has

been rated as one of the “Top 100 Psychics in America!” As a child, Sue talked to dead people and re-experienced past

lives. As an adult, she has had several awakening experiences that plummeted her into new ways of viewing herself,

others, human thought, and history. She began extensive studies and therapies, processes deliberately chosen to grow

and become whole and happy. Since 1980, Sue has worked in a professional capacity locally, nationally, and abroad.

Her Energy Balancing Institute offers training in professional healing and personal growth courses.,, (734) 285-7336

5:00pm-6:00pm: “Rahanni Celestial Healing” with Constance Joy Hart

Rahanni energy — the Pink Ray of Light — has been brought from the celestial realms to this time period on Earth

because we are now ready for the higher vibrations. Rahanni means “Of One Heart.” It is also the perfect balancing

of male and female energies. It is a connection to the Ascended Masters, Archangels, and 51 Pink Angels. It works by

clearing the negative energy from your heart and your being, allowing you to connect with your true natural essence

of truth, love, and compassion. Constance will share about this new energy and how it has been transforming people’s

lives and will then do a meditation, sending this energy to the group.


Constance Joy Hart, ND, Certifi ed Soul Coach®, Certifi ed Past Life Coach, is also one of the fi rst Rahanni teachers

in North America. This energy was received in England in the early 2000’s and is now in 22 countries. Constance has

trained personally under Denise Linn at her ranch in California. She has picked up several other modalities as well and

integrates each of them as she offers healing, while raising your vibrations, for your body, mind, and spirit.

(248) 982-7859,


6:30pm-8:00 pm: “Michigan Mediums” - Group Gallery Reading Extravaganza

Come join us for a chance to receive channeled messages from your loved ones who have crossed over to the Other

Side. Several mediums will work together on the stage to give messages from the departed to the audience. You will

be touched by all the stories, and feel the loving messages in your heart and soul, delivered through this special group

of Michigan mediums.

Marybeth Rombach Nelson is an intuitive, medium, author, Reiki Master, & Reiki teacher. She can give you intuitive

impressions of your future and heal your past, as well as reading angel cards and giving messages from passed-over

loved ones. She gives lectures & seminars across Michigan and abroad. You can fi nd Marybeth’s books on

and look for her videos on Youtube.,, (734) 890-8581


Tom Pierce has been doing readings for many years and is an angel card reader, medium, and psychic intuitive reader.

He participated in the medium crossing-over programs with Maria Shaw’s fairs in Michigan for four years, as well as

doing readings there. He became a Reiki Master so he could, through Jesus’s healing, help others in need. He’s put on

classes on relationships and truly enjoys helping so many people! (989) 860-9783,


Kathy Tertzag has a lifetime of metaphysical and spiritual work experience and works with many angels and spirit

guides in her readings. Kathy can see, she can hear, and she gets feelings, energy, and words. Her services include:

classes in meditation and psychic phenomena, aura readings, Akashic record readings, medical intuitive readings,

channeling, and Reiki., (734) 775-8000

11:30am-12:30pm: “Chinese Face-Reading: Your Health Is Written On Your Face” with Lynda Forbes

Face Reading, a branch of Chinese medicine, is a metaphysical art form that has multiple applications. Just one of its

uses is to analyze the face from a medical approach. Each facial feature corrolates with specifi c organs and parts of

the body, similar to accupucture/accupressure points. Using Face Reading in this way not only provides us with clues

to potential health issues, but also designates psychological causes behind these problems. In this workshop you will

learn: (1) The main facial shapes and elemental assignments, (2) their corresponding organs, (3) some of the possible

physical and psychological issues that correlate with each.


Lynda Forbes has over 34 years of experience as a professional astrologer and teacher of metaphysical studies. She also

specializes in Chinese Face Reading, an ancient system of analysis and predictive techniques, and tarot readings. Lynda

trains people in all three subjects along with runes, psychic development, and Native American medicine wheel, and

leads guided meditations at her offi ce at Life Guide Center in Fenton, MI., (810) 394-0109,



1:00pm-2:00pm: “Mediumship Gallery Reading of Departed Loved Ones” with Wendy Piepenberg

Wendy Piepenburg has always been psychic and received “messages” from the departed as a child. She sees clients in

Ann Arbor and Los Angeles and reads for a diverse group worldwide. She’s been a guest on shows such as “Spooky Talk”

with Clyde Brown and on FM 95.5. She has been featured in Hollywood’s Motion Picture and Television magazine,

The Caster, and The Power Agent. Wendy has investigated historically haunted locations with teams who enlist the

help of psychic mediums. A member of The American Association of Psychics, she has lectured at the University of

Michigan and other educational institutions.


Wendy’s sessions combine her psychic and mediumistic abilities to connect with those who have passed. She shares

images and messages signifi cant to the client, as well as providing specifi c insight to assist in healing the sense of loss

that is often felt. “This,” she says, “is the greatest gift of sharing the gift.”,, (734) 330-4709



2:30pm-3:30pm: “Tidbits & Tips for the Spiritual Explorer” with Daphne Mead-Derbyshire

You are a novice on your journey; you have questions about spirituality that may seem taboo or uncomfortable to ask.

Join Daphne for a one-hour overview of those unknowns. Spirituality/religion, what does it all mean for you? What is a

personal spiritual practice? Don’t know your Kaun Yin (or is that Quan Yin) from your yin yang? Invocation or prayer,

what is the difference? Incense burning, sage smudging, direction calling, grounding with the white light: How, where,

what? Join her in a safe all “questions are good” environment to share some love and light.


Daphne Mead-Derbyshire was ordained in 2007 at the Interfaith Seminary in Manhattan, NY, was trained at the Grief

Recovery Institute with John James, and had a twelve-year career as a direct-entry midwife. She has been teaching

classes and workshops centered on women’s issues and spirituality for 25 years., (817) 458-6379



4:00pm-5:00pm: “Healing Oils of the Bible” with Allegra Miller

This talk sheds light on an aspect of Biblical wisdom that often gets overlooked in modern-day spiritual circles: Essential

oils! While frankincense and myrrh have a tendency to get the most attention (gifts brought by the Magi at Jesus’s

birth), did you realize that the Bible actually references essential oils and/or aromatic plants over 600 times? In the Old

Testament, essential oils are referenced in 36 of 39 books. In the New Testament, they are referenced in 10 of 27 books.

In this lecture, you will discover the how’s, where’s, and why’s of the ancient wisdom contained within certifi ed, pure,

therapeutic-grade essential oils and learn how to utilize them in your daily practice to elevate all levels of well-being.


Allegra Miller is deeply dedicated to the actualization of human potential and is passionate about utilizing gifts of

the Earth to elevate home and workplace well-being. Her background in neuroscience, naturopathy, and spiritual

inquiry has shaped a message that blends the wisdom of the ages with cutting-edge science. She has taught hundreds

of classes, workshops, retreats, and radio programs on a multitude of topics related to quantum wellness and natural

solutions. She has a BS in biopsychology from the University of Michigan and is a Certifi ed Natural Health Educator,

Certified Life Coach, Certified Quantum Reflex Practitioner I & II, and Wellness Advocate/Leader at dōTERRA.

(734) 260-3910,



Michel Aiken
Michel Aiken is a gifted messenger of Spirit. Her mission is to create awareness and understanding of the Divine Light Source and soul connection and to assist you in healing and staying connected to Source. Utilizing angel cards or your own drawing based on a Maori tradition, she connects with your soul, your guides and Light Energies to bring you messages and guidance to assist you on your path and empower you.

Ann of the Silver Peacock
Ann uses her psychic gifts to help people find peace, clarity, and direction in life, and to celebrate the successes, blessings, and joys on their way! She connects to Spirit through oracle cards that address different areas of life, including relationships, romance, career, life purpose, and messages from loved ones who have passed. They reveal a theme, and Spirit reveals to Ann the deeper meaning specific to you. She works with several guides, including the Archangel Gabriel. Our purpose is to help you remember the Truth of your soul, and empower you to make choices that help you live life to the fullest.


Amy Bacon
Amy specializes in practical spiritual counseling for understanding and clarity in all areas of your life. By connecting directly with your spirit guides and into your energy field, Amy will give you an accurate reading that provides answers, clear direction, and insights for you. As a medium, Amy can call in loved ones who have passed over to give you their messages. It’s time to live the life of your dreams! Have a reading with Amy for clear understanding about your life, to remove any obstacles that may be blocking you, and to set you on your path to living your most joyous life now.


Kathy Baker
Kathy is a gifted spiritual medium, soul connector, and channeler who has a unique way to help you connect with your soul, Spirit, angels, and departed loved ones using different healing modalities and healing processes given to her by the angels. This connection will help enlighten you, while empowering you to create your heart’s desire, bringing clarity to life’s questions you may have, or help heal your broken heart as a Divine conduit channeling your soul and Spirit. She is also nationally known to many as the “Healer of the Heart.” Receive a message and healing.


Jacob Beaune
Jacob is an intuitive Tarot Card reader and has been reading for about 9 years. He sees beyond the general meanings of the cards to provide a reading with depth and accuracy. He sees patterns and archetypes that are currently affecting you, their origins, and how to make the best of any situation.


Nancy Buikema 
Nancy is a spiritually guided, shamanic, cosmic, wise woman, mystic! She provides an open channel for each client, offering messages & guidance that assists you in accessing energetic fi elds of potential beyond this existence... retrieving fragments lost & bringing your DNA into harmony with YOUR divine template, which holds the keys to your heart’s calling in the here & now!


Psychic Readings by Cindy
Cindy reads with beautiful Hungarian Gypsy cards. She is a psychic medium, working with both her energy and yours. She is able to tune in and feel, see, and hear spirits that come through with messages for you. With a touch of palmistry and the rare Hungarian Gypsy Cards, it’s truly a unique experience! Cindy has been reading for over 30 years, passed down from her mother, Madeline. “To give you a closer glimpse in your future which is only in the palm of your hands” (Quote from Natalie Rogers).


Anne Duffy
Anne offers Soul Restructuring and Life-Pattern Reorganization with Source energy using Spiritual Response Therapy (SRT), inner child work, and psychic intuition. SRT uses a pendulum as a tool and a set of charts to heal and transform issues at the causal level of one’s life using heart-based love. Once discordant blocks, negative belief systems/contracts, vows, past/parallel lives, curses, DNA disturbances, and other interferences in the soul’s Akashic records are removed, your spirit, body, and life can heal instantaneously. This allows you to reset your intentions for health, love, career, relationships, and prosperity to live your best life now.


Gail Embery
Helping others is something Gail has always had a passion for. As a licensed counselor, she helps her clients negotiate life’s difficulties, specializing in grief and relationships. As a psychic/medium and experienced tarot reader, Gail offers guidance and information on potentialities for finances, careers and, of course, relationships. She does not predict the future, because there is always free will to make your own decisions, as you choose from many options. Gail developed her natural mediumship ability with training received at Arthur Findlay College, London, England, UK. She also earned a master’s in counseling psychology from Wayne State University.


Fran Falan, SilverSages LLC
Fran is a psychic medium/channel for Spirit. She has a bachelor’s degree in Science & Business Management. She is a Reiki Master and a remote viewer, able to locate items and/or loved ones. During an appointment, she can bring forth information about past lives that are affecting your current life, connect with your angels, guides, & departed loved ones to give you information that will help you to deal with life’s challenges. When guided, she teaches techniques for balancing, clearing, & protection. When appropriate, Fran is able to observe events taking place at other locations of the past, present, & future.


Tracie Redden Frick
Tracie is a generational psychic medium who was gifted at birth. She has had various trainings through the Lily Dale Academy and is a Reiki Master/Teacher. She has participated in many shows throughout the years.


Robin Gamache, Essential Soul Healing
Robin works with and channels high-vibrational Angelic Councils. She became aware at a very young age that she had natural emphathic, clairvoyant, and mediumship abilities. A life-changing experience with her father in 1996 urged Robin to go within to find higher truths of spirituality and to pursue development of her natural abilities. She is a professional clairvoyant psychic reader, Spiritualist medium, multidimensional healer, public speaker, and teacher. She was certifi cated and featured on The International School of Clairvoyance, Angel Therapy, and the Certified Psychic Directory websites. 


Jody Higgins
Jody uses her gifts to help others feel connected to God and Spirit. She is able to pick up information for you regarding your job, career, health, travel, and love life, any situation that you need. There are several ways that Jody gets information: She hears/knows information, sees images, feels physical symptoms and pain, and she gets examples of other people, things and situations to share to explain the information she gets. When Jody reads for someone, they get what they need to hear as well as the information that they ask for.


Bill Hobart
Bill’s direct connection to Spirit began at a very young age; he has been attuned to others’ emotions since childhood. As an empath and clairvoyant, along with the use of tarot cards, Bill is able to give answers to life’s questions and give direction for yesterday, today, and tomorrow.


Molly Indura, Be the Light
Molly is a clairvoyant, mystic, artist and healer with over 20 years of experience in reading the energy fields of humans. She specializes in locating sources of distress within you and clearing them out of the field. She playfully reveals insights in the areas of health, relationships, work, and whatever else you seek in your heart.


KaTEE Loch
KaTEE Loch, clairvoyant psychic medium, refers to herself as “Just the Messenger.” A reader of 35 years’ experience, her spirit guided gifts encourage her to see the direction towards the path of your healing, great direction in love relationships, financial, jobs, education, and career. She uses the power of prayer with all her psychic services. 


Rev. Liz Madsen CNHP, RMT
Rev. Liz Madsen, CNHP, RMT is a pet psychic/animal communicator. She can telepathically talk to animals that are alive and spiritually to ones that have passed on. Your pet does not need to be here for her to talk to them. Find out who your guides are around you and who your power animal is; your power animal is a reflection of you. She talks to those who have passed on, so you can get messages from them. Animal runes, numerology cards or crystal cards, find out something about your life and learn something to help you.


Rev. Marilyn Morgan
Rev. Marilyn was gifted from birth as a psychic medium intuitive healer. She has used her gifts professionally for 21 years to help many people with career, love, finances, health and more! She specializes in past lives and future. She works with all angels, saints, fairies, and ascended masters as well as animal totem guides. Confidential, highly accurate and detail orientated, she can help with all problems, transformations and changes.


Sherry Mullins, Heyoka Counseling Service
Sherry says, “Are you an odd duck? A misfi t? Someone who doesn’t quite fit in this world? Perhaps you feel lonely, anxious, outcast, weighed down, overly responsible, pained. You’re irritated, sensitive, suffering, trying to find your way while others tell you you’re doing it wrong. What do you want? What do you need? Where do you go from here? Come. Sit with me a moment. Feel yourself melt into the warmth of belonging. Life doesn’t have to be so lonely, so isolated, so hard.” Using her own introverted, quirky, quick, and intuitive ways, Sherry sees what is good and draws out the best of who you really are.


Marybeth Rombach Nelson
Marybeth Rombach Nelson is an intuitive, an author, a Reiki Master & Reiki Teacher. She can give you intuitive impressions of your future and heal your past. Her readings include: Intuitive impressions of your future, birthday card reading, angel card reading, and intuitive messages on love, life, career, soul’s path; also mediumship messages from passed-over loved ones; and Reiki healing just for you. Marybeth gives lectures & seminars across MI and abroad. Ask her about her next Reiki class dates; you can find Marybeth’s books & videos on Youtube.


Tom Pierce
Tom has been doing readings for many years and is an angel card reader, medium, and psychic intuitive reader. He has participated in “Crossing-Over” mediumship presentations around Michigan, as well as doing readings at numerous fairs. He became a Reiki Master so he could; through Jesus’s healing help others in need. He’s put on classes on relationships and has had great response from the classes. He truly enjoys helping so many people.


Rosalie Fabbro Rattee 
Rose is a channel and a medium who works at making sure we stay in contact with our loved ones in Heaven and get the messages we’re meant to hear. She channels and writes a post daily from God Our Father on Facebook. Rose works closely with God, Jesus, Holy Spirit, Mother Mary, the saints and all the angels. Whether you’re trying to get information, connect with a relative or friend, or talk to your own “I Am” self or the Masters of Heaven, that can be done.


Jason Riggs
Jason is a channel who specializes in higher-dimensional contact. He is able to connect and communicate with your own higher dimensional guides as well as many well-known figures, such as Jeshua, Archangel Michael, Sanat Kumara, the Mother, and many others. He can clear energetic blocks to sensing Spirit with his team of psychic doctors, as well as ground a very high amount of spiritual energy into this reality in order to enable the fullest experience. He is also skilled in releasing unwanted energetic connections, soul rescue, soul retrieval, and connecting to your star family.


Rev. Dr. Judy Spitler McKee
Rev. Dr. Judy Spitler McKee is a channel, spiritual counselor, developmental psychologist, and author of “The Indigo Children” and “Infinity Walk.” Her modalities are angel contact, numerology, colors, and graphology. She offers Higher Self guidance from your deepest soul questions, such as: “Am I pursuing my unique Divine Mission? What new possibilities and synchronicities await me in the quantum field? How do I stay aligned and centered with confusion and distractions around me? What is my connection to the New Children of Higher Love and Light (termed Indigo, ADD, crystal, rainbow)?” Clients report feeling more empowered for their daily life.


Robin VerCande
Robin has been a crystal ball reader for 30 years. Her psychic abilities were discovered when she was 3. She was raised going to public schools during the week and taking metaphysical courses in the evenings and on weekends. By her mid-teens, Robin had fallen in love with crystals and gemstones. While she still does a variety of readings, the crystal ball readings are her absolute favorite. The information she receives comes from the connectedness that we all have. Everything she does is with love and she asks for all that is good to guide her!


Vijayalaxmi expertly uses palmistry, numerology, tarot cards, & divination to guide you to subconsciously hidden answers to important concerns in life, to guide you towards creating positive energy, joy, peace, abundance, and health, and to solve relationship problems. She is a scholar of the ancient Indian science of palmistry, with 35 years of experience. Passionately she helps her clients in creating harmonious energy in the different aspects of your life. “Your palm is the map of your life.” 


Tara Winstanley
Tara Winstanley is a natural-born sensitive and intuitive empathic. So, it was a natural fi t when she gravitated toward the physical tools of divination, such as the tarot, and developed her expertise. She also designs oracle decks and works as a professional tarot reader. With a healing approach to your personal reading, she will provide you with details of your situation — past, present, and future — with a natural and accurate clairvoyance. She provides a positive and beneficial experience during readings and would be happy to explore all your spiritual needs.



4 Directions: Lizzi Jacks and Brenda Jacks

Healing crystals, gems, aura quartz, jewelry art, chakra music & sound healing CDs. Lizzi (aka Chakuna Machi Asa) is a sound healing artist with practice in the ancient tradition of overtone chanting and shamanic drumming. She has been featured by The Shift Network, The Heart of the Healer, & Shamans Market, and her music is available at Sears, Kmart, Amazon, iTunes, CdBaby,  MTV & iHeart Radio. Her popular YouTube channel offers free healing music videos and has reached over 50,000 people worldwide.


AMI Light Therapy

AMI Light Therapy offers a proven light therapy system by In Light Wellness Systems. This system promotes and supports the body to heal itself. It facilitates your natural healing ability through pulsating photon light waves delivered on different frequencies, which are absorbed by the body. It is FDA-cleared as a Class II medical device and can be used both professionally in the clinic and by people at home as part of their continuing therapy. AMI will be sharing free 20-minute session so you can feel what the lights can do for you.


Ancient Science Distributors

Since 1992, Ancient Science Distributors has been supplying its customers with effective natural products for body, mind & spirit. Serious products....for serious people! EXTERNALLY, they have products for external problems like: eczema/psoriasis, anti-aging skin care, pain management, shaving/beard maintenance, hair care, etc. For INTERNAL conditions, their herbal extracts & teas can help balance & manage disorders like: high/low blood pressure, insulin imbalance, detoxification, lymphatic cleansing, anxiety/sleep issues, energy imbalance, and much more. 


Arbonne International

Pure, safe and beneficial products for over 35 years! Herbal botanical premium Swiss-based skin care for the whole family!  Vegan, gluten-free nutrition products, 28-day Clean Eating Bootcamp, 7-Day herbal cleanse and various supplements.  They are also free from dairy, soy and whey!   Sports nutrition products to achieve peak performance. PhytoSport products have the BSCG certification. 


Avita Bella Essentials

Essential oil products such as essential oils; aromatherapy jewelry, including crystals and stones; supplements; and spa products, as well as aromatherapy diffusers.


Chuck's Magic Wind Flutes

Chuck started to build his beautiful Native American-style flutes about 15 years ago. He surrounds himself with exotic wood from all over the world — like bubinga, cocobolo, purple heart — and local woods like cedar, birch, and bird's eye maple. Since then, his mastery has evolved immensely and every piece he makes is unique, emanating the vibration of his passion and love in such delicate craftsmanship. Chuck's passion for the Native American-style flute allows him to share with everyone how easy they are to be played.


doTERRA Essential Oils

This booth will be offering certified, pure, therapeutic-grade essential oils for sampling. They will also be sharing opportunities for purchasing the oils, attending upcoming classes, and learning about exciting business opportunities.  Those interested can experience the quality and effectiveness of the oils through the AromaTouch hand technique. 


Earth Wisdom Music and Clothing

Exquisite silk/velvet jackets, magic dresses that become 6 dresses, and the best tee-shirts in the known universe, as well as a variety of New Age music CDs for sale.



FITTEAM FIT is an energy and fat-loss beverage that is organic, Non-GMO,  gluten-free, lactose-free, soy-free, and vegan-friendly. FITTEAM FIT has zero calories, is naturally sweetened, and tastes great! Come get FIT with FITTEAM Global today!


The Goddess Box

A revolution is taking place! Women are tapping into their feminine energy and manifesting great things. The Goddess Box offers crystal yoni eggs and crystal massage wands. Their offerings are for women (and their partners) in any stage of life. Yoni egg practice can enrich the lives of menopausal, postpartum, celibate, abuse survivors, and any woman exploring her feminine energy. Sacred sexuality, feminine health and hygiene, crystal body work, and spirituality are a few topics about which they are excited. Stop by their table to learn more!


Healing Energy

Healing Energy has numerous healing products, including over 200 varieties of stones and crystals, tuning forks, singing bowls, jewelry, and much more.


Henna Beauty 4 U!

Henna Beauty 4 U offers temporary body art.  Charene makes her henna paste from all-natural ingredients. Henna is an organic temporary tattoo, made from the leaves of the plant called Lawsonia Inermis. Henna stains the top layers of the skin, getting darker after three days of application. The tattoo lasts for seven to ten days. Its organic nature combined with all-natural ingredients makes it safe for children and adults.


Illuminate Your Spirit

Illuminate Your Spirit offers a wide range of metaphysical items to meet your spiritual and manifestation needs. They will be offering candles, beautiful journals, jewelry, handmade totes, drawstring bags, and much more. This year, they are partnering with Pagan Potions. Pagan Potions offers handmade candles, sprays, perfume oils, and more.  


Infinite Flame Magickal Shoppe

Infinite Flame started as the only makers of Magickal Gel Candles. It has expanded to include other handmade products: jewelry, pendulums, charms, incense, and glycerin soaps. They also have tumbled stones & crystals, some of which are put into sets for money, love, protection, and more. 


Integrity Chiropractic

Through Dr. Teresa Williams' own healing journey, she has learned that one can experience three types of imbalances: emotional/spiritual body, mental body, or an imbalance in the physical body. Her approach can help anyone who has had deep-seated emotional scars or physical traumas, whose body has never been the same after the incident. An Expo-only special will include: A brief trauma history and scan will be performed to see if her approach will be able to help you find balance in your systems and ethereal body, so deep healing can occur. If this sounds like you, she will be here to assist you!  LOCATED IN THE MEZZANINE (Lobby)


James, Little Eagle Standing Strong: Shaman, Psychic, Exorcist, Reader

James, Little Eagle Standing Strong, is an internationally known shaman with visions to share and channeled messages from angels, spirit guides, and loved ones. He is a psychic, providing readings on love, health, career, money, past lives. He is an exorcist, clearing darkness from personal space, chakras, aura, home, businesses, & attachments, and breaking spells and curses. 


Jennifer L. LaFeldt, KEEP Collective Independent Designer

Jennifer is a KEEP Collective independent Designer.  KEEP Collective is a sister company of Stella and Dot Jewelry.  KEEP Collective lets you design your own story in jewelry. You start out with a KEEPER, which can be a leather or silicone band, or a pendant, and then you add keys to it (charms). Your keys are what tells the story.  Jenny made one for work, which has a starfish, house, baby prints, and tree.  What story does it tell?  She is an infant therapist, going to homes, and nurturing a family at at time.  Let her help you tell your own story in KEEP jewelry!


Joji and Julia

Julia King is an ordained Light-weaver and Dream Ambassador. She has been facilitating meditation and healing courses since 1992. Julia is offering Lightning Dream Work (new, recurring, or scary dreams welcome), subtle energy aura readings/healings, unique collage paintings, and the original Windsinger OM Wands. Joji is offering one-of-a-kind semi-precious stone jewelry. These beautiful original pieces are for personal empowerment and spiritual attunement. Stop by their table to say hello and see if one of these belongs to you. "What you seek is seeking you." —Rumi


KaleidoscopeTherapy: Women & Children's Pristmatic Attire

KaleidoscopeTherapy is a new women & children's prismatic clothing boutique that embodies eccentricity & vibrance. It began in 2016 with the aim of helping harness the therapeutic power of natural energy emitted by patterns & colors. The 1st way is through the wearer — they believe that dressing how we feel is an empowering & creative experience! Their unique merchandise give wearers confidence, turning them into a vessel of bright hues. The 2nd way is through the effect it has on people surrounding the wearer — everyone is sure to feel lifted after just a glance at these walking pieces of art!


Karen Morgan, Tune In With Me LLC

Readings with "The Bowl," using stones to read and clear chakra energy. Let go of attachment to lower energies, allow the high-vibrational frequencies into your life — moving into the frequency of love. Read along with Karen of the energies coming in now and hear how to maximize these energies and empower yourself. Chakra clearing, using different methodologies to clear and transform stuck energies (from stones, colors, tones, hand mudras, Reiki, dowsing, and more). Connect with your own intuition and receive a message meant to empower you to trust your own intuition.


Kathy Tertzag: Psychic Consultant, Reiki Practitioner

Kathy has a lifetime of metaphysical, spiritual work experience, and believes her abilities are God-given gifts. She works with many angels and spirit guides in her readings. Kathy does individual readings, parties, classes, group sessions, phone readings and has been a guest speaker at many venues. Her services include (but are not limited to): classes in meditation, aura readings, Akashic record readings, medical intuitive, channeling, Reiki, and Intro to Psychic Phenomena.


KC Matronia

KC's Soul Reflection readings include your divine blueprint, Kabbalah, Akashic records, chakras, aura, health, soul's purpose, path, your angels, and which essential oils, crystals, and foods benefit your energy. She also reads romance compatibility, animals, and deceased loved ones. KC does energy work and clearing while she reads. She draws out your imprints on paper. She also makes spiritual vibrational elixirs with pure essential oils, Holy water from a healing shrine, and crystals, infused with healing energies. These elixirs help you align with the angels and Divine. They are also good for house clearing.


Lapis Lazuli/Professional Aura Photos

This company provides the finest quality lapis lazuli gemstone jewelry, metaphysical tools, and gift items available. They also specialize in professional aura photography.  


Linda Adamcz

Linda Adamcz, MSW, has been certified as a Practitioner of Integrative Breathwork and Psycho-Spiritual Integration through Eupsychia Institute in Austin, Texas, since 1998. She facilitates Integrative Breathwork Workshops, a musical journey for insight, emotional healing, creativity, & renewal. The musical journey is followed by mandala artwork. This work can assist with life changes, grief/loss, trauma, abuse, stress, burnout, depression, addictions, and finding meaning & purpose. Information will be shared about Integrative Breathwork Workshops and mandala artwork. 


Lisa Elen

Lisa Elen is a psychic medium, working to connect you to loved ones who have crossed into Spirit, so that you may heal, find comfort and peace, and know love is eternal. She uses angel cards to give you guidance on your current life challenges for your highest good. Lisa is a Certified Angel Card Reader through Doreen Virtue. Her mission is also to help you connect to Spirit yourself and TRUST YOURSELF more! 


Mrs. Monica

Mrs. Monica is a psychic clairvoyant spiritual guide and medium. She can connect with all energies. She specializes in chakra and aura healing, balancing, and grounding.


NYR Organic Independent Consultants, Anne Taylor and Bridgette Johnson

Holistic Esthetician Anne Taylor & Yoga Instructor/Licensed Massage Therapist Bridgette Johnson will be sharing Neal's Yard Remedies (NYR Organic), an organic natural health & beauty range from the UK. For 35 years, NYR has been using certified organic, non-GMO ingredients, sustainably & ethically sourced. Their safe, award-winning products can be found at stores & spas in over 21 countries & NOW in the US through Independent Consultants ONLY. Skin care, essential oils, baby care & MORE!  Stop by & register for their monthly newsletter & enter to win a $25 NYR Organic Gift Certificate! LOCATED IN THE MEZZANINE (Lobby)


Open Mind

Open Mind sells stones and crystals, jewelry made of stones, pendulums, and other items as well! Diane enjoys helping customers to find the stone(s) most helpful to them, including reading the energy and how and where it will help.


Orethic LLC

Orethic means "organic & ethical" because we are passionate about fabrics that keep our skin away from the pesticides and chemicals in conventional textiles. We make the first baby diapers and feminine care products that are totally polyester-free. Ideal for people with chemical sensitivities and for customers who deeply care about the ethical impact of our every day shopping habits. We also offer educational toys and mother-daughter workshops to promote positive ideas about womanhood. We support organic cotton growers in Peru, projects like Pads for Africa, and other educational initiatives in Nicaragua. 


Pamela Leach

Pamela is an intuitive whose daily prayer is to be a clear channel for Spirit. She works only with Spirit, guides, and angels of the highest levels of love and light. As a connector, she plugs into your energy and with Source to give guidance and advice. Pamela will also connect you with those who have crossed over, if requested by you (or by those who have a message for you). Pamela came from a place of seeing only gray, feeling adrift and closed off from humanity, to feeling strong, happy, and powerful. She will share that with you.


Princess Designs Jewelry & Rock Shop

Celebrating 18 years! Princess Designs will feature a large selection of natural stone jewelry including necklaces, bracelets, earrings, malas, etc.; a large assortment of rocks (quartzes, agates and jaspers) as crystals, pebbles, specimens, wands, pyramids, orbs, eggs, pendulums, massage wands, & gemstone trees. Himalayan salt and selenite lamps; sage, palo santo wood, and sweetgrass for smudging. Incense and oils, a new addition to the store, will also be for sale.


Readings by Amanda

A fifth-generation psychic clairvoyant and medium, Amanda has been working with clients for over 23 years. At her booth, she sells crystals, candle, incense, bath salts, and soups plus much more. Readings begin at $20. She offers several types of readings, including palms, tarot, psychic, full life, love life, and chakra or aura readings. Everything is confidential, every reading includes 3 questions. There is no issue too big or so small that she cannot answer. Feel free to stop by and ask any questions!


Rock Your World: Laura and Kane Moody, Readers

Crystals and stone jewelry. Psychic readings. Mediumship. Pet psychics and tarot readings. Let them rock your world! "May the quartz be with you!"


Scentual Goddess by Julie Cantu

Scentual Goddess offers handcrafted tools to make your spiritual journey more fun and empowering!  Herbal intention soy candles, meditation candles, chakra sprays and oils, smudging kits, white sage, palo santo sticks, smudge fans, wire-wrapped necklaces, perfume oils, lip balm, essential oil blends, aromatherapy sprays, and over 60 healing crystals from around the world.  All items are handmade in Michigan by Julie.


Shifting Shapes

Shifting Shapes is an art store dedicated to healing the soul! They make (custom & pre-made) Healing jewelry, which is designed with a specific energetic healing purpose. Jewelry that is purchased can receive a personal shamanic blessing for an additional $5. They also sell photos that capture moments of divine beauty, and will have mini-card readings available as well. Shape Your Look, Shift Your Future!Shop owner Caroline Rankin is an accomplished psychic shaman & healer. She works with a multitude of deities, angels, animals, "mythological" beings & more in order to conduct powerful healings.


Sue Hidalgo

Readings via "Charms," forecasting for 12 months in the future, $60; Sue Hidalgo is the inventor of this system. Also selling jewelry and wands of crystals and gems. They provide classes and will be available to talk about 2016's scheduled offerings. They are feng shui consultants; come by to talk about clearings, house blessings, and your home!  


Valganics Handcrafted Soap, Body & More

Valganics Handcrafted Soap, Body & More is a bath and body company that offers handmade products made with care and uses plant-based oils in all of its products. They pride themselves in using Extra Virgin Olive Oil as the main base for all of their cold-process soaps, which are made from scratch, as well as natural additives such as mineral oxides, clay, carrot powder, and charcoal, to name a few.  Lotion and body oils are all made with organic cold-pressed coconut oil and essential oils. Owner Val's mission is recognizing and respecting the sensitivities of others. Samples are available!


Vanessa E. Salazar/Spiritual Energies For Your Life, LLC

Vanessa, an accredited registered member of the IPHM, is a psychic medium and spiritual mentor, clearing & releasing negative energy and attachments from homes, objects, & people.  She channels divine universal energies: angels, guides, light beings, energies from sacred sites, anchoring them to promote healing & empowering others, directing energy to bring about positive change. She’s also certified in numerous holistic therapies such as Usui Reiki, Kundalini Reiki, Imara Reiki, Integrated Energy Therapy, & Metatronia Therapy, and offers healing energy pyramids & healing oils.



Youngevity's health products are unique in alternative health because they are mineral-based and highly absorbable. There is a complete line of products, but Youngevity is famous for supplying the almost impossible-to-find plant-derived trace minerals that Dr. Wallach talks about in his lectures and CDs to repair and rebuild your body on a cellular level. Stop by our booth and pick up information and taste-test the very pleasant tasting All-in-One Vitamin/Mineral/Trace Mineral supplement that has complete nutrition, plus an amazing ORAC score of over 8,000 per serving. 



Austin Szelkowski

Austin Szelkowski believes that everyone has incredible healing energy inside of them. But the ability to activate this natural power to heal oneself is blocked for most people by years of conditioning. Austin will teach you a simple way to unlock your ability to heal yourself, on the spot! He will help you use the imaginative power of your inner child to access your ability to heal yourself and assist you by "kickstarting" your natural healing energy with his own. Austin leads a 770-person spirituality and meditation meetup and is known for helping to heal and release long-held struggles.

Christine Fodor, Renewal Clearing & Healing

Christine Fodor helps you to actualize your highest potential and unlock your superpower of choice & possibility through psychic intuitive clearings, healings, & readings. By connecting to the highest level of love & light of the Creator, Christine assists you to embody your higher self & divine truth with unconditional love, divine guidance, & awareness. Remove blocks to your success in love, relationships, business, health, and wealth. Clearing & healing modalities include ThetaHealing, Access Consciousness & intuitive psychic channeling. Readings include Higher Self & Spirit Guides. Blessed be!

Clearing Place, The

Taking you back to your Perfection! Kimberley's heart's desire is to help you make real and lasting positive changes in your life. As an Angelic Reiki Master Teacher, Certified Consulting Hypnotist, and Acupressure Practitioner with many additional tools, she is able to assist you in developing the program that best suits your needs. The purpose of her business is to help clients live a happy and healthy life. Overcoming any obstacles to being ultimately happy. The techniques that she uses let her do that! "The results amaze me every time to see how life-changing this can be for my clients."  

Dr. Pat Buchanan

Dr. Pat Buchanan helps people struggling with physical pain and limited performance. She developed her expertise through 40 years in movement science, education, and healthcare as an athletic trainer and physical therapist, and as a Guild-Certified Feldenkrais Teacher. Pain is not optional; how you deal with it is. Dr. Pat teaches you to bring mindfulness, awareness, and attention to what you are sensing, feeling, thinking, and doing so you make better choices for your health and quality of life. Pain-changing, performance-increasing movement improvement sessions and recordings are available. LOCATED IN THE MEZZANINE (Lobby)

Todd Stockwell, Master Teacher, Guide, and Healer

Todd is a world-renowned healer, teacher, guide, and spiritual and business leader. He is known to many as the foremost expert on the evolution of the consciousness of humanity and the New Paradigm. Todd has helped thousands heal and create better lives, and has guided spiritual, business, and world leaders; professional athletes; actors; healers; and musicians to reach previously unimaginable heights and the highest levels of joy and happiness.

ZSource Connection: Lori Irvin

Lori Irvin is a Medical Intuitive Healer trained in Lily Dale, NY, as well as being a Reiki II practitioner, occupational therapist, and Certified Ergonomic Specialist who provides customized healing of the body, mind, and soul energy. She receives information from Spirit regarding your pain energy, and often past life information! She utilizes Reiki, color vibration, and crystal energy to change the vibration of the dis-ease. People have reported relief from such issues as arthritis, carpal tunnel, IBS, lock-jaw, headaches, fatigue, and general aches/pains. Come for a healing today!  


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